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Queanbeyan East
Hewa abeykoonge nc
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Students with sound agricultural background obviously become more effective and sustainable people

My teaching methodology is delivering my knowledge to the each child required as they want and understand. However the final expectation of mine is become them all with a sound background in my subject and mainly about the social behaviours.

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La Trobe student with prior research and graduation in Electronics and Telecommunications

I will first be introducing the subject to the learners. Every class would have some before class and after class activity so that there is a better understanding of the subject. My teaching methods would be practical and would include the use of technology.

Bedford Park
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Flinders Electrical (Biomedical) Engineering Ph.D. student teaching Electrical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering (Physics, Mathematics, Fundamentals of Electrical circuits, Electronics) courses for

Due to the nature of the topics I teach, I prefer the "Demonstrator, or coach style' methodology. It is midway between the teacher-centered learning style and student-centered learning style where I retain the formal authority role by showing students what they need to know.

North Lakes
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Greatly knowledgeable in different fields of expertise MBA teaching engineering from home

My teaching method is from first principles, checking the whole time if people understand and has grasped and understood the subject and the contents. Provide people as much as possible background to understand the subject matter. Be positive the whole time, involve students.

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Graduate in Electronics can help you with your Physics and Maths problems!!

My teaching method is to build on the concepts the students have using examples and problem-solving. I reinforce the basic concept learned at school addressing possible misunderstandings as a way to find out where are the problem areas. The use of different strategies and explanations consolidate the understanding of the concepts and how to apply them.

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Research PhD student in Bioengineering ( located Melbourne) with experience in tutoring at universities

I would prefer to work one by one and be in touch with my students. Normally I found it better to understand if a little bit of background is explained and complex problems introduce by introducing a series of small ones. All in one, I will try to find the best approach based on each person character.

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Production Engineer with Finance in MBA; Live in Dandenong; Want to provide support for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Operations Management, Production Management, Manufacturing, and Finance

I like to get into the subject matter and make the student understand it. I prefer to bring examples from real life so that student can assimilate the essence of the learning. I love to work on one to one while I am also comfortable with group teaching.

Lake Wendouree
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A Teacher, with the student, from the student, as you like .

I like to be Clear and Concise, my methods and course structure will always be simple, that the way i believed it to be. Teaching is a tricky business, but being a teacher is what i am passionate about.

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Robotics, Computer Vision, A.I, Sunshine Coast, Skype, Professional instructor 33 years experience

I can teach on site, In my home office or via Skype, what ever arrangement makes sense. With the demand in A.

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Wollongong University Doctor gives private/group tutoring classes to Wollongong/Sydney areas students studying Mechanical Engineering : )

I am happy to hear different sayings from individuals of different backgrounds, so interaction is a preferable element is my teaching as this will not only help establish a positive atmosphere among us, but also help enhance the knowledge you have learned, and I am also happy to motivate and encourage students to work out problems by suggesting ideas, confronting issues and so forth.

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ECU student and a mechanical designer with experience in aero structures in Perth WA I'm a mechanical engineering graduate with design skills, trained in software tools such as solidedge, Unigraphics

I would want to figure out the student's weakest areas, and get to know the background of the student, regarding their previous performance in various subjects, because a solution at the root level can yield enormous results in ways which can never be imagined.

Bracken Ridge
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Design and Technology Teacher in Brisbane. Great lessons for the inquisitive mind

Generally, my teaching style is student needs based. I structure lessons for advanced learners as well as competent learner, with an emphasis on gifted students. My teaching style has had many great outcomes from students who have identified this personalised method.

Sandy Bay
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The Successful Engineering Managers and Business owners have to join us Now

My teaching methodology inextricable linked with executing the related project and discussing the basic related knowledge which will provide us with the overall technical knowledge, moreover we are going to estimate the actual cost of the project.

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Doctor of Engineering in Melbourne with a desire to teach biomedical engineering to all

I prefer to lead by example and work with a student as a team, as opposed to as a teacher and student. Ideally I want a student who can present me with a problem and is willing to work through the problem together.

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Hi i am sravan having 6 years of experience of experience in IT Industry.

I Can Teach Students based on 3 steps. 1. I will Give theory Parts to read the subject. 2. Explaining content with some examples and 3. I will Show the real time experience to student and make them to work on the subject.

