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The perfect teaching style for the yoga beginners or senior or people have health issues online as well as offline


Detailed description for you to be able to adjust your own posture by yourself

Sensational guiding helps you to discover your deep awareness of your body

Conscious guiding helps you to reconnect with nature, the world and yourself

A humble heart to embrace all level of yoga practitioners


The very first thing I would like to talk about is:
In the East, Health is all about Mobility
(for example, yoga from India, Taichi from China)
however, it seems like people consider that being FIT is a sign of being healthy.
therefore, people are chasing to lose weight, to get abs, to show their bodies which match up with the western values.
Here come the questions:
what about posture? is your body aligned as it should be?
what about mobility? can you move in a way that your body is designed to?

Were you afraid of yoga?
Were you a beginner?
Were you thinking that you are not "GOOD" at yoga?
Are you having health issues?
Are you able to move freely?
Would you like to get better or worse as you get older?
A healthy body is not a body that has all sorts of 6packs abs, or lean legs, or round butt.......
A healthy body is a body that allows you to move freely.
Health is about mobility rather than fitness and flexibility.
Yoga is partly about flexibility but more important is the freedom you gain from being flexible and be able to move freely, that mobility you gain from practicing yoga.
I'm surprised that there are so many people out there who wish to do yoga but find it hard or even scared to get into yoga.
Do you feel that you are very stiff and that stiffness prevents you from doing all sorts of activities?
Do you feel that you're locked inside of your body?

I'm here to help. I would like to help.
Read this feedback coming from one of my clients:
"Max is super considerate to each individuals needs
I felt this daunting pressure to be at a certain Standard of flexibility before trying yoga but when I started with max she made me feel so at ease. The service was tailored to my body and her hands on technique makes it easier for your body to get into certain positions with much less effort by yourself. I feel like she took all my nerves away from feeling like I can’t do it and the results in my bodies flexibility happened so fast! I feel blessed for max introducing yoga to me️️Thank you x"

Instead of teaching yoga in a big class where lots of people who are able to do yoga, I would like to offer one on one private class session to help those who are NOT able to do yoga with classes because of their body condition.

I will offer you
1. The whole body posture assessment (just like you can see in the pictures with these alignments)
2. The whole body flexibility assessment
3. improvement of progress tracking so that you know that you are moving forward.
I WANT you to know all of this information and pay more attention to yourself, gain the focus back to yourself.
lots of people couldn't do yoga ACTIVELY because their body is too stiff and too tight, the normal yoga class doesn't customize to their needs.

Therefore, I'm here to offer PASSIVE yoga classes to help you release all the tension and stiffness inside your body so that you can start to do yoga on your own.

I'm sure you will feel the difference in passive yoga that I offer and the normal yoga class you take.

I hate to put it as in "yoga class" because it's way more about that.

It's a mix of physiotherapy, yoga, and massage.

It's yoga because it's based on yoga poses.

It's physiotherapy because it aims to fix some problems you have inside your body by putting your body into certain yoga pose.

It's a massage because with my help and support, you will feel like getting a massage and open up your body and move your muscle freely like you just had a massage.

I will get to know your body condition and customize yoga poses that are for your needs, and I will be there for you to support you and adjust your posture and to help you get the most out of yoga.

Please check out my client's feedback on my yoga teaching, so that you understand more before you decide to skip this.

1. you can search "Ruth's review on Max's yoga class" in Youtube as I am not allowed to put external link here

2. Search "pain last for 3 years released after ONE YOGA SESSION WITH Max" in youtube

For more information about my yoga and teaching experiences, You can also view my Instagram account: Maximize_your_world

or simply give me a call and let's have a chat.

Thank you so much.

Last but not least, I'm a certified yoga instructor, I have learnt the authentic yoga system from Rishikesh India, the yoga center of the world.


Travel Fee : $5
Rate for online lessons : $40/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : $250
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : $500
Lesson formats available..
Lessons can be held..
at their place
at your place
Subjects taught
  • Yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Relaxation yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • All Levels

Max's CV

On my Instagram account: Maximize_your_world
there's student improvement posted and you can have a look

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