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Arabic is a tricky language, even as a native, so let me help you with it!

My lessons are geared to students who have no Arabic experience to medium fluency. The lesson structure will alter depending on the student's levels and priority. My focus tends to be on oral comprehension and pronunciation with a secondary focus being writing and reading.

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Learn Arabic the fun way with a friendly and creative Arabic tutor.

I apply current situations and relate to scenario or topics dear to students for easy remembrance. Repetition using various styles such as writing, speaking, acting and games allow better remembrance and increase understanding. I use pictures and demonstrations for understanding.

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Teaching Arabic Language Skills from the heart of the Arab World, Egypt

I teach for life. So, I adopt a teaching methodology that is aimed to empower learners to communicate. The effectiveness of language learning is measured by how much language can be used for everyday, practical interaction; which is helpful for student motivation.

Ropes Crossing
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Graduated from overseas universities giving private lessons to high school and university students in Western Sydney

Communicative and task-based approaches, mostly, and in some situation even might be Grammar Translation approach. Task-based assessment should be tested based on this method and the main concentration in this approach might be on writing and in communicative method might be listening and speaking.

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Hi everybody and welcome , I can teach Arabic and French in funny ways

I like teach or learn in a funny ways using different activities and communication skills, so i hope you will enjoy my classes

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Trainer and Business professional, teaching Arabic language online, especially spoken language, for who might be interested.

Teaching methods that I use differs based on the material given, but I use more than 1 method during a session. For example, starting with brainstorming, then going to discussions, group activities and few as lecturing. I prefer using two way communication methods.

Sunnybank Hills
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My native language is the Arabic. I have a PhD degree in Science.

My name is Aead M Abdelnabi Muhmed (preferred name: Ayad Masry) with my details as: phone no, (concealed information), email: (concealed information) My teaching method depends on traditional and low tech to learning. The lessons have been chosen from modern and valuable sources.

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I have vit registration currently im Arabic teacher in high school in melboourne

I have experience for 20 years doing Arabic teacher I love my job i always use different method depends on the level of my students using textbook internet resources.i always deal with all the level start from the beginners to the high level.

Glen Waverley
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An Arabic teacher, already teaching Arabic for primary student level/ native speaker/Glen Waverley 3150

I concentrate on active learning methods to deliver information to the student.

Saint Albans
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Overseas university lecturer of 16 years experience of teaching and assessing, passionate of this job

To use all of the input methods in teaching : visual, auditory , verbal and practicing all together. I believe in holistic educational method which is centered on the student through ensuring his contribution within the learning process.

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Native Arabic Teacher offering Arabic tutoring classes for high school students and for Uni students.

I demonstrate my understanding of how students learn using effective classroom teaching strategies that lead to quality learning with the capacity to work with colleagues to continually improve teaching and learning.

Southern River
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Arabic native teacher.. the wonderful way of learning Arabic for the radio

I constantly need to know my students backgrounds, ethnicity, cultures, religions and capabilities to provide quality and engaging learning experiences to engage and challenge all students. When teaching my students I plan and implement a variety of teaching tech to emphasis engaged learning, communication, literacy, numeracy, collaboration and problem solving through a range of technologies.

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Monash qualified teacher from p-12. Arabic native speaker and have teaching experience for more than 10 yrs.

My teaching methodology is ESL and LOTE (Arabic and French) for different levels. I base my class on motivating and engaging students with different topics. I approach topic after understanding students' level then covering all the 4 language skills.

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Holding Master degree with professional in teaching Arabic language, Islamic studies, Qur'an. online teaching any location

Make topic easy, using modern methods of teaching, work togther with student to achieve and improve, trying to explain in depth

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Maybe you are keen to learn a new language, but you want to try something different, something more exotic, a more "unusual" type of language. Arabic language is a good choice for you.

What’s my secret? To improve my own pronunciation and make people understand me from the first time was easier than to repeat myself many times. At the beginning many people find it hard to understand a native speaker. But nobody has this problem with me.

