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A Ph.D. in Science from the University of Tasmania, Australia available to give a lesson in any science-related subjects


I like explaining over and over until my students understand. It is always working by my example! I do not easily give up on any student that appears not to be catching up. I give my students a push and develop customized strategies for them to understand any subject.


I am Dr. Kayode Adu, a Research Scientist and Probiotic Specialist in Melbourne. I am currently available to give lessons in any science-based subjects including Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Reasoning, etc. I have a passion for teaching and currently teach in a tutorial center.


Travel Fee : $10
Rate for online lessons : $30/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $27
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $25
Lesson formats available..
Group Lessons
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Subjects taught
  • Maths
  • Chemistry
  • Other sciences
  • Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Food chemistry
  • All Levels

Kayode's CV

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia • +(concealed information) • (concealed information) • (concealed information)

Research Scientist (Food Safety, Proteomics & Probiotics)

• Creative and analytical Food Safety Scientist with more than 3 years’ hands-on experience in Food Safety research at a leading Food Safety and Innovation Centre, Tasmania Institute of Agriculture, University of Tasmania, Australia, with improved protocols developed and novel discoveries published in high-ranked journals

• Innovative Scientists with 5+ years expansive experience in academics and industry, including microbial analysis by conventional and molecular techniques, challenge studies for food safety and shelf-life, probiotic screening and analysis by flow cytometry and proteomics, industrial probiotic enumeration as per TGA requirements in different food and pharmaceutical matrices (including total and individual strain in mixed cultures), method validation as per TGA requirements, method verification, viability and stability monitoring/improvement, environmental stressor evaluation/monitoring and probiotic functionality investigation.

• Vast experience in working in a fast-paced environment and meeting deadlines with strong work ethic and attention-to-detail skills, acquired via working in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industries, especially in my previous role as a Production Operator at Goodman Fielder, Townsville, QLD in Australia

• Good skill in clearly communicating complex/new concepts and findings to different groups of audience, as evidenced by several seminar talks in Australia and Africa, an invited presentation at the University of Helsinki, Finland, Europe and up to 5 presentations at national and international conferences, including in Budapest, Hungary with outstanding written communication skill demonstrated via years of writing papers, dissertation, conference abstracts, journal manuscripts, including successful Hons., M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses.

Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) | Microbial Proteomics & Probiotics | University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia, 2015 to 2018.
An international examiner’s thesis rating of A (pass with no further revision required)
Tasmania Institute of Agriculture Travel Grant, University of Tasmania, 2017 | Tasmania Graduate Research Scholarship, University of Tasmania, 2015 | University of Tasmania Tuition Scholarship, Australia, 2015
Master of Science in Industrial Microbiology | University of Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa, 2012
Best Graduating Student in Industrial Microbiology (2010/2012 M.Sc. class)
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Microbiology | University of Ilorin, Nigeria, West Africa, 2008

Diploma in Project Management, International Business Management Institute (IBMI), Germany, 2018 | Certificate in Strategy and Operations and Certificate in Leadership and Teamwork, IBMI, Berlin, Germany, 2018 | Graduate Certificate in Research, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 2016

Advanced skills in MS Office Suite: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access | SPSS | Proteomic database searches and processing | Proteomic software: MaxQuant, Mascot | Perseus | Data mining | Text mining | Flow cytometry | Bioreactor/Fermentor systems | PC2-level laboratory | Cell line cultures | Microbiological techniques | Biochemical techniques | Sterile techniques | Proteomics | Lipidomics | Metabolomics | Metabolic pathway systems | DNA fragment analysis | Bioinformatic tools for large proteomic datasets.

Tasmania Graduate Research PhD Scholarship, University of Tasmania, Australia. (January 2015) | University of Tasmania 100% Tuition Scholarship, Australia (January 2015) | School of Land and Food/Tasmania Institute of Agriculture Travel Grant, University of Tasmania (April 2017) to visit University of Helsinki, Finland (as a visiting PhD candidate) | TIA travel grant for Probiotic Conference in Budapest, Hungary (2017) | UTAS Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology Dean’s support funds award (January 2015) | ‘The best worker of the week’ amidst 150 workers in three consecutive years (August 2015, July 2016 and November 2017 as casual worker at Jack Green/Cargo, Salamanca, Australia) | ‘The most outstanding worker of the year 2014’ (Ibadan school of Management and Technology, Nigeria, West Africa) | Best graduating student in Industrial Microbiology unit (2010/2012 M.Sc. Class, University of Ibadan) | Best Graduating student, West African Examination Council (Oniwe Comprehensive High School) and in Ekiti South West Local Government Area, Ilawe-Ekiti, Nigeria (1994).

