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UWA Classics Student (also has a Bachelors in Modern History) available for tutoring in the following areas: Ancient History, Classics, Modern History, Geographical History, Literature and Essay writi

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Hello everyone,
My name is Ellie-Jane, I’m currently studying a graduate diploma in Classics and Ancient History at UWA, and i have a bachelors degree in Modern History with a minor in Theatre and drama; i costumed numerous Theatre productions at Murdoch university between 2015 and 2019 . My overall goal is to eventually work in Archaeology either as a lecturer or researching.

I believe that history is a highly underrated subject, which often gets placed in either to too boring or i’ll do it to get an easy mark boxes. I grew up surrounded by centuries of history in England and i strongly believe that History is one of the most important subjects anyone can be taught. As marcus Garvey said, “ A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

I would be Delighted to tutor anyone who is either completely lost in this area or anyone whom believes that they are not achieving what they know to be their true potential. As i have experience studying both Modern and Ancient History I’m available to help with anything from Mesopotamia to World War Two. Topics include but are not limited to: The French Revolution, colonialism, Mayan civilisation, the early civilisations of Babylon, Sumer and Egypt and the suffragette movement. As mentioned above my grad dip is in classics as well so I’m also available to assist with reading or understanding texts from the classical period of history (ancient Rome and Greece) such as: Homer, Plato, Virgil and Ovid. During my bachelors i also studied later ‘classical’ texts, which covered a vast array of authors from: Shakespeare through to Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde, therefore I’m also willing to help with any theatre or literature assignments concerning these or related authors.

Personally I’m a bit of an extroverted introvert; light hearted and conversational but a book lover at heart and not overly sociable. I’m obsessed with facts, and old English classical literature and historical biographies are my safe haven. I tutor Drama theory, English and English literature, as well as working on overall writing skills such as grammar, spelling and structure through out all subjects. If you’re struggling with an essay and just can’t seem to figure out how to write it i am more than happy to assist with that as well.

An average lesson with me will most likely consist of: informing me of the topic of focus beforehand so i can gather materials to ensure the student gets the most out of the lesson, establishing where the student is with the topic and what they require additional information/ work on and then working from there. This could include going over grammar, help researching for an essay, memorisation techniques, practicing for exams, exploring different historical figures and events or focusing on understanding new terms and definitions.

If you think i may be able to assist you then please do not hesitate to get in touch. I will try to reply within two days and will answer any questions to the best of my ability.

Best wishes everyone



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About Ellie

Overall i have very little experience tutoring... but don’t fret what i lack in experience i definitely make up for with enthusiasm. My love of history and literature has often been referred to as bordering on obsessive, which means i am very willing to impart knowledge on others or explain anything anyone doesn’t understand if it concerns anything remotely concerning history or literature.
Two years ago tutored two girls one in English and one in literature and occasionally in drama theory; both in year 11 one student went from bordering on failing to receiving a high C , while the other received an A. I was and am exceptionally pleased with not only how they grew academically but also personally especially in terms of their self confident.

I completed the majority of my education in England up until year 10 and also attended a school, which specialised in the arts and creative expression. Because of how I was taught in England is quite different to here, i found the teaching style here quite daunting and therefore completely understand how stressful high school can be. i was taught English in a way that there was more of an emphasis on literature and understanding the use of all styles of writing. You were also encouraged to understand the overall language of the time period in which the author you were studying was writing in order to have gain a perspective on the text that isn’t only opinion, but a mix of creative expressionism and also logical thought.
In England history is taught as a separate subject from, all other social sciences. in primary school you start in ancient history and go chronologically from there through school. Every event and era covered is done in considerable depth.

I often find that it’s the little things that bring students down. Sometimes it’s a simple as someone just not explaining to them why that piece of punctuation has to be there and not that one, or maybe it’s how this genre of writing is different, or which order these events occurred in and why they are significant to this other event.

Knowledge is a powerful thing and knowing that you can apply it when you really need to is even more powerful.



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I live in Harrisdale, however as I’m either studying at the UWA campus in Crawley or working at the airport most days I’m willing to tutor anyone who lives within a 30km radius of there. This includes but is not limited to: Canning vale, Cannington, All suburbs of Perth (north,south,east and west), Scarborough, high Wycombe, Willetton and others.
If you wish to receive tutoring but live further that 30km, i will try my hardest to be available to you; so please still message me.

1 hour = $30
1.5 hours = $40
2 hours = $50

5 lessons for $125 or 10 lessons for $250

If you have any queries regarding any of this information please do not hesitate to contact me and i will try to get within two days.

Best wishes


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