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UNSW Student teach Mandarin and Cantonese to high school and uni student in Sydney

I teach by your need and requirement, giving advise and suggestion to improve. I will adjust the lesson according to the time extend of our lesson and correct any errors you made. Speaking Mandarin and Cantonese are my mother tongue.

1st lesson free !

Taiwanese gives you a Mandarin lesson. And I also an eyelash designer

My teaching method is full Mandarin course, and there is a theme every lesson. At the end of the course, there will have homework: ten new orders. From basic to difficult courses, students can learn no pressure.

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If you love Chinese Culture You must learn Chinese idiom/proverb, This will be a Fun Learning Class!

My teaching method will based on story telling and fun comics ! The class suitable for who have basic knowledge about chinese word but wish to learn more vocab and get fluent in speak Chinese.

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Fluent and Native Chinese Speaking HSK Lvl 6 Certificate Holder Willing to Teach Sydney Students

My lessons are usually tailored to your own knowledge and what you're willing to learn. I'm able to teach beginner, continuous and heritage Chinese to a wide range of students. I'll introduce students to new topics and help them master it.

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ANU postgraduate gives lessons to people who want to learn Mandarin in Canberra.

My teaching method is to tell students how to communicate with people in Mandarin and recognize some frequently used Chinese characters. The lesson structure will be very specific, for example, the first part is learning Pinyin.

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A very patient English speaking Chinese with Engineering Degree give mandarin lessons to students and people who are interested in Chinese in Bunbury Area.

My teaching method is vary from different student. First is to fully understand the student's needs. Then make a teach plan accordingly. Each student is unique to his own so that his teach plan should be customized to his needs. Normally I spend first class to assess the student's level and his/her ability of learning.

North Hobart
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Teaching chinese online or face to face with experiences gives the chinese learning skill and more patients

Firstly, spending sometime to contact with the student, this way can make me know this student very well. Secondly, I can make a study plan which is suitable for him/her, which is called "因材施教“ in Chinese. Teaching students in accordance of their aptitude is essential. Last but not least, being friends with the students is important as well.

West End
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Native Chinese speaker and also aviation engineering lecturer gives Chinese/aviation engineering/maths lesson to students in Brisbane.

My teaching method is task-based method.I base my classes on interaction and understand.I approach topic by motivation, enlightening, interesting and communication.

North Ryde
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Macquarie CPA student give Chinese lessons to people who don't speak Chinese in Sydney!

My teaching philosophy is 'begin with the basis' which means I am going to teach or improve students' understanding about Chinese phonetic letters and vocabularies. This step is combined with reading easy stories and writing basic sentence.

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University of Melbourne Master of Engineering Student teach Chinese (Mandarin) in Melbourne

Chinese is not hard to learn though it is a bit complicated. A good way to learn a language is to practice—Language is alive. Remembering is required but understanding is more important. Studying Chinese by using the phrases or sentences according to the situation is strongly recommended. The teaching level will be adjusted according to the level of students’ capability and willingness.

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Fully experienced and Funny Mandarin Teacher, for teaching both writing and oral speaking.

Basically, pronounce, and words will be first to teach. For student who can simply understand Chinese, they will study the words directly.

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Pre-service secondary ESL teacher gives Chinese and English lessons to students in Sydney

The key of learning a language is to use it with purpose (learning through content), and I would like to help my students to be able to use a foreign language in real life rather than only be good at tests.

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UNSW master student with excellent English competencies teach Chinese here in Sydney

First in first, I need to know what level are you willing to achieve and adjust my teaching methodology accordingly. Basically, language learning is a repetitive process and you have to keep practice to gain the confidence and gradually have an insight into the language itself.

Ka man
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Hong Kong teacher gives Chinese / Mathematics / Business lessons to students in devonport

Student-centered approach will be used ! Based on individual goal, lessons will be tailor made ! Lesson Structure: Introduction - Quick preview of the lesson Cascading learning and teaching activities - Interactive to gain new knowledge Consolidation - Practice makes perfect ! Conclusion - Review learning outcome(s)

Eight Mile Plains
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English translator and Chinese writer give Mandarin lesson to anyone who loves Chinese language in Brisbane

I base my lesson on every day conversation and life experience, popular new words and old sayings, making sure you can understand others and give appropriate conversation. I'd like to make it a more casual and easy way to learn this very difficult language, by teaching you the most basic characters and letter you need to know. Then, just get tones of real practice.

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Studied in Child Care at Uni. Have experience in teaching people from 3 to 20 years old.

I discuss with students or their parents about our learning goals. We could always analysis our learning situations. Whole language learning is a good way for learning Chinese. For example the pictures, words, pronunciations, and the activities. We will do it, say it, see it, try it, and learn it.

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Native HongKongese teaching you Cantonese and Chinese in a fun and effective way

My method and aim is to increase the student's interests and make them enjoying learning. The teaching style is personalized for each student according to their study pace and academic suituations. The lessons will not be boring as there will be interactions between teacher and the students (eg.

