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Cairns Education Student offers lessons in English for High school and Uni Students

My lessons are aimed towards High School kids, and University students. I like to gauge my students before I plan a strict lesson. I believe every student learns differently and I am passionate about creating a lesson which is perfect for my student. I aim to create a safe, fun, and compassionate work environment that aids students in reaching their full potential.

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English Primary School teacher with relaxed style looking to tutor students in School English in the Wollongong area.

I am a relaxed teacher with a style based on engagement and enthusiasm. I look to exhibit my personality as I teach and be someone the children want to learn from, which means I like to show humour, kindness, a personal touch and have fun as we learn.

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Language and literacy support from birth to year 6, or beyond.

My teaching methodology has emerged from up-to-date academic foundations and extensive experience . Lessons sit firmly on a foundation of connection with students. Topics are individualized and unique needs and interests are integrated. I teach important underlying skills through material that is authentic and meaningful for the student.

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University Paramedicine student providing lessons for students in Standard English from year 7-12

Do you struggle with understanding what an author is trying to convey through their text? Do you struggle to remember language, aural or visual techniques used in various mediums? Do you want some exam preparation help? That's where I come in!

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English Tutor in Sydney Graduate Teacher and ESL Qualified Experienced and Engaging

I like to ask students about their strengths and weaknesses. It is great to help students improve on their confidence but also really focus deeply on the areas where they need improvement. some common teaching strategies I use are modelling, questioning, direction and collaboration.

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Creative Writing Melbourne - Improve your fiction writing now. All levels are welcome.

These classes are aimed at improving your ongoing creative writing projects. I will provide feedback on your work and give tips to improve it.* I will focus on all aspects of your work including structure, dialogue, narration, character development, use of language/grammar, rhythm, voice, etc.

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Melbourne University student studying English, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Law

My lessons are created to suit individual students as each one has a different learning style. I always have warm-up exercises and test their skills to see improvement over each week. I believe that one can only improve if they love what they learn, hence unique methods must be applied to engage students and allow them to achieve the best of their potential.

Bell Post Hill
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ACU MA student gives English Literature lessons to high school and university students in Melbourne and Geelong

When teaching, my methods are patient, welcoming and encourage students to thoroughly engage with the texts or topic of study. I use a range of study options in terms of developing learning strategies that cater for differing learning styles, such as designing lessons around verbal learning, visual learning, or the inclusion of classroom technology.

North Mackay
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Bachelor Graduate in Community Welfare will give coaching to Grade 7 - 9 Students

*My background has been diverse so the students my lessons would be geared toward are those who are struggling with reading and literacy skills.

South Brisbane
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Past creative writing student and current political science student gives literary theory lessons to students

My teaching method is to help students learn how to study and understand the theories independently as well as teaching them the theories themselves. I believe that understanding the process behind a technique is more important than knowing how to perform the techniques.

Mount Saint Thomas
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UOW Bachelor of Arts and Creative Arts student giving lessons to high school students.

My teaching method is predominately based on proving students with simple yet intensive notes based on the work that they are currently completing in class. I will go through the notes explain and teach them to my student thoroughly, this step is crucial to my teaching method as I know that some students learn better when being conversed to about the modules they are learning.

Notting Hill
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Experienced Swinburne Uni Student, with published writings, gives Literature Lessons in Melbourne

The lesson structure would begin with ensuring the core idea is fully understood, a brief overview of what the student interprets the work as, and any areas of concern they may have for themselves. It is my belief that effective education can be completed once there is mutual respect, communication and collaboration between the teacher and the student.

Salisbury North
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Adelaide University Student gives valuable lessons to all school students in Adelaide

I like to develop a good relationship to build trust so that I can determine what works best for you. I adjust easily to methods and am interested in what you have to say so that eventually my help wont be really required because you have grown in your skills.

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Need help with reading, writing or grammar? I can help all ages in the Cairns area. Specific areas include essay writing, creative writing, poetry, songwriting, help composing emails, grammar, syntax

I firmly believe people learn better when they're having a good time. It is my goal to shape the lessons to the students needs (both intellectual and emotional). Stress inhibits learning and makes the student far more likely to quit before reaching their goals. We will identify your (or your child's) most pressing needs and create a plan together to address them step by step.