Omics - proteomics and genomics | SPSS | Bioremediation | Bio-nanotechnology | Biofuel/Biodiesel | Food shelf-life extension | Industrial/Environmental Microbiology | Food System, Quality and Safety |

Oral presentation
• Proteomic Analysis of Adaptation to Heat Stress in Lb. casei GCRL163. Kayode Adu, Anthony Baker, Richard Wilson, David Nichols, John Bowman and Margaret Britz.
IPC 2017 (International Scientific Conference of Probiotics and Prebiotics); Budapest, Hungary, Europe; 20-22 June 2017.
• Proteomics of Lb. casei GCRL163 under heat adaptations (proteome and sub-proteome).
Kayode Adu, Anthony Baker, Richard Wilson, John Bowman and Margaret Britz.
Biocenter 1, Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki, Finland, Europe; 16 June 2017 (as invited guest speaker)
• Isolation, characterization and optimal culture conditions of cellulolytic bacteria from cassava dumpsites in Ibadan, Nigeria. Kayode Adu and Odeniyi Olubukola.
International Conference on Science and Sustainable Development in Nigeria; University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, West Africa; 13-17 May 2013

Paper presentation
• Improved Surface Protein Recovery and Surface Proteome in Lb. casei GCRL163 under Heat Adaptation. Kayode Adu, Anthony Baker, Richard Wilson, John Bowman and Margaret Britz. ASM 2017 (Australian Society of Microbiology, Planetary Health Conference, 2017); Hobart, Tasmania, Australia; 2-5 July 2017.
• Comparative proteomic analysis and translocation mechanism of moonlighting proteins and molecular chaperones in Lb. casei GCRL163 under heat stress. Kayode Adu, Anthony Baker, and Margaret Britz.9th Annual Graduate Research Conference. University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia; 3-4 September 2015.
• Bacterial Adhesion Team, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Science, University of Helsinki, Finland, Europe. Principal Investigator, Prof Benita Westerlund-Wikstrom.
• Dr Richard Wilson, Senior research fellow, Proteomics Mass Spectrometry, Central Science Laboratory, University of Tasmania, Australia.
Journals under Review
• Kayode Adu, Richard Wilson, Anthony Baker, John Bowman and Margaret Britz. Proteomics of Lactobacillus casei GCRL163 surface proteins under prolonged heat stress with improved binding of heat-stressed cell to human colorectal adenocarcinoma HT-29 cells. Journal of Proteome Research 2020.
Published Journals
• Adu KT, Wilson R, Nichols DS, Baker AL, Bowman JP, Britz ML (2018). Proteomic analysis of Lactobacillus casei GCRL163 cell-free extracts reveals a SecB homolog and other biomarkers of prolonged heat stress. PLoS ONE 13(10): e0206317. (concealed information)
• Adu, K., Kayode, R., Oni, M., & Adu, M. (2014). Optimal culture conditions and characterization of cellulolytic bacteria from cassava dumpsites in Ibadan, Nigeria. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management, 7(3), 267–278.
• Adu, K., Kayode, R., & Adu, M. (2015). Physicochemical characterization of cellulase produced from Kurthia gibsonii isolated from cassava dumpsites in Ibadan, Nigeria. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management, 8, 738-751.
• Adu, M. D., Ajayi, I. O., & Adu, K. T. (2016). Knowledge of Teachers in Regards to Childhood Malnutrition and Reported Nutrition Information Resources. European Journal of Preventive Medicine, 4(1), 13-19.
• Adu, M. D., Ajayi, I. O., & Adu, K. T. (2015). Reported Malnutrition Prevention Practices in Primary Schools in Ido Local Government Area of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. International Journal of Elementary Education 4,( 5), 93-100.
• Kayode R.M.O, Ajiboye A.T, Babayeju A.A, Kayode B.I, Oladoye C.O, and Adu K.T (2013). Proximate, Mineral Composition And Microbial Counts Of Over-Ripe Fried Plantain (Dodo-Ikire) Sold By Vendors In Ikire Town, Nigeria. International Journal of Biotechnology. 2(4): 68-82
• Odeniyi O.A and Adu K.T (2013). Isolation, characterization and Culture conditions of cellulolytic bacteria from cassava dumpsites in Ibadan, Nigeria by. Abstract of Journals, Faculty of science, University of Ibadan, SSD 081

