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Award winning artist shares invaluable fundamental skills to pursue any art discipline.

I believe drawing underpins all art disciplines. I believe everyone can learn to draw. I believe art can play a crucial role in well-being. My teaching method is inclusive of all age groups and all personalities with a focus in developing each students individual style. Perfect for high school students wanting to develop skills to support their HSC outcomes.

West Ryde
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Learn drawing a subject you are interested in Sydney - Diploma V.A.

My teaching method is observational techniques together with the basic shapes and developing the subject that I am drawing. The drawing is firstly sketched on to the paper as a mapping of the whole subject before drawing the details.

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Art school graduate and qualified teacher offering fun drawing, painting and creating :)

My teaching method is to keep things light, fun and enjoyable. I look at what motivates my students rather than following a rigid methodology. For example I taught adults and children watercolour and sculpture in Japan, drawing and colouring to English students in Singapore, singing and drawing in Vietnam and lastly made colourful board games in 2D and 3D to motivate children in HK.

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Passionate, well experienced artist provides art lessons specializing on portraiture in Toowoomba

My mother taught me to draw portraits as a young child, therefore art has been a passion all my life. While I enjoy all aspects of art including landscape, still life and different mediums, however I mostly specialize in portraiture. My lessons usually begin with drawing, looking at perspectives and visual elements.

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RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) graduate teaches painting to high school students, university students and adults on the Sunshine Coast.

I take a student centred approach to learning, as each student will have different interest when it comes to creating. My lessons are geared towards advancing students skill development within their chosen subject matter. We will explore composition, colour mixing, shading and much more! For seniors in high school I can help create a University portfolio.

Deer Park
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Visual Art teacher gives lessons to middle and senior high school students

My teaching method is to develop a visual language through the development of personal mark-making. I specialise in drawing (observational drawing), oil and acrylic painting, pastel drawing techniques and watercolour sketching techniques. I also teach printmaking processes and techniques, and photography.

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A fine Arts Degree holder from India who can teach you from ground zero to reach your fullest.

I prefer to teach according to the learning capability of the student and Art cannot be taught in a short span of time hence I take my time to clear the basics first and move forward with the next lesson.

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Learn and enjoy Art to fulfill the creative instinct in you. Preferably in and around Strathfield

My teaching methodology is totally based on the kind of students I get to teach. Art is interest driven. I first try and understand the level of students and then impart knowledge accordingly. Generally, I prefer to give a general overview of what all things are going to be covered and then proceed further.

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Experienced artist gives painting / drawing lessons to kids and adults in Melbourne

Imagination Concentration skills Creativity Hand skills / drawing Painting skills Inspiration Art is often inspired from the nature and manifests in various creations in fashion, graphic, jewellery, dance, music etc. Observing nature and learning arts at very early stage of life would help to develop positive emotions, patience, discipline and creativity with in the child.

West Wollongong
Harsimrat preet
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Love to give lessons to students who want to express themselves and their ideas.

My teaching include not only to teach students art but also patience and discipline. Students feel comfortable in my classes. Students always enjoy my company and also love to spend time with me, I always use new methods of teaching.

Macquarie Fields
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Art is a passion. It can express thousands of emotions without even speaking.It is a magic and a true dedication!

My teaching method is to first intrigue my students to believe their abilities to learn how to draw using basic shapes and then move into different medias to express their drawings.

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University of Canberra's student gives lessons to students who are passionate about painting and arts as this student has 4-year experience of Fine Arts

I am Riya, an Indian Artist giving lessons of Fine Arts. The structure of lessons is like first they will learn basic drawing skills and mixture and the importance of colours. Then, monthly there will be an assessment which will result in telling the enhancement of the student. Monthly, the topic of different arts will change. They will be provided with new technology and material.

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Professional artist/teacher with unique artistic style that conveys passion, soul and longing for places never been and a true depth of emotions seldom experienced.

In classes we have covered a lot of techniques in painting and drawing, textures , clay and sculpture. A lot of craft and collage has been done as a fun complimenting addition to what you could do with art and to show how so many materials could be mixed. I had an individual approach to every student, as everyone of them had different likes and interests, some preferred one technique to another.

Malvern East
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University of Melbourne Masters student available for Fine arts and Art History tutoring

My art teaching methodology is very hands on fun and practical. I always make sure my classes are engaging, fun and informative. Over the years i have learnt that the best way to teach creative classes is to be creative by example so i will often show students certain techniques and disciplines by engaging in an art work of my own.

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JCU Master's Student provides Painting/Drawing lessons in Townsville, QLD to children and adults

No prior drawing or painting experience required! I will teach the basics up to advanced skills. I utilize drawing exercises to sharpen my students understanding and expertise of fundamental drawing and painting skills such as perspective, value, and color theory to help create unique works of art.

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'KALA' private drawing tutoring gives opportunity to enhance drawing skills of common student and help to make them an unique artist.

Every student is a different so I did not follow same teaching methodology to each and everyone.

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Holly Greenhalgh Diploma of Visual Art gives painting illustration, sculpture and digital art lessons in Perth/Fremantle area.

My teaching methods involves cooperative learning, discussion and guided exploration. I base my classes on specific visual art techniques. The topics that I specialise in include sculpture, installation art, illustration, painting, sculpture, photography and digital design.

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A creative art teacher is now here! Caricatures, water coloring, illustrations, fashion illustrator !

Basically I'd like to make fun environment and approach to students friendly and also make them enjoy doing art.

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Build confidence and gained success with disengaged students in local and national art awards

I teach Visual Arts from Years Group 7 to 12. I gained students' success in the Shaun Tan Art Award, the Young Originals and Young Australian Art Awards (National Competition). I am having success in engaging challenging students in Visual Arts activities. As example, in 2017, I had an indigenous girl in Year 9 who rarely attended classes and was very disengaged in all learning areas.

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Registered and experienced visual art teacher gives lessons in all painting mediums.

I am a firm believer that everyone is creative and can learn tools to give voice to their visual language. My approach to teaching is supportive and encouraging, intended to help you find the style that expresses your ideas and meets your needs. Arts activity is proven to be good for mental health and well being, so above all, I am concerned that you enjoy your creative journey.

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High Achieving RMIT Architecture Student Gives Lessons to Become a Master Drawer

The lesson structure is based on what you want to get out of the lessons - whether that is realism, abstractism or more expressionistic of yourself. The lessons will based around different mediums; different subject matters and drawing techniques of achieving perfection in your artwork.

Cape Town
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Graphic Design and Photographer pioneering the art of changes and unlocking creativity to fresh minds

My teaching is very practical process learning that allows the engagement of both teacher and students, and the ice-breaker i am suing are direct or translation of the lesson that i will be delivering and this allows both students and teacher to create a safe space for learning.

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Motivational and Inspiring Painter - Lets change the world with color and creativity

I approach each topic by how you feel inside, paint it for me. I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin. And to be honest painting has no rules it makes and breaks you in the way you express yourself.

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