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Student of Industrial Organization Engineering offers classes (science and English language) at Primary and ESO level in Valencia.

As an Engineer I like to follow a structured and organized form of the subject, as well as when facing a problem / project. On the other hand, each person is a world and has a way of learning in which he is more comfortable, resulting in the most important finding of balance between an efficient methodology and that allows to feel comfortable working.

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English Teacher Student offers private classes to primary and secondary school students.

My classes are based on making an assessment of English level of the student in the first instance and just start with the program or the topics with which you need help.

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School support and Homework help: Home course - Prof (engineer training) comprehensive, methodical, pedagogue, and experienced - Boulogne-Billancourt / Paris 16th / Issy moulineaux

I intervene in the following way: 1- Taking knowledge of the course: we read the course and I make sure that my student has understood well 2 - I make sure of the consolidation of the knowledge by the application: questions of courses, exercises, ... 3- I identify the mnemonic means, memorization tips to know and the different techniques of reasoning / resolution / writing.

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Student Business Engineer helps elementary & high school pupils to study (all subjects), find their working methodology and prepare for tests / exams

[Methodology]. We will first look at your situation: your strengths and points that could be improved. Then we can rework some subjects, practice for tests / exams, set up a working methodology that works for you, and so on. [Experience]. I am currently helping a 7th grade pupils.

San Luis Potosí
José de jesús
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Graphic Designer offers School Support with study and memorization techniques, in San Luis Potosí and Soledad de GS

I offer this class mainly to those who wish to enter university or regularize subjects. I believe in a practical learning; not mechanical. To memorize you must first understand. Much of my professional growth has been self-taught, I try to share that spirit to give the guidelines to enrich myself continuously.

San Fernando de Henares
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Graduated in General and Comparative Literature gives classes of support to ESO and Bachiller or Languages

I like to teach according to the needs of the student, learning the rhythms and difficulties of each one. I like to make pleasant classes, that more than a talk is a dialogue. My classes would be directed to anyone who wants to learn.

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Methodology courses adapted to French and -Geography history. Assistance in writing CVs and Cover Letter

Teacher Trainer offers ongoing methodology applied to French and history-geography. (From the 6th to the end) Preparation Course at French Bac and History-Geography.

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National Education Philosophy teacher in Nantes offers courses in Philosophy at all levels.

I am curently teaching philosophy at the Lycée Clémenceau in Nantes. My courses are aimed at students at the end and higher levels (CPGE, license) who wish to review the methodology and knowledge of the programs. It seems important to me to start by establishing the objectives and difficulties of the student, in order to find the method most adapted to the needs of each one.

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History, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, English and other social sciences and humanities tutor

I have over 13 years experience with one to one tutoring from GCSE up to postgraduate degrees in History, Politics and Economics. I take a student centred approach working with the strengths of each and I focus on writing technique and getting students ready for submitting coursework and sitting exams.

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I am currently preparing for UPSC CSE. So, I can teach all GS subjects and I have completed my engineering with civil engineering. If you're here for who can teach all subjects to your ward. Ping me.

My teaching methodology will include visual presentations and interatice videos and documentraies and minimum of note making maximum of understanding. I use scientific methods to teach using flowcharts and crisp notes.

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Tutoring in all subjects by a student in the preparatory class for the grandes écoles

Hello ! My name is Theo I'm 18 and I'm Preparatory class to the great literary schools Superior Lycée Faidherbe of Lille.

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Former civilian service and student in Psychology offers tutoring in various subjects and tutoring in languages: English / French / Italian

My name is Vaianna (yes like the cartoon ...!) I hold a Literary Series Bac and I just start the Psychology Faculty after having completed 6 months of Civilian Service. Six months during which I have have picked more experience in different fields, notably in accompanying school from primary to college / Brevet.

Castelfranco Veneto
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Graduated in Psychology with MASTER IN DSA is proposed for study support

I am a young psychologist experienced in specific learning disorders. I am also specialized in the study method, in preparing for the eighth grade exams. I work with elementary and middle-aged children and young people.

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University student offers school support for children in Primary and ESO levels in Alcobendas / San Sebastian de los Reyes

My name is Elena Selgas, right now I am studying a double degree in Audiovisual Communication and Administration and Business Management. Since my first year in university I have dedicated my afternoons to give private lessons to children in nursery, primary and ESO.

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Student in agronomics engineering gives Homework help Toulouse high school, middle school

I am a student in the 2nd year of agronomics engineering school. I teach from secondary school to high school, and up to bac + 2 if BCPST (biology) prep, or university in biology or chemistry (except maths). We'll find the right keys to unblock your difficulties in specific fields, should it be in science or in literature.