1) Position: Research Scientist (Probiotics) – Scientific Services
Duration: May 2019 – present
Organisation: Merieux NutriSciences, Melbourne, Australia.
Mérieux NutriSciences is a multinational company that offers a range of analytical and consulting services in up to 22 countries with over 100 accredited laboratories around the world to ensure the safety and quality of products that affect consumers’ health. As a Research Scientist (Probiotics) – Scientific services, I provide support to probiotic manufacturing companies around Australia and the environs in their development of innovative new products by providing consulting, research and analytical services. I lead and manage projects from start to finish, working with the Scientific Services plus Sales team to efficiently and effectively deliver projects on time and within budget for internal and external clients of the Food Science Centre/ Scientific Services.
Job responsibilities and achievements
• Develop proposals, in conjunction with other stakeholders, regarding contract research projects involving probiotic testing, method validation and verification for raw, TGA-related and food-matrix culture, stability investigation, analytical method improvement etc.
• Working with the laboratory staff and Scientific Services Manager to deliver client projects, to meet technical, quality and timeline metrics
• Writing technical proposals on time
• Discussing and consulting with clients, the project results as well as new potential projects.
• Managing contract research testing and projects
• Developing and planning project activities, tasks and end results including work breakdown estimates, responsibilities, schedules and budgets.
• Coordinating tasks and resource allocations.
• Providing clear communication to key stakeholders and coordinate and ensure tight implementation of schedule and budget.
• Serves as the key contact for project-specific interactions
• Set up, calibrate, and operate equipment in accordance with methods and SOPs.
• Perform all duties in accordance with established safety procedures and quality assurance standards (global and local SOPs); ensures that other lab personnel comply with the same.
• Oversee and perform lab tests and conducts independent analysis in a timely, accurate, and cost-effective manner

2) Position: Adecco Associate/Production Operator (Production & Packaging)
Duration: Dec. 2018 – May 2019
Organisation: Goodman Fielder, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
Goodman Fielder is a leading FMCG company across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific, involved in manufacturing, packaging, distribution, marketing and selling over 120 brands of a wide range of food products including bread, milk, cheese, chicken, flour, baking ingredients, snacks, cooking oils, spreads and ice cream, in over 40 manufacturing sites.

Job responsibilities and achievements
• As a member of a team that safely operated and managed manufacturing equipment and ensure machines run in an efficient and uninterrupted manner, resulting in the reduction of manufactured food and product wastes with an increase in generated profits.
• Ensured raw materials and finished products conform to quality and safety standards
• Adhered to food and work safety procedures and company policies
• Adhered to food manufacturing principles, including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and the Good Manufacturing Practice Standards Code
• Monitored labelling and finished product documentation/distribution
• Assisted in raw material and product development
• Involved in other operations such as monitoring automated food packaging and tin conveying.

