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Venkata sree ram
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La Trobe University masters student gives maths lessons for high school students as well as under -graduate students.

My teaching methodology change with student to student. I believe that all the students will not the same problem solving capabilities. I assess in which concepts a particular student is lagging behind, Then I will create a study timetable to that student. I teach in a very beautiful way concept by concept.

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Highly experienced and qualified tutor/lecturer at your service right here in Melbourne!

I had been a teacher since year 2005. Was a Lecturer, tutor, teacher, and Principal. My focus is towards Mathematics and Science; capitalising on my first degree in Civil Engineering. Had been certified by University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (ULCES) to conduct classes for Cambridge Physics. My other qualification is Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching.

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Civil Engineer to teach Math lessons to School students in Melbourne and High school students.

I am a hard-working student of Project Management studying at Victoria University. My background is related to Civil Engineer and I enjoyed a lot with this course, because it contains 80% of Mathematics and Physics principles. So, always start with the basic things, then proceed further in details. So, when you know basic, you will really enjoy to go in detail.

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Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry - Whittlesea Area 6 years experience in the teaching science subjects

Tips for Solving Problems Divide students into groups of three or four. Based on what they learned during class, have each group write a chart of at least three tips for other students on how to solve word problems. The chart should encourage students to do the following when solving word problems: Read the problem very carefully. Point out key words that signify which operation to use.

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Hi, I am a UniSA student studying masters of teaching(secondary) giving science, mathematics and English tuition to students up to 12th grade in Adelaide.

Hi, my name is Abhijeet and I teach science,mathematics and English to students up to 12th grade.I am a student working part time. My lessons are fun and easy to grab. I intend towards making my students understand the concept properly instead of just cramming things up.

Banksia Grove
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Post graduate student in mechanical engineering(ECU) imparting skills in the field of mathematics and physics

I am really enthusiastic about teaching skills and short-cuts to master the subjects of physics and mathematics. Having a good grasp of the basic concepts is really important to pursue a career in engineering science. Being a post-graduate student myself really gives me an advantage to have higher aptitude in the concerned field.

St Lucia
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I am a Engineer with 8 years teaching and tutoring experience (grade 6 -grade 12)

I am Silvia Chowdhury. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) and have recently completed my study leading to the degree of Master of Science in Mechatronics Engineering from International Islamic University Malaysia. I have 8 years teaching and tutoring experience as a physics, maths, chemistry and biology tutor in Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Sai srinivas kashyap
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Swinburne masters student give maths lessons to high school students in melbourne.

Hey, i always loved teaching high school students during my free time. I am a merit student in my bachelors and during my school. I will first try to understand the capacity of student and teach accordingly. I will make sure he has strong basics in every lesson and make him do more number of examples. I will guide him till he masters the topic.

Croydon South
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Maths, Physics/ Melbourne, Maroondah/ Mechanical Engineer, Upto Class 10th,All Chapters, Give practical examples and applications.

I want to teach any topic of a subject to a piratical example and application, so that it would be easy for understanding. In mathematics i also would not only use formulas to solve the problem but i would like to derive any formula, also show different ways to solve a problem and not restricting to what is been shown in text books.

1st lesson free !

ANU Engineering and Physics student offering mathematics lessons to high school students.

My teaching method is my students give me problems that they don't understand, want to learn or get better in, are struggling with, or simply want practice. I'll take them through different versions, stages, parts, or approaches of the problem and make sure that they understand the problem as well as possible.

1st lesson free !

Engineering professional gives maths and physics lessons to year 9 to high school students

Would like to check the knowledge of the student first and help and guide to close the gap identifying the the areas where the development and enhancement of knowledge is required.

Wentworth Falls
1st lesson free !

In the (paraphrased) words of Richard Feynman, knowledge of physics only makes everything more beautiful.

Direct didactic experience. Which is to say, teaching through concrete exposure to *why* things work and *how*, not just showing you a process to find the answer. (Being able to find the answer is a nice side effect, though.

1st lesson free !

Jordan, University graduate giving Maths lessons to high school students in Canberra

I believe that patience and a friendly attitude are essential qualities of a good tutor. A student should feel comfortable asking any question and should not be afraid of making mistakes. I believe that with the right support any student can find the motivation to achieve high grades.

1st lesson free !

Doctor of astronomy offers lessons in astrophysics, physics, thermodynamics and nuclear physics in Adelaide area

My teaching methodology is to explore all that you already know about a subject, and help you to systematically discover insights into addressing complex problems. When you understand fundamental insights in a field of knowledge, your life changes for ever.

1st lesson free !

QUT Science Student offering tutoring and further teaching to high school students in Central Brisbane.

I believe that students should have a fundamental understanding of how and why something works the way it does instead of training their brain to answer questions they may forget 5 minutes after leaving their exams, which is why I prefer when the students come to their own conclusions rather than me showing them an answer they won't understand.

1st lesson free !

Sydney Uni Environmental Engineer gives Chemistry, biology, math and physics class to high school and uni student!

My teaching method depends on the student and on what he/she needs. The theory is always coupled with exercises and practical examples.

1st lesson free !

I believe there is no such thing as a struggling student, the key to success is a teacher who possesses creativity in their methods! Physics tutoring for high school and undergraduate, Wollongong and

I pride myself on my communication skills, having worked extensively with students and young people throughout my 4 years at university. My hope as a Mathematics and Science tutor, high school and undergraduate, is to help struggling students through a tough subject, or to stretch and discuss subject knowledge with those at the top of their class.

1st lesson free !

Master of Professional Engineering student giving individual and group physics and maths lessons.

