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Independent writer/director and 3rd year student at Griffith University with experience looking to help out, teach and/or discuss with film/television production fields.

One of my main approaches to teaching is to be open to discussion. In my opinion and since film/television studies can be a subjective medium, being able to have an open inquisitive dialogue helps whoever I'm teaching retain what is being taught because they're engaging more with the content, rather than just being told it.

Wynnum West
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Bachelor in Screen and Film production offering lessons on all areas of film pre-production (majoring in screenwriting).

My lesson will help you with your upcoming project including; concept development, script writing, story boarding, scheduling and everything else in between to get your work up and running! It will be an practical lesson, while using industry-level resources to give you the best insight into film making.

South Brisbane
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Highly experienced film production and tv show director/screenplay writer willing to share knowledge to anyone who wants develop their creativity in film and media. Currently located in Brisbane.

I am offering online tutoring for both individuals and groups. I plan to teach students by first understanding what their needs and requirements are by having an introductory session to see what their skills and weaknesses are. I then intend to create a fun and safe environment where ideas and imagination can be expressed to further improve students’ creative journeys.

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Producer and director of various short films give lessons to media and arts students anywhere in CBD

I did my graduation back in Pakistan in 2016 but got many opportunities before even finishing it. I had worked with two time Oscar winning Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy as an editing intern and I believe that it was the time when it all got started. For those who believe in this art and want to gain more artistic approach towards film making or any art field, you have an artist now by your side.

Glen Waverley
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Deakin University film graduate here to help tutor media students in Melbourne

My teaching method is to get to know the student first and foremost. Knowing what knowledge the student already brings to the class, what areas are needing improvement, and how students learn best is where I begin. This allows me to determine the best method and most effective way of learning for each individual student.

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Graduated Cinema and TV departmant of Marmara Uni. As a professional filmmaker, producer and scriptwriter give filmmaking, scriptwriting and producing lessons to the high school and uni. students also

My teaching methods are including experimental and artistic theories. I base my classes on basic principles of photography and cinematography. I approach topic by different art disciplines like cinema, photography, literature, philosophy, psychology, performance art, writing, etc.

Notting Hill
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A Media studies graduate and a Media house owner, giving help for students willing to learn of how to do good in the field.

I teach on one on one basis with individual attention to each student as every person is a different story and is at a different stage in life.

Brunswick East
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Screenwriter and documentary filmmaker gives lessons to high school students and uni students in Melbourne

My teaching method is inspired by Viki King's book 'How to Write a Screenplay in 21 Days' and is based on starting with an idea, outline, then onto writing and re-writing the script. I believe that content should precedes structure, but it is structure that gives make a script emotionally compelling.

Canning Vale
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Im a recent Murdoch university graduate in screen production offering tutoring in perth

I thrive to create a safe space for students of all ages to feel confident to give their input in regards to the topic at hand. We will analyse films, focus on script writing and any issues a student may have with their school assignments or help in general.

La Plata
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Professor of Audiovisual Arts received from the FBA of the UNLP dictates photography, film and tv classes

The teaching methodology I use is based on the idea of establishing a dialectical logic or we could say reciprocal, between practice and theory. That is, both spheres of education are considered as a whole, seeking didactic strategies for each case in a way that rejects the idea of mechanistic and empty application practices of knowledge, based on repetition, imitation.

Isle of Bute
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I can teach Film & TV. Have 20+ years experience and international contacts. Anything from development to distribution.

My teaching method is to find out what skills/knowledge my students need to know. I have taught 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th years Master students. I tailor my classes to what is required of the students. I am a good listener and a positive influence. I am driven to get results but also tactful and supportive when required to be.

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I'm currently a film making student offering film and production lessons up to a university level.

I believe that it is important, especially when teaching younger students or those who are not knowledgeable when it comes to film, to ensure the basics are established but also to make the lessons not only informative but also very enjoyable. I think it's important for more people to become involved with film, especially the current generation who have the most potential in the film industry.

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Dynamic digital media and film lecturer provides tutoring in the Vancouver area.

My teaching methods are enthusiastic and engaging using audio/visual resourses and vibrant learning conversations

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University Professor, graduated in Audiovisual, Master in Letters - Language, Culture and Speech. 10 years in the classroom and TV stations. I teach subjects such as video editing, animation in A

He holds a Masters Degree in Letters - Language, Culture and Speech from the University of Vale do Rio Verde (2018). Graduation in Audiovisual Production by Vale do Rio Doce University (2008). Specialization in Visual Arts: Culture and Creation by SENAC - MG (2010). Specialization in Distance Education Training at Universidade Paulista (2012). Technical course in Computing by ETEIT-UNIVALE (2004).