1st lesson free !

Qualified English teacher from China gives Chinese / Cantonese private lessons in Canberra

My teaching method is that I will try to let my students to speak and practice Mandarin / Cantonese as much as possible when we're having lessons. I will introduce Chinese cultures as well to my students if they're interested in.

Spring Hill
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G'day! Interested in learning one of the most spoken language in the world? Learn Mandarin without pressure and have fun! Lessons can be taken at your place, mine, or in pubic. All language learners i

My lessons are very flexible. You can provide your own text book or just simply tell me which topic you would like to learn and I'll take care of that. You'll be asked to speak a lot and will get all the practices you need to improve your skills.

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Graduated ANU Students, Master of Statistics with NAATI translator certificate. CHOOSE ME!

I like to use examples to illustrate what I want to talk about instead of using concepts. I think it is a better way for teaching.

South Melbourne
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Native Chinese speaker give Chinese lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

In my teaching practice, besides delivering the knowledge and skills to use Mandarin, it is my aim to inspire and motivate my students to learn the language. I believe the most efficient language learning happens through students’ own engagement and self-effort.

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Interactive, Effective, and Interesting Mandarin Teaching in Perth with the latest methodology

Interactive and personalised language teaching environment facilitate students achieving self-efficacy and enable them to apply the language into their daily life and study. Each learner has different needs, which requires tailor-made lesson plans to retain their interests and motivation.

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Mandarin Tutor With The Most Native Standard Speaking Accent In Sydney Area

The most basic and important strategy for teaching a language has four sections, which have speaking, listening, reading and writing. The very first important part is speaking, so my teaching focuses on speaking. If you can speak, you have to understand other people's saying. That is listening.

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Motivated multi-cultured experienced language teacher giving lesson to different aged people in Hobart Tas

For me, learning any language starts from listening and speaking first. Building up the confidence and opening the mouth are the basic steps and can make learning smooth and last longer. To learn a language is the beginning to learn the country's culture, history and people, so to enrich the language learning is very important.

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ANU Student give Mandarin language lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

My teaching method is to teach you the most basic pronunciation of Chinese vocabularies in the beginning stage. After that, I will help you practice writing the words and understand every cultural meaning behind them. A picture-based teaching material will make you learn language in a more relaxing way.

Battery Point
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Lut ying
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Native Mandarin and Cantonese Speaker Gives Private or Group Speaking Lessons in Hobart

I believe that only a well-adjusted teaching method that is suited to a student's need will benefit the student the most. Therefore, my teaching method is quite flexible. I love working towards a clear goal with my students. Otherwise, I would love to help them to set a goal by analysing strengths and weaknesses.

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Resourceful Chinese Bringing You both Traditional and Modern Chinese Knowledge in Perth

I have always believe that people learn fast in fun learning environment and combine learning with daily life. I focus on how to put the language into use. Language is a communication tool. The most efficient way of learning a language is using it .

Sandy Bay
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Hi Everyone, this is Eric. I am language teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. I have a bachelor degree in Accountant, and master degree information of technology in English literature as well as an

My lessons are highly effective consisting of a mix of daily conversation, grammatical points as well as a heavy focus on commonly-used sentence patterns, rather than just stand-alone bits and pieces, so that students can pick up the language in no time and be able to communicate from day one

1st lesson free !

A UWA student gives Chinese lessons to people want to joint oriental world in Perth.

I am the first-year finance student at UWA. There are some cultural differences we can share. The context can be flexible and discussed. If you are interested in finance, I will be glad to disscuss with you. Hope we have a nice time to enjoy talking.

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Perfect! Whether you're preparing for the HSK or learning for your next trip to Asia, Simorio has you covered! She is amazing at adapting to my needs and always makes sure to provide me ample study materials(HSK practice test corrections, vocab lists,...

Vivian, Student
1 day ago
(8 reviews)

Perfect! Well structured lessons, patient and great at instructing throughout.

Mathew , Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Jennie is a great teacher, I absolutely enjoyed our lessons. She has a deep knowledge not only of Chinese language, but cultural aspects and historical facts, that made studying more interesting. She is a kind and patient tutor. I was a complete...

Alena, Student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! We have been using Larita for Term 1, 2019 for my twin b/g 12 year olds. They are at different schools so whilst the curriculum is similar, it isn’t the same. Larita is great with both my son and daughter. They value their weekly tutoring with...

Kirrily , Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! XIXI is an excellent teacher. The way she teaches is always related from the previous lesson, so you'll progress easily. And she's always very helpful and available when you have questions. And she also gives homework, so you can improve quicker....

Eveline, Student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Kai is very warm and kind, but also a very excellent teacher. She ensures that the lesson includes everything that i have requested (pronunciation, vocabulary, character writing, grammar, conversation). I really appreciate her approach to...

Sandra, Student
4 months ago
(1 review)

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