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A keen amateur sportsman offering personal trainings for all levels and gains: building muscles, loosing weight, strength and conditioning

Mainly by using calisthenics it is possible to achieve most of the fitness goals. In contrast to an average gym trainer I do not use "common techniques" and standard training plans, as each individual should be trained individually as we are all different and require different approaches.

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Qualified fitness trainer can offer advise in training for specific exercise requirements

My classes are based on the needs of the students and how hard they are willing to push. But i focus particularly on hard plyometric exercises to tone and build the body up progressively. Attitude and confidence comes from building the right routine and finding and managing your time correctly. There is always room for improvement, so there is always time for gym.

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A qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor & sports fanatic, loves to teach exercise/physical activity classes to groups and 1-2-1, also give advise on nutrition and healthy living.

Fitness sessions: usually, this will start with a warm up, and then we move unto HIIT (sometimes a mixture of cardio & resistant exercise or either one or the either);or either upper body or lower body exercise depending on what I have planned for the day.

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Qualified Active personal trainer offering personal training and fitness sessions in Blackpool

My teaching methodology is finding a clients weaknesses in fitness and turning them into strengths by motivating them and assessing their limits, I then gradually work on those weaknesses so that they can become the fittest version of themselves. I always work within a client's boundaries and work around injuries and illnesses so that they can be comfortable with the sessions I provide.

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International medalist in karate and black belt 3rd Dan. Passed out from Delhi university sports college igipess. Working as a professional sports teacher and coach in one of the top school.

My methodology is student centred and based on the students need. Special training for pro players and kids. I used different training methods for different levels of the student.

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Recently retired professional rugby player of 12 years offering a wide range of knowledge in strength and conditioning, mindset and motivation, health and longevity and much more.

My teaching method varies depending on what the clients goals are but generally I am very positive, supportive and try to motivate people whilst also offering knowledge to help people grow to reach there goals and be their best selves.

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Qualified and insured Personal Trainer based around Leicester City Centre - general fitness, weight loss and muscle toning

I am an empathetic trainer and I try and tailor my teaching style to the requirements of the individual. My approach to training is through progressions - showing people how to take one exercise and develop it into something more challenging and fun.

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I am a qualified life coach, consultant who can help you built your confidence and know your right path of life.

When the student is ready the teacher appears. • Assisted abused women in care and giving them proper counseling, job placement training, life skills training, placement in Day-care Centers and Homeless shelters.

Rochester Hills
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Professional Runner/ Tutor offering Physical Fitness lessons, as well as History and English, 3 years experience

I am a hands on type of coach/ instructor. I spend the first 15 minutes of class explaining three things: the goal for that day's lesson, the breakdown for what I am teaching that day, and how this applies to daily life after the class is over. After that, my students do their workout, or class and I am with them for the whole time, explaining what I like, and what they need to improve on.

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Sports camp for special and normal students in bangalore with more technics.

Applied to Coaching Pedagogy and Andragogy Simple and Complex Skills Whole Practice Part Instruction Whole-Part-Whole Instruction Shaping Chaining football tactics.

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Professional athlete certified in personal training and strength and conditioning provides fitness programming and education online

My teaching methods will depend on how the student is able to learn best in order to achieve successful results. My methods will continuously adapt until the student and teaching technique accomplish a match. My client-centred approach will integrate my personality with information appropriate to the student's desires.

Gastón rodríguez
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Private classes of Taekwondo Warrior Fitness classes Complementary Classes Personal Trainer Contact me!!

Our mission is to help parents to choose and form a leader, focused on the activity they do, whether children, youth and adults, preparing them physically and mentally to improve day by day. ALL THIS TO KEEP THE FAMILIES OF OUR COMMUNITY, SAFE, STRONG AND TOGETHER! Imagine yourself as a stronger and safer individual in the best shape of your life.

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Individual personal trainer or groups, 15 years of experience, address or street

Each person is a world, so the training and ways of motivating make them different for each person, to get them to reach their goal. The world of fitness is very broad, which makes it easy for me to come up with the combination of methods so that the person feels good doing his work on the way to his goal.

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Certified Personal Training (NFPT) looking help students build solid muscle the safe way!

Muscle building is a complete science. You must assess your clients needs and train them successfully to meet their goals through progressive resistance training. A lean person needs to be trained a very different way from a person overweight.

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Sports and Exercise Science Student from Nottingham, offering help in Fitness, Physics and Physiology!

I provide teaching for those up to the second year of university. My teaching methods are adaptive and unique, suited for those who find it difficult to go at the pace of regular lecturers! My lessons break down larger topic areas allowing students to go at a pace that they can understand.

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Sports Performance Specialist and coach with 12 years experience. A certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, Certified Speed Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer.

I train for balance, strength, power, and speed utilizing functional movement and proper technique. I train multiple age groups from youth aged athletes to professional athletes, from youth aged nonathletes to the regular gym goer.