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Young, understanding and smily... what a best way to learn ? Homework, help and tutoring

-I try to understand the child before doing anything, I will adapt to him/her -Help To duty and tutoring for all CP to High School (L studies) -l rely on understanding lectures and exercises -I insist a little on the difficulties in going there gradually -For over language, we will talk mainly (English, German, Spanish and even Latin) -On take pleasure and we will focus on always...

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B.Tech student, 7 years experienced in this profession, interactive special classes, mock test. Class-5-10: physics,chem,biology. Class-11-12: chemistry, all boards

My methodology is at first I start with the basic knowledge, then in depth, after that comes doubt clearing and that is an interactive session. Mock test in each month, revisions before exam, practicing on writing answers in depth.

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L3 gives French courses for all levels at home dictate classes in the Puy de Dome.

Educational in nature and destined me professorship I would give lessons to younger students and youth in difficulty. After L which leads to honors in Bac, and after two years of literary prépa with honors I am able to help any student who would have difficulties in French literature. I also babysit and make them learn their lessons after school: I play babbysitting the past 4 years.

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Student Master Public Law and loving knowledge sharing I am available to help you progress. Lets do it!

I base my classes on a pedagogy starting from the student. Each and every one of them is different, so the methodology varies among young people at their speed for quick and effective success. How many times do we learn something to forget about it the next day? My methodology is based on long-term memorization.

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Student at Sciences-Po Aix-en-Provence gives refresher course and methodology of learning from primary to high school

First year student at Sciences-Po Aix, graduated with a Literary Baccalaureate with honors, Euro English and Advanced English, I offer tutoring courses for all students from primary school to Terminale to improve your methodology, your way of working and learning.

Paris 15e
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Student at La Sorbonne in Law - History of Art offers tutoring courses for middle and high school students.

I approach the subjects in different ways depending on the student, always making sure to promote their memorization and appropriation of knowledge. I can help in carrying out exercise and prepare for tests or exams by emphasizing on the methodology expected. In short, I will pass on the keys and tips that have allowed me to achieve a very good academic progression.

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University Professor offers school tutoring - All subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Humanities (History, Geography, General Knowledge), Languages ​​(Portuguese, English and Redaç

Graduating in control and automation engineering at UNESP Sorocaba. Technician in electronics by the Industrial Technical College "Prof. Isaac Portal Rondan" - UNESP Bauru Methodology: Classes focused on problem solving. Informal and patient method. Search for knowledge with comfort and confidence between teacher and student.

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An IIT Delhi graduate with 2.5 years experience, teaching all subjects to 5th to 12th std students in Gwalior

My teaching method is to make the student understand the concept through drawings and examples. I make sure the student understands what I am teaching in a fun and friendly way. With a new student, I begin by taking a small test to know the his capabilities and modify my teaching accordingly and keep motivating the student throughout to learn better.

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Student preparing the secondary-school teaching diploma in Biology gives online courses in Mathematics / Biology/ Geology/ Physics / Chemistry / French at Primary School &High School level

During the first class we will try to target problems and blockages to carry out a work of accompaniment and healthy learning. By taking the basics of lessons and solidifying them through exercises we will be able to progress towards mastery of the different disciplines.

Pedro a.
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Advanced student offers support in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, German, Speech and any project you want to undertake

I am looking for all young people to learn and motivate themselves to look for their future. First I analyze the objectives that each student wants to achieve and on that basis, I assemble the notes and I collect the necessary bibliography to give it to the student.

St. Albert
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University graduate willing to help any student from Sociology, History’, and Politial Science.

I approach my teaching methods with both structure, patience, and seriousnes. I believe assisting students is a meaningful rewarding experience. I am very good listner and work to provide excellent feedback. I have great analytical, and critical thinking skills, which is what I wish to pass onto my students.

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Production Engineer, school support as well as private tutoring in specific units.

I approach the materials on a freeway, each session must be adjusted to the needs. I am an extremely methodical person, focused on objectives and proactive. I believe that everything is possible to achieve. Only recently did I start the school support activity. I'm extremely enthusiastic about it.

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Teacher since 3 years of History Geography and EMC and corrector of the Patent.

I base my methodology on the success of the student. All can succeed, as long as they have the will and the confidence in them. From simple exercises and a methodology based on play and fun, I see students every year pass their exams and regain a taste for work and learning.

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Art History student offers lessons in Italian, Latin, Greek, History and Art history for middle and high school students

I strongly believe that at the basis of the preparation of any subject there must be an understanding of the subject. For this reason, during the lessons I try to re-elaborate the topics in a way as simple as possible. Then I usually ask the students to try to explain what they've learnt in their own words.

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PhD candidate in History with 6 years experience teaching at the college level; can tutor in all Humanities subjects in Birmingham area

My teaching methodology can best be characterized as student-directed. I begin each lesson by asking the student what he or she believes they need assistance with and structure the lesson from there. Students will find my style to be very conversational and laid-back while also focused and efficient. We always get where we need to be.

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