How do you become a Latin teacher?

Teaching Latin In Australia

It is time for dead languages to be quiet. ~ Natalie Clifford Barney ~ Many may think Latin to be 'dead' — after all, it's not in common usage anymore so does not have the opportunity to grow. However, this does not mean it is not a useful language to learn — especially when you […]

11 November 20217 minutes reading time

By learning Latin you are keeping this ancient language alive

Latin for Beginners

Deciding to start learning Latin isn’t a choice that should be taken lightly, as it takes a lot of hard work! Whatever your motivations for learning Latin you need to find the best way for you to learn. You can take traditional lessons, follow a course online using different sites and apps to aid your […]

28 June 20184 minutes reading time

Ancient Pompeii

What Are The Benefits Of Learning Latin?

That is a very legitimate question. Why would anyone want to learn a language that has not had any native speakers for more than 1000 years? In the U.K. the schools that offer Latin language classes are fewer every year. Budget cuts, lack of interest from the students or even the lack of properly trained […]

22 June 20187 minutes reading time

How to learn the alphabet in Latin.

All About Latin!

If you are motivated enough to learn an extinct language such as Latin in a few months, it is probably because you are very keen on extending your knowledge of the Roman culture. The history of the Roman civilisation, its kings and emperors, is as complex as it is interesting. The legacy passed upon our modern […]

22 June 20187 minutes reading time

Want to Start Latin Lessons?

Expand your knowledge of and access to modern languages with the study of ancient Latin!

Latin is undoubtedly the simplest of the ancient languages to learn, both because of the prolonged use of Latin vocabulary in education, church, legal and political affairs in our Western culture. In addition, we use the Latin alphabet, so reading Latin is much easier than other languages.

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Ancient Ruins of a Vast Empire

How to Learn Latin

If we told you that learning Latin is possible and useful today, we would have to prove to you that learning this dead language is attainable. Learning ancient languages, particularly Latin, offers you a unique view of the Roman civilization, its history and its culture. More than 1500 years after its domination, the Roman Empire […]

20 June 20188 minutes reading time

Discover the importance of Latin with lessons from a private tutor.

Questions and Answers on Latin

In 20 years, the number of Latin speakers has halved. Yet this language is useful in many ways: learning Latin languages, understanding our own language, improving spelling, studying ancient history and mythology ... If you do Latin, you may want to find out more about this ancient language: How was the Latin alphabet invented? How […]

20 June 20186 minutes reading time

A book in Latin.

A Guide to Learning Latin

To learn how to speak and write latin is no easy task. It will require time, dedication and discipline. The proverb " Rome was not built in one day" is also true when it comes to learning the language that ruled most of Europe in the Antiquity. Some of you may have studied Latin during your […]

12 June 20188 minutes reading time