Frankfurt am Main
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Capoeira, played martial arts on Brazil: from functional exercises to self-defense with Prof. Sarapó of Capoeira Siri de Mangue Mestre Madeira

I like to conduct my class according to the needs and level of the student. The way I teach Capoeira is the way to do it on my own, maintaining the tradition and adapting to the personal circumstances.

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It's those little human moments that stick with you forever, the random acts of kindness

1.Tell 2. Show 3.Do The most important thing is the movement of the joint and not the amount of weight. And that is what I would love to teach. You can reach high goals and have a healthy body at the same tome.

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Professional fitness trainer of six years experience working with a hugely diverse clientele

My teaching method consists of learning what my clients are wanting to achieve, what is holding them back from their goals and the deeper, more internal motivation that will help them not only achieve their goals but maintain them and find what individually works best, not just a cookie-cutter approach.

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A Personal Trainer with 10 years experience offering to get you in Shape.

My teaching method is very adaptable and effective. I have trained many athletes and who have enhanced their physical and mental performance by following my guidance. I also do boot camp for summer where people enjoy training outside atmosphere.

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I was an athlete in High School and college (Cross country and Track & Field) Run 5k in 14:19. I have been coaching HS team for 3 years.

- I have 2 years experience helping many people get fit - Fitness for everyone. Any age group.

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Sports is a way of life,it makes you more reflexive and active.

Iam very humble and active person in terms of coaching.coaching sports is very interesting and challenging tasks for me. there are routines to be followed during coaching such sports,first is you must set yourself both mind and body before such sports started.

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Strength and conditioning coach with 10-years elite sports experience gives bespoke lessons, physical training guidance, and PT mentorship

I've been lucky to experience a lot in my career up to now. I want to share that knowledge with you! After completing my Postgraduate degree in the Sports and Exercise Sciences, specialising in Strength and Conditioning, I have spent 10-years applying the principles to support athletes and the general public.

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Optimize your physical-sport performance. Professional in High Performance Sports teaches in Murcia.

Progressive, structured process of body awareness. Where you learn about the following topics in order to improve and maintain the physical, mental and emotional performance at the highest level. Myofascial release, breathing, postural alignment, contralateral movements, specific movements to objective activity.

Howard leenard
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ZenDiesel Movement, Fitness Training, Weight Losss, Nutrition Coaching. Train at home and reach your goals.

With over six years’ experience, Howard Leenard has evolved into a teacher whose guidance transforms clients into the greatest version of themselves. He absolutely loves sharing his passion for fitness with clients. His method is dynamic and wholistic.

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YOUR PERSONAL Strength & Conditioning Coach | Affordable training plans & counselling

Experienced athlete who studies Strength & Conditioning in University of South Wales is offering AFFORDABLE, PROFFESIONAL, PERSONAL and SUSTAINABLE training plans/meal plans, and counselling.

Queens County
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Personal Trainer (MS, NASM CPT, CES, PES) offering lessons for other personal trainers/fitness enthusiasts/active individuals

Masters in Exercise Science from CALU (Wellness & Fitness) Enrolled in Strength & Conditioning Masters program from ECU NASM Certified Personal Trainer NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist Former USPTA Professional Level Tennis Coach Have been a part of multiple startups and help built an independent training studio My approach is breaking down the...

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Physical Education teacher with 10 years experience in Secondary, Post 16 and Primary. Offering private lessons in fitness, agility, balance, coordination and fundamental movement skills for young peo

Experienced PE teacher, working in the UK and abroad with children from primary up to post 16. I teach a number of sports and activities. I work with young people to deliver fundamental movement skills that underpin any sports or physical activity. I focus on agility, balance and coordination through games. I also deliver academic tutoring for Physical Education subject at GCSE and A level.

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Functional Fitness for a Functional Life. If you want to be an all-around athlete while achieving your nutritional and physical goals, I would love to work with you!

M.A in Psychology B.A in Biology CrossFIt Level 1 Certified CrossFit Gymnastics Certified Intercollegiate Swimmer Recreational Gymnast CrossFit athlete (5 years) I am a one on one and group settings coach/educator. I always try to adjust my teaching style and technique based on the individual's needs. I am very open to feedback, and i aways think of coaching as a learning experience.

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You grind you shine ..hard work with fun lets play and enjoy

My lessons are general fitness..from any age including training with kids during weekends ,come join me and enjoy yourself. Running intense lose weight exercises. Muscle strengthening and inspirational and motivational speaker to carry you through your journey. Thank you and wellcome.

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Perfect! Sarah has been really amazing. My daughter (who is 9 and having private gymnastics lessons) just loves her and really looks forward to her lesson every Saturday. I thoroughly recommend Sarah. My daughter has progressed really well under her...

Nicole, Student
6 months ago

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