Maths and Science subjects are fun if learnt in an interesting and encouraging environment. I believe that every student is different hence the learning experienced should be differentiated to custom fit the individual needs of every student.My approach is to ensure the students understand the concepts enough to be able to teach them to others.

Hallett Cove
1st lesson free !

Physics and Mathematics teacher with oversea s and Australian experience(25 years). Master in Physics.

My teaching methods depend on the level of students and background knowledge and skills they have. Starting with basics and building out the understanding. Without strong base of knowledge and certain depth of understanding students will not be able to gain a motivation and enjoy the subjects. For example: there is impossible to learn Astrophysics without fluency in Newton's Laws.

Mawson Lakes
1st lesson free !

Passionate and proficient math teacher in mawson lakes, adelaide * Masters in engineering candidate at Unisa *

My methodology is primarily focused on explaining the concepts clearly, and ensuring that the student is through with the same. I would then go ahead and teach the student to start applying this by solving problems. This would give me a chance to reflect on how well the student has understood the concept.

Prahaasan reddeppa reddy
1st lesson free !

Mechanical Engineering student gives science lessons , explaining theories and to help in with research to students in Brisbane

I have a degree in psychology too so my teaching technique is far different from others.I start lesson with awe struck question related to lecture i have to deliver ! i will start probing students then ill get their whole concentration in hat time ill jump into the core of subject by making an interactive session and end with practical examples .

1st lesson free !

University of Melbourne master's student tutoring in Physics, Maths, Algebra, Trignometry and Geometry.

Theory will remain as theory unless you gain experience in applying it. And what better way to gain experience than by solving problems? After laying the theoretical foundations, I will walk through solutions for numerous examples, therefore giving the student sufficient practice in the correct methodology to tackle a certain topic.

How hong (benjamin)
1st lesson free !

Sciences- Primary school level AND High school level Biology, Chemistry & Physics tutoring

I help with homework, curricular lessons, and give extra knowledge from textbooks. Feel free to contact me if you face any difficulties in school work. The lessons will be structured according to the student's need, most of the resources will be available online (outlines, videos, practices, etc.

East Cannington
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Chemical Engineering Graduate from The University of Western Australia tutoring Chemistry, Maths and Science in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Evaluating students’ learning capabilities and needs, guiding them through assignments, marking & recording students' work and suggesting new learning techniques is the space I excel in. By tutoring students across a range of subjects and capacities particularly in Science & Mathematics, I have honed my communication, interpersonal, creativity, and motivational skills.

1st lesson free !

Experienced science tutor for students K-10 (based in Forrest but able to travel)

As a passionate and hard-working student, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at school and would love to provide academic assistance for students when possible. I am to be as articulate and logical as possible when helping others, in order to help without inducing stress.

Mount Ousley
1st lesson free !

Italian Grad Student in Engineering Physics ready to help high school students in Wollongong conquer Maths and Physics!!

My teaching methodology is continuously evolving to best adapt to each student's need, but years of experience taught me that a strong theoretical basis is always helpful, so I usually start with a review of the theory on the topic, followed by exercises and questions. Every now and then I organize quick tests to verify the student's progress and ability to work autonomously.

Oakleigh East
1st lesson free !

Deakin Environmental Science student experienced in Biology, Chemistry and the Physical Sciences

I teach by experience and getting the students to actively participate in the learning environment. I love getting them to ask me challenging questions and help broaden their horizons. I tend to take lessons out to the field and show them the class concepts in practise so that their learning can be used in the practical world.

Muhammad saad
1st lesson free !

A Mechanical Engineer passionate to teach students Mathematics,Physics and Geometry in Western Sydney,NSW

I use to teach the students in very simple and effective way. I try to teach them by giving examples from the daily life, the things which have been taught to them are how connected to daily life and how they are going to help them.

1st lesson free !

The Best Maths and Physics Tutor with Engineering degree you can find!

My teaching methodology depends on the student I am teaching. If the student has the ability to grasp quickly I don't waste time but at the same time, I am ready to answer N number of queries without getting frustrated.

Wheelers Hill
1st lesson free !


It is important to be a effective communicator to be able to deliver the content to any students’ academic ability. I work at each student’s own pace, - lessons are targeted and tailored to compliment any school curriculum - more focused and versatile to the student’s needs. I provide regular feedback to parents on how their child is progressing in each lesson.

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Perfect! Very helpful, prepared to cover areas my son had with difficulty, very friendly

Donna, Student
2 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I am glad that I found Mr. Jatinder Pal Singh as a tutor for me. I really enjoyed my lessons from him. He is really awesome teacher who could very easily take me to the roots of the concept and soon I could realised myself enjoying the topics. He...

Harry, Student
3 months ago
Jatinder pal singh
(18 reviews)

Perfect! Lakshmi is a perfectionist. She masters her skill. She's an excellent teacher. I am blessed and grateful to have Lakshmi as my son's tutor. Thank youuu so much. We appreciate your help.

Kavitha, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! My son's first lesson went really well, Peggy was fabulous. We have booked a heap of lessons until the end of the year.

Sally, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Ami has tutored our 11 yr old son for maths for three weeks. Lessons are going great, our son is actually enjoying maths for the first time and looks forward to Ami coming. She is on time, enthusiastic and efficient and our son is getting through...

Domenic, Student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Jacob is an excellent tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone struggling with mathematics. Prior to lessons, Jacob has looked and worked through the content I am doing at school. This is so he could prepare modelling and problems solving...

Anna-rose, Student
1 year ago
(3 reviews)

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