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The cosmopolitan city of Bielefeld opens its gates; former professional filmmaker teaches in all areas related to film

Building on existing knowledge and interests, I develop important expertise. This means that basic knowledge is taught first and build upon developing more in-depth skills. When it comes to film espacially, students should focus on a more hands on approach as fast as possible; whether through analysis movies or producing films is depending on the student in question.

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Theory and analysis of Cinema with a film academic and researcher on the field

My main methodology is debate, I believe that the classroom (even virtual) is a space for dialogue and horizontality. I am based on film theorists such as Andre Bazin, Jacques Aumont, Ismail Xavier and about the authors' own writings about their films.

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A freelancer from Johannesburg with a TEFL certificate for teaching English online.

My teaching method is very comfortable and flexible. I look at my students needs; whether they just want to improve their conversation skills or really want to dig into the theory. I use flash cards in every lesson to improve the students vocabulary.

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University of Sussex Filmmaking Student offering film studies and film analysis lessons in Brighton

My teaching lessons are open to all, but would be particularly beneficial to those studying film studies/ film analysis at GCSE and A-Level.

Cape Town
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Documentary producer and Editor. Worked as a Sound recordist and Boom Swinger offering Production lessons.

I teach from my own written material which has simpler and more practical applications than Film Theory. The teaching material that I use is based on my personal experience as a Documentary producer and Sound engineer on real film sets and shooting sites. I know that with my Online Teaching experience, helping people to understand Film making in a more practical way.

Richard keith
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Published novelist (not self published) currently 2 screenplays being packaged in LA, paid work on The Snare in London directed by David Ogunde, my manager in LA Susan Ferris owner of Bohemia Ent, pai

My teaching method is to adjust approach to the individual, some want to be a published novelist or screenwriter too soon and have to learn patience and the structure and approach steadily and from a plan suited to their needs; but no one can teach anyone to write best-sellers, no one.

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Award-winning London based film director and writer offering filmmaking lessons for beginners

I offer sessions in line with what the student wants to get out of but by playing to their strengths with a focus on strengthening their weaknesses. I work towards making workshops as relevant and appropriate for the student's needs and for them to be able to apply it so to make their own works.

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Qualified (PGCE and TEFL) film and media studies teacher also offering EFL sessions in the Exeter area

My teaching method is based on the needs of the individual. An open and conversational class is often the best way to achieve good results, listening to the student and responding with personalised feedback and tasks.

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Filmmaker with 5 years of experience teaches film production and scriptwriting in Toronto

My classes are hands-on and project based. I combine theory as we work on the practical work. In class, we review, breakdown and analyze films and the process it took to make them. The lessons will cover pre-production to post production including film editing. I am a hands-on teacher that believes in acquiring the technical skills that can help you start working in the film industry now.

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Film making, producing,directing, script writing and editing. London. Award winning documentary film maker and multi-platinum record producer.

The film world is one where one needs to understand the whole process in order to be good at one particular section. It is one where the student needs to be encouraged to find their specific talent. Discuss ideas, gain input, then be disciplined in the approach in order to deliver the right result. When writing stories or scripts get the idea down on paper first even if it I not perfect.

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Feature Film writer, director, producer with twelve years of experience. Knowledge in all areas of production. U.K Based. Bafta mentor, Sundance Film ambassador.

I base my classes on real world experience. This is the critical difference in that my models are not hypothetical, my ideas or theories are not my currency - My experience's are. I have twelve years of valuable insight across multiple feature films.

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Actor, Writer & Filmmaker of 6 years; looking forward to structuring a course designed to YOUR preference.

I approach my subjects of interest through the use of many visual aids including, but not limited to; segmented pieces from films, documentary vignettes, images, graphs, tables, & a heavy dependence on cited material from established authors. I keep reading to a minimum, providing pre-made Powerpoints with audio overlay & easy-to-follow guidance.

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Qualified and Experienced Director in Theatre and Film available for private lessons

From graduating as an Actor from both Dundee and Angus and on a part time Scholarship at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, I proceeded to establish myself in the Scottish Industry. I worked in industry leading Theatres and experienced a wealth of on the job learning. Now, having just graduated with a Masters in Filmmaking, I want to share that knowledge and experience.

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I'm an accomplished filmmaker and I love to share my passion through classes and workshops.

I like to use: Concise and precise PowerPoint lessons, relevant movie excerpts, fun group exercises, fun and relevant assignments that push students to excel themselves and be constantly striving for the best. All this with a pinch of necessary humour.

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Fimlmmaker with 5 years of experience creating videos and 2 years teaching experience

My teaching method is letting the students get their hands dirty. A class shouldn't be made of just lectures. The best way to learn is hands on. Teaching filmmaking works best when students get to create their own, fill in all the roles.

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Award winning cinematographer and writer/ director teaches all aspects of film making.

I teach from experience and tried and tested methods to make learning more intuitive.

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