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The Scoop On Acting Jobs Australia

Find The Perfect Role With Acting Jobs Australia There's no business like show business! As all actors well know as they spend hours trying to show their talent level and skills at a casting call. Working with an agent or manager based in Melbourne VIC or Brisbane QLD or Sydney NSW can be a great […]

16 October 20217 minutes reading time

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Acting Classes Near Me

Acting classes in Australia Do you dream of becoming a movie star? Do you want to have a breakthrough role in a major international TV show? Or are you passionate about the art of theatre and want to bring out your best dramatic skills onto the stage? Be as it may, becoming an actor is […]

25 August 20216 minutes reading time

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Acting Methods That All Actors Should Know

How Many Types of Acting Techniques Are There? "For me, our job as artists is to serve the story, serve the director, and serve the fellow actors. And if you do that, by osmosis you're serving yourself because you'll get the best out of yourself." -David Oyelowo Actors on the big screen, small screen and […]

16 February 202113 minutes reading time

Whether you prefer Fiddler or Jersey Boys, there is a musical for you

The Different Types of Musicals

Musicals Come in All Different Types For a time, musicals were all the rage. Done up with lavish sets and showcasing artists’ precisely executed dance steps and powerful vocals, people couldn’t wait until the next big hit… from Singin’ in the Rain to Saturday Night Fever, these shows (and later, films) played to packed houses […]

17 November 20199 minutes reading time

Want to Take Acting Classes?

Our acting coaches and drama teachers give you all their tips for learning how to act and how to find acting work.

Whether you’re a total beginner, looking to improve or preparing for an audition you will find the help you need here.

Superprof is the go-to place for acting instructors. We host over 300 coaches across Australia in all disciplines: Film, TV, Improvisation, Musical theatre, Puppeteering, Scenography, Stand up comedy, and more.

Check out all acting classes offered by our coaches.

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Tips for Writing a Screenplay

How to Write a Screenplay "That's one of the nice things about writing, or any art; if the thing's real, it just lives." -Woody Allen Writing is a passion of many novelists, journalists, teachers, bloggers, and screenwriting. Every subdiscipline of writing is a unique world with distinct aspects that make it stand out as unique. […]

31 October 20198 minutes reading time

A pile of scripts. You can learn to act by gaining experience with a wide range of scripts.

Types Of Acting Classes

Do You Want To Learn To Act? Although we often picture acting as a high profile, not to mention glamorous, job thanks to the sparkle of Hollywood and the growth in popular TV shows and miniseries, the reality for many actors is that the industry is highly competitive, with many actors vying for a single […]

9 January 20199 minutes reading time

The Royal Academy has produced many fine actors.

4 Famous Actors To Follow

Discover Four Famous British Actors Out There With good actors being true chameleons when it comes to accents, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with which Hollywood actors are American - and which originally came from the UK. Did you know that Kate Winslet comes from Reading? That Anthony Hopkins is Welsh? Find out more […]

3 May 20187 minutes reading time

Acting training can positively impact many areas of your life.

Why Take Acting Classes?

3 Great Reasons To Take Acting Classes If you have ventured onto this blog post, then it is likely that you are already interested in drama and the amazing possibilities, opportunities and benefits that acting lessons offer you. That is a good place to start! Now it is my turn to explain to you why […]

10 April 201812 minutes reading time

Shakespeare continues to influence theatre even to this day.

What Is Drama?

What Is Drama? Drama Defined Whether you are someone who is looking to become a professional actor, you aspire to teach drama as a profession, or you'd like to perform in theater as a hobby, then the chances are that you might be interested to establish a better and more in depth understanding about the diverse […]

10 April 20188 minutes reading time

There are many different paths for aspiring actors to follow.

Starting Acting Classes

Acting Classes For Beginners If you have set your sights on a career as an actor, then acting school is usually a prerequisite of the job (yes, it is a job!). While the life of a performer may seem desirable from the outside, with Instagram posts showing them at a celebrity-packed gathering or a star-studded bash […]

5 April 201814 minutes reading time