Parafield Gardens
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Electrical Design Engineer with 8 years of industry experience, The University of Adelaide project management student is here for you to give extensive support in Engineering and management studies.

¥ Vast knowledge of engineering concepts ¥ Ability to work within departmental guidelines ¥ Strong ability to interact with students and colleagues ¥ Outstanding analytical and critical thinking skills ¥ Excellent interpersonal skills ¥ Very good time management abilities ¥ Prepared daily lectures in accordance with university’s curriculum guidelines.

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Experienced Geotechnical Technician provides in-depth understanding of Construction Materials Testing procedures to Uni Students, Technicians, Engineers and Supervisors.

My prefered teaching method is group lessons but one on one lessons are welcome. I am willing to teach topic by topic or explaining individual test methods, procedures or technical notes that you may need help with.

Woodville Park
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Electric and Electronic principles, Physics, Maths, Computer Science. Based in Adelaide but I can deliver online teaching for anyone anywhere

I like to start by developing a good understanding of the basics and first principles. Fundamentals are the essential building blocks for understanding and/or deriving most complicated formulas, processes, theories etc.

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West Moonah
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Bachelor of Technology – Mechanical Engineering (First Class) & Graduate Member of Engineers Australia (GradTIEAust)

Firstly I understand the knowledge and skills of the student and then approach accordingly.

Jasdip kaur
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Assistant Professor with 7.5 years of experience in electronics and communication engineering can give tutorials in Canberra 2606, ACT

My teaching methodology is to start with basic concepts of the topic and the topic must be understandable to all levels of students.

Morphett Vale
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Experienced Southern Adelaide Agricultural Science Teacher/Farmer is excited about immersing students in Agricultural knowledge.

I encourage open communication with families and outside agencies so that the students’ well-being are wholly catered for, academically, physically, socially and emotionally. I strive for each student to achieve to the best of their ability. I have utilised various teaching methodologies and adapted and changed plans where student needs are indicated.

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Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses Adelaide, South Australia

My teaching is more on practical applications and real life experiences.

Mill Park
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RMIT Engineering graduate gives physics and Mechanical Engineering lessons in Bundoora, MillPark

My teaching method is well organised according to the subject outline and duration. I will do theoretical lessons with tutorials from each section. I will guide the student until the examination and will have to allocate the time required for the student according to the student's skill level.

Noble Park
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Mechanical engineer with 5 years of experience in Automotive Industry gives private Mechanical Engineering lessons at home

I can teach students from secondary school onwards. Encouraging students to prepare for the lesson before class, monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback, draw a concept map to represent their understanding of a topic, Provide sufficient training in defining and stating the problem in a clear and concise manner.

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Engineering Professional tutoring engineering courses. Specialises in Solid and Fluid Mechanics. I'm currently based in Hurstville and can arrange group lessons as well. Please get in touch to discuss

I am a self-motivated professional who is proactive and skilled in sourcing learning materials for knowledge development. I follow a pupil centred teaching methodology consisting formative evaluation of coursework and subject centred engagement of the students.

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RMIT Industrial Designer Graduate consults on high school/ personal design projects , Melbourne

My teaching methods are to assist students into making informed design choices By teaching my students the skills to achieve the outcome they are after. I am calm and follow the mantra of “there are no dumb questions”.

Petrie Terrace
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Real field application based teaching of civil engineering subjects (especially transportation engineering) in Brisbane

My teaching method is primarily focused on explaining practical scenarios which helps in quick and effective understanding. I begin with basic concepts, followed by intensive practice in tutorials and examples. I usually prefer quick tests to know students understanding of the subject.

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Italian Master Graduated Energy and Nuclear Engineer gives lessons and wants to help high school and university students understand Engineering, Maths and Physics in CBD,Southern and Eastern Melbourne

I am a kind and friendly person who really cares for people's deep understanding of the subjects I love and they are in trouble with. That is why my lessons will be focused on you to overcome your issues for good but also to just learn what you need; I would like to discuss your needs first then the lesson type will be up to you (e.g.

Caulfield North
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Embedded, Robotics, IoT, Arduino, python programming with hardware and software provision for passionate Higher and Bachelor degree Students in Melbourne

My teaching method is experimental. I am covering 10% theory and 90% practicle. Basically, I am tring to help student to develop logics in any sysystem. I am providing experimental kits for programming followed by list of small projects in field and materials for reference.

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