3) Position: Probiotics Researcher (Ph.D. Researcher and Tasmania Graduate Research Scholar)
Duration: 09/01/2015-13/08/2018 (3.7 years)
Organisation: Food Safety and Innovation RD & E centre, Tasmania Institute of Agriculture
University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia
I worked in the probiotic research laboratory on projects that aimed at improving the functionality, survival and stability of probiotic microbes for improved probiotic strain selection, which could lead to probiotic products with improved health benefits on human and animal health.
Job responsibilities and achievements
• Developed new protocols and performed sample preparations – bacterial cultures, tissue cultures, bacterial protein extraction (cytoplasmic, cell surface and extracellular fluid proteins), fatty acid and metabolite extraction.
• Followed standard aseptic and other established procedures to autonomously execute projects – probiotic bacterial isolation, identification and confirmation, enumeration, screening, impact of environmental stress conditions (e.g. prolonged heat stress investigations), mechanisms to improve probiotic functionality, probiotics metabolic processes under heat stress, proteomic analysis etc.
• Operated and maintained laboratory equipment, including centrifuges, micrometers, pipettes, bioreactors, spectrophotometer, mass spectrometry, DNA fragment analyzer etc.
• Performed microbiological techniques, including culturing, pH testing, serial dilution, streaking, plating techniques, aseptic technique, sterilisation, autoclaving, decontamination etc.
• Responsible for data management, including data collection and entry, correlation, validation, archiving, analysis and reporting.
• Analysed results using various software algorithms and bioinformatic tools; interpreted and presented clearly prepared reports to various stakeholders in seminars and conferences. Presented analysed results in national and international conferences, including more than 500 professionals and scientists from more than 80 countries during the International Scientific Conference on Prebiotics and Probiotics 2017 in Budapest, Hungary, Europe and more than 200 professionals at the Australian Society for Microbiology, Planetary Health Conference 2017, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
• Documented all phases of the project, prepared regular reports on the progress and kept records.
• Performed all activities in the laboratory based on laboratory standards/systems and WHS requirements.
• Held regular meetings with stakeholders, other researchers and supervisors on project milestones.
• Identified protein biomarkers to improve probiotic selection during probiotic manufacture.
• Introduce cost-effective initiatives to improve protein recovery rate for proteomic analysis.
• Achieved more reliable outcome by formulating effective procedures for probing the degree of probiotic cell lysis using flow cytometry and DNA fragment analyses.
• Applied advanced techniques and approaches to identify novel proteins and cyclo-lipids in Lactobacillus casei GCRL163.
• Implemented best practises to extract surface proteins from Lactobacillus casei with no surface layer.
• Completed projects well before given time and submitted project outcome in form of Ph.D. thesis.
• Parts of the novel findings were submitted and published, for instance, in ‘PLOS ONE’ ((concealed information)
• Collaborated with other professionals and Scientists in Europe and Australia for further R & D projects on probiotics.

4) Position: Microbiology Quality Control Analyst
Duration: 02/04/2012-04/03/2014 (2 years)
Organisation: ChemLab Nig. LTD, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

ChemLab Nig. LTD is a division of ABC consulting firm in Ibadan that offers quality management solutions as outsourced services to manufacturing companies including water, food and health-related companies.
As part of the quality control team, I managed the microbiological-related projects as a Microbiologist.
Job responsibilities and achievements
Conducted visual and microbiological testing on products | Ensured appropriate Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) were developed and maintained for the production processes | Monitored and reported on working conditions of companies during fieldwork to ensure manufacturing compliance with Work, Health and Safety (WHS) regulations and implemented safety systems where necessary, according to HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) | Maintained and kept necessary records for effective monitoring | Assisted in the training of the production team on GMP compliance and deviation assessment.

5) Position: Tutor
Duration: 2019 - Present
Organisation: Edu Kingdom College, Mitcham 3132, Melbourne, Australia
Primary responsibilities
• Teaching science subjects.

6) Position: Lecturer
Duration: 2013 - 2015
Organisation: Ibadan school of Management and Technology, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, West Africa
Primary responsibilities
Preparing lecturing/teaching materials | Delivering lectures to National Innovative Diploma students (NID I and NID II) in biological and food science related course | Supervision of practical classes | Supervising and giving directions to final year student projects | Marking of examination scripts | Organising seminars for project presentations
Other experience included Medical Laboratory Technician (Internship).

• Excellent working relationship builder and interpersonal skill, as validated by establishing interdisciplinary stakeholder collaborations in Africa, Europe and Australia.
• Ability to work independently with limited or no supervision in a pressurised and fast-paced environment.
• Great commercial acumen with good technical understanding of quality and safety and complying with governing authority rules and regulations.
• Excellent production and research experience with skills in monitoring production procedures for quality improvement.
• Strong ability to accurately read and interpret details, technical graphs and blueprints.
• Achievement-oriented with excellent skill in working in a team environment with sound ability to build confidence, pride and self-esteem in other team members.
• Outstanding skills in generating technically robust strategies to analyse and validate large datasets as demonstrated by successful analysis of large proteomic datasets using different bioinformatic algorithms in my Ph.D. project. Advanced skills in Microsoft Office Excel with the ability to create excel-based tools using complex formulas, pivot tables and graphs.
• Adept at the application of proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics in probiotic systems to understand stress responses and survival mechanisms.
Treasurer, Microbiology and Agricultural Science Postgraduate Society, University of Tasmania | 2017-2018
Visiting Ph.D. candidate, University of Helsinki, Finland, Europe | 2017
Orientation Student Volunteer, Community Friends & Networks Programme, UTAS | 2015
Harmony Day Volunteer, Hobart City Council, Tasmania | 2015

On demand.

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