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Dentistry student looking to teach English and Arabic to children who are enthusiastic about learning.

My teaching philosophy is to make the language most enjoyable for the person seeking to learn, I believe that the more one enjoys the lesson...the more they will want to learn the language. Learning languages shouldn’t just be through pen and paper, hence why I ensure that I use many different methods in my teaching.

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Arabic teaching provide tutoring also in Maths for students during their after school hours.

My teaching methodology is to create realistic, timeframe, achievable goals for students. Including keep the lessons real, they are able to accept it and relay the examples with their daily lives. I strongly believe in building individuals independence, to be able to build their confidence that they will be able to achieve high results.

Bonnyrigg Heights
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A Teacher's support Cert.IV student willing to teach professional Arabic in Sydney Region

I am a very organised and structured person who is willing to teach you in a very comprehensive way. I would make you first read the piece of work and then try to understand. I will advise you to highlight the important part and then we will try to build your expressions to be able to write in a more descriptive way.

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An experienced and qualified Arabic native teacher online only via zoom or skype.

My experience has brought me into contact with many different types of people. I am experienced in being able to help you by setting your goals and then to help you achieve them. My Experience is 4 years. I have worked as a teacher face to face & online.

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Linguistic Expert To Teach Arabic Italian and German in Melbourne VIC -Australia

I am Mixing 3 main methods of language teaching : - The Direct Method - The Reading Approach - The Natural way Studies and experiments have shown that the combination of different methods of language teaching is more effective, as even many experts have considered these methods to be the most recognized for their simplicity and effectiveness.

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PhD. qualified in Arabic Literature with long teaching experience lives in Sydney.

My lessons in Arabic are based on attractive approach. Student should discover the basic skills and knowledge. I used to teach students from non Arabic backgrounds at the university and at Saint Charbel College in Sydney, My students showed great success.

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A play on words is when you change the words in a funny way

In my position as a University lecturer, I learned the importance of clear communication with student in order to exchange ideas. This helped to amend any gaps felt in the communication between the student and the lecturer. In addition, positive body language was also used, having in mind the person’s values and cultural background.

Bonnyrigg Heights
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Australian/Lebanese petrochemical engineer fluent in both Arabic and English gives lessons in Arabic language

I combine fun with learning while incorporating games, videos and songs and using the Quran as a reference. I focus on the pronunciation and the writing and I recommend several interesting books and novels for reading. I have a different methodology for each age and level.

Loris chafik kamel
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Loris.English teacher ,has been tutoring Arabic language to some people who could not read the Koran.

My teaching method is to to start with the alphabet,prepositions,nouns and verbs etc... Then I ask them to construct a sentence of their own or translate on. I always relate everything to something else very well known not to be forgotten later. Sometimes I write the sound of words in English so that they can practice at home on their own.

Holden Hill
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Architecture student and gives Arabic lessons, as it is my first language.

I teach Arabic for beginners and intermediate. I used brainstorming and open discussions, role plays as my teaching methodology . For beginners, especially at the early ages, I use different method and games to make the young students love the language.

Wattle Grove
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Smile tutoring experts teach the Arabic Language to school students and adults.

My teaching method is based on communication and practice. I prefer the communicative approach where students can apply what they have learned, be corrected and improve. I believe that the use of communicative, functional and interactive approaches encourages students to acquire communicative competence through continuous practice in the classroom.

East Melbourne
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A university of Melbourne student, passionate about sharing my language with others.

My teaching methods are usually through stories, because Arabic is a language, and a complex one, therefore teaching it through stories makes it more interesting.

Homebush West
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Hey everyone, I do a casual type of tutoring where I try to make the learning process easy, productive and fun as much as possible.

I like to be more conversational in teaching to create a comfortable atmosphere where the student can be more interactive and responsive.

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Perfect! Adla is a spectacular teacher. I have had three lessons with her thus far and look forward to many more. The methods of teaching she employs makes the learning material cement very quickly, much faster than what I personally experienced with other...

Ayse, Student
7 months ago

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