Shakespeare and Co. has hosted many famous writers, from Ezra Pound to Ernest Hemingway.

The Most Famous Poets And Poetry

Humanity has been writing poems since the ancient time of the Greeks. It is a writing genre that has passed the test of time and it is still very popular today. Like any literary genre, it has evolved differently across the planet, from the classic Greek prose of Homer and the Odyssey to the most […]

31 December 202112 minutes reading time

A notepad and fountain pen. There are various ways to improve your poetry writing skills.

How To Write Poetry

The exercise of writing Poetry is difficult, mesmerising, challenging, and rewarding, all at once. So it’s no wonder that many are drawn to the world of poetry and would like to learn more about it. Poetry can be a wonderful creative outlet, as it allows writers to express themselves in a less conventional way than […]

29 August 20187 minutes reading time

Poetry offers up so many choices

Different Types of Poetry

There are so many different types of poetry that it can sometimes be hard to remember them all. But don’t worry we’re here to help! We’ll take you through the basics from Shakespeare to Milton, to Homer to feminist slam poetry, you’ll learn it all. We’ll start with the fun quirky limerick. A limerick is […]

6 August 20188 minutes reading time

Places to Find and Share Poetry

Poetry is an art form which captures the hearts and minds of many. Anyone can be a poet, whether you occasionally take pleasure in noting down interesting phrases which cross your mind, or you’re a songwriter, creating your very own poetry can give you a means to put your emotions into words as well as […]

2 August 20187 minutes reading time

Want to find a Poetry Tutor?

Poetry is a beautiful form of literature that uses rhythmic forms of language to evoke meaning beyond the mean prose. Discover the wonderful world of poetry with our dedicated blogs written by our poetry tutors.

Whether your taking poetry exams at school, trying to develop your literary skills or just have an interest in the subject, you’ll find the right poetry teacher here.

See here terms you might need when analysing poetry.

Our Guide To Poetry Analysis

Studying Shakespeare and want to know what iambic pentameter actually means in terms of a Shakespearean sonnet? Or writing poetry and need to work out how to write a poem with figures of speech, irony, and emotion? From poetry by Edgar Allan Poe and William Wordsworth to Sylvia Plath and Ezra Pound, here you will […]

30 July 20187 minutes reading time