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Psychology lesson and academic support for Middle and High School students in Adelaide tutored by University of Adelaide Honours Student.

Anyone can learn! Because the mainstream teaching style does not suit everyone, my teaching methodology is individually focused and I place great importance on understanding where each student is at in terms of their learning journey. Learning requires to brain to be relaxed, so I approach all learning concerns with compassion and patience.

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College Dux provides Sport Science / Biology / Food and Nutrition tutoring to Year 11 and 12 students in Launceston, TAS

My teaching methods are flexible and are tailored to meet ndividual student needs. E.g. Q & A discussion, practice questions/quizzes, review of classwork and assignments etc. In general I begin by identifying where the student is having difficulty and ensure that they fully understand the objective of the topic before teaching the relevant techniques and information required.

Brisbane City
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PhD Student give psychology, sociology, sport, academic methodology or French lessons to high school and uni students in the area of Brisbane.

For me the most important thing is your motivation. The main part of my work is to help you to find and maintain a gainful motivation. My teaching method is focused on your autonomy and your objectives: try to reach your goals with pleasure.

Mount Waverley
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Victoria University, Master of teaching (secondary education) giving lessons to high school students for psychology and humanities

My Teaching methods is psychology and humanities for high school students, but I am open to teach science and English as well. Masters in teaching (Secondary Education) gives me an overall exposure of all the subjects part of the secondary education.

Mountain Creek
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University of the Sunshine Coast PhD student - tutoring honours and below level psychology.

Tutoring is available for all honours and below level psychology. I aim to tailor sessions to your needs and learning style to achieve the best results. Typically sessions focus on study skills, learning/revising course content, or strategies for completing assessment (I do not write assessments).

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High achieving Psychology Graduate (3.8 GPA) gives psychology tutoring to high school or university students.

My teaching will adapt to each students needs. For instance, a lesson structured around learning a new topic will contain an overview of the subject, the main studies that support and challenge and the application of PEEL to forming a successful essay. For improvements in grammar and structure, I will take a piece of a students work and breakdown where the short falls are.

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LSE master student offering Psychology, Spanish and Italian classes; as well as essay-writing and proof-reading in Central London.

My aim is not only that of helping students achieve their academic goals, but also that of teaching transferrable and enduring study-skills; as a result I tailor each teaching program to the strengths and weaknesses of the single student. Furthermore, I am used to providing a wide variety of teaching aids such as conceptual maps, bibliographies and sample essays/model answers.

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Friendly Student with expertise in a range of subjects, including Criminology with Police Studies, English Language, Sports, and Sociology

My Structure is very simple. It is a very hands on approach, and very much based on the particular needs of the student.

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University of Edinburgh Psychology graduate offering lessons in Psychology and Sport Psychology for students at school or university in and around London.

My teaching method varies depending on the type of student you are and the topic you are currently studying. Psychology can be an incredibly subjective subject with no clear structure and therefore I cannot tell you exactly how or what I will teach you.

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Masters Student in Criminal Justice. Background of Sports Studies, Sports Psychology, Post 16 Education.

My classes often delve off into deep thought and questions which trigger deep analytical view. However, I will always put the learners needs first and if the learner requires something specific, my research and knowledge around that subject will be done with a huge amount of passion.

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Sports and Exercise Psychologist teaches and work with physical activity practitioners, athletes or coaches

I usually organize my classes / consultancies according to the demands of the clients, despite having a selection of necessary structured subjects. Through an initial conversation, we will raise important demands, and structure the work from these. Topics such as motivation, attention and concentration for practice, training routines, communication, self-assessment and others will be worked on.

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Psychology university student offering knowledge and expertise within the broad subject! Based in Lincoln.

My teaching methods differ from person to person. I tend to ask the individual how they prefer to learn, and if they don't know, try out a couple of methods until we find the right one. I usually give a 'recap' at the end of each of my sessions to go over the main points.

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Sport Psychology tutor having studied Bsc Psychology and MS Applied Sport Psychology in the US

I approach tutoring in the same way I would approach working with an athlete. I teach by questions, helping you to find the answers rather than simply giving it to you.

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BSc in Psychology, tutoring provided for individuals in Glasgow seeking psychological and/or sociological academic support.

Teaching material will be adapted dependant upon the student's preference of modules and level of interest. Psychology is a board subject and branches into many different sub-categories. Available to teach Biology, Maths and Home Economics A-Level. The key is communication, setting objectives, detailed notes, practice.

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I have been the Manager/Coach: Cricket at the University of Johannesburg since 1994. I am currently at the age where coaching is no longer a driving force in my career and am I more interested in the

I enjoy working with groups and I am fluent with Word, Excel, Power Point. Apart from geography, history, sport psych can I also coach athletics, rugby and cricket.

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Doctoral Psychology Student Offering Tutoring Psychology from TX Home. Here to HELP

In this field I like to get a feel for the perspective of the learner. In psychology you can have a variety of thought and opinions and perspectives.. I like to hear someone out before I take an approach to anything. I feel like as a tutor I am not here to judge I am here to assist my learner in understanding and guiding them.

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Theology student at the University of Oxford offering Theology, Geography, PE and History at GCSE level

In my tutorials, my primary aim is to teach a fun and enjoyable approach for my students to adopt towards their work. In each tutorial I will narrow down which topic area the student is required to focus on.

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Professional, well educated, and experienced tutor to help you with all types of various subjects!!!

I like to teach according to my experiences in life, and comparing them in a very simple way to the students I tutor or have tutored.

Red Bud
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Online teaching for anyone interested in behavioral psychology (applied behavior analysis) Winchester, VA

Fun, practical, functional, relevant, informative, and reinforcing! Always use a positive approach. This comes from my expertise in behavioral psychology. You will remember the material and make personal connections with the material to remember and apply it.

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Psychology (Sport & Exercise) graduate. Tuition for GCSE, A-Level and degree level preparation.

My methodology as a teacher is quite simple, i believe that every single student should be treated as an individual and therefore there will no be 'generic' lesson plans used. Each plan will be individual to each student to ensure that they are getting exactly what THEY want from the session.

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Psychology student gives psych, French, English, and history lessons to students in Mission, bc area

My teaching method depends on how my student learns. From studying psychology, I have a much better understanding of how different people learn in vastly different ways; some need to visualize, others need to have hands on experience, and some do well by listening and simply talking about the subject afterwards. I will teach in a manor that best suits and benefits the student.

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Psychologist (Sports Psychology Master in process) - Start your online lessons today!

My main goal is to make this a meaningful learning experience. In order to do so, I adapt my techniques and approach to my students, for example providing class material that matches their interests or concerns. My methodology also focuses on the development of critical thinking skills, which are relevant for most academic subjects.

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Psychology graduate offering unique lessons in equestrianism, feminism, sociology, psychology and more!

My teaching approach is person centred and individually led. I believe in being firm but fair to bring out the best in someone, ensuring that I do not push someone out their comfort zone until they are read. I am patient and kind, passionate and energetic when educating others.

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Geography and Psychology A-level holder and enthusiast offering Online/Midlands based lessons for GCSE/A-level students

Everyone has their preferred teaching style and so my methods are adaptable depending on the type of learner you are. I offer lessons either face-to-face in the Midlands or online to anywhere. I am looking for GCSE/A-level students to tutor who are motivated to work hard.

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Head of Psychology and teacher with a MSc in Psychology to tutor students in East Anglia

I take a practical approach to teaching and recognise that different methods suit different students; from building brains to watching videos, every student learns in their own unique way. I have a person-centred approach and use Psychologically driven revision techniques.

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Doctor of Psychology willing to help anyone. Have experience of teaching and expert in research.

I am an academic psychologist, having obtained a PhD in Psychology and a First Class Honours degree in Psychology from Queen's University Belfast. I have experience in group teaching and one-to-one tutoring at school and university level. I have delivered a number of lectures to an undergraduate psychology audience. I have conducted statistics tutorials with psychology students.

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3rd year female history student offering history/Physical education & theatre studies tutoring up to A-Level level

My sister is a teacher so have seen lots of her methodologies develop. I would approach each class depending on how the child learns ie visual. I would certainly focus on making essay plans and how to attach each different style of question to reach top band regardless of context.

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Psychology graduate with an extensive background in research offering lessons to students in the greater Kingston area.

Everyone absorbs knowledge differently. In my previous experience tutoring and offering academic advice/guidance, I work with individuals to create a teaching strategy that works best for them. I have experience teaching both in person (lecture & group format) and online (skype, google hangouts, zoom).

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Masters in psychology graduate trained in psychology and neuroscience offering lessons in Sheffield

I taylor my teaching techniques specifically to each student as each and every one has their own best method of learning (e.g. some people learn better though listening while others need more practical sessions), I usually prepare mock tests and quizes as those have proven to be easy and powerful method of teaching.

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Concentration in various areas of psychology, with over 10 years experience and age groups.

I base my teaching method base on the students need and ability to comprehend the material. Typically each student learns at a different pace i try to organize the classroom in such a manor that all students will be successful.

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