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Older female tutor with experience willing to assist and interact with students. Don’t worry about your age we all need help in different things in life. Wanting to educate yourself shows intelligence

I base my classes on the individual student. Often I like to speak to my students so we are better able to work together as one towards individual goals. Don’t be afraid to ask more than once, to double check, to take a break or if need be, to be emotional. I am here to help my students as a human being as much as a teacher.

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Fun and young math and english tutor on lookout for new and eager students!

I pride myself on flexibility, patience and friendliness. I understand all students come from a variety of academic abilities and levels so I tailor my teaching pace accordingly. With English, I break down the text step by step, making it easy for my students to understand.

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Group + Individual English tutoring lessons (Primary, Secondary and HSC) in Western Sydney

In teaching English I like to base the content on what the student is learning at their level of education whether it be from Kindergarten to Year 12 so that we are able to focus on evolving their skills in order to excel at school in things like homework and assignments.

Bonnyrigg Heights
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3rd Year Bachelor of Arts University Student Providing English & Writing Lessons in Sydney

I am incredibly passionate about English and writing which means that I will do everything I can to ensure you are confident and happy with what you learn. No question is stupid and no answer is wrong. I am super patient and dedicated which means that I will help and motivate you until you are 100% confident with your skills and capabilities.

Mount Helena
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High School English Teaching Graduate gives School English tutoring in Perth and Online

I use explicit instruction methods to teach. Lesson structure would be tailored to each individual student and their requirements, but would generally start with the student explaining their difficulty/task, then I will demonstrate/explain, show an example, go through the process with them, have them do it themselves and finally check the results.

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Griffith university law student tutoring English subjects and legal studies in Gold Coast: year 7 - 12

My teaching method is for students to feel they are having fun, as well as learning. I give out poems and readings, analysis them with students. I will make scenarios with them and give relating topics in order for my students to be confident in debating and having an argument. My goal in my teaching methodology is make students feel confident in their reading and their writing.

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Melbourne University History Honours and English Literature and Education Graduate tutors students online or in ACT

I have a heads, hearts and hands approach. I use imaginative backdrops to teach at times. I cater for different learners - kinaesthetic , audio or visual learners. I also cater for the 7 different types of intelligences. I can teach people a systematic way to write essays and research.

Endeavour Hills
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Monash Education Student teaching VCE English in South East Suburbs of Melbourne

My lessons will focus on adding to the understanding you have gained in class. Whilst I will be able to provide practise topics/essays/questions, my goal is to provide a mentoring role and give you tips and tricks to maximise your score.

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Sunshine coast psychology student available to teach english and history to year 7-12 students.

Teaching method There are a couple of principles that are the foundations on which my approach to teaching is based.

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Creative teacher wanting to teach different areas of writing and other literacy areas.

My teaching method is generally based on the students strengths and outside of school interests and areas in which they excel in.

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Geelong Based Masters Student Here to Help Improve Your 7-12 English Essays

I am a problem-solver by nature and my teaching approach is to identify both the technical issues and the gaps in broader understanding of a subject in order to improve writing. In order to help, I'll need a sample of your current writing to review beforehand. I'll also be sure to read the text in question so as to fully utilise our session.

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The lessons to unblock blocked English students in Bunbury, with a fellow student

My teaching method, although based on the average teaching method, involves more discussion, questions and free time for the students to actively participate, and engage. I believe in the power of colour, especially when note-taking, and, specifically for English, for it to be spread out all over the place.

Mountain Creek
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High performing junior high school student giving English lessons in Sunshine Coast

I base my classes on hard work and dedication. I believe a lot of students don't try to study or don't understand the content being taught. I'll start at the basics and build up from there, a strong foundation is essential to success.

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Bachelor of Arts Murdoch Student helps children and adults love the creative Arts

I am a Bachelor of Arts student at Murdoch University and I am studying a double major in English and Creative Writing with Theater and Drama. I believe that reading and writing are essential in life because having these two skills will open up a whole new world to you. My teaching method is to get to know each of my students well and target my lessons to their individual needs.

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Writing creatively is giving every word a unique and beautiful personality. I can help to craft excellent prose and poetry online from the beautiful Waukivory Valley in New South Wales.

I would love to hear from any student who needs to polish a piece of writing, so the lesson will be centred around you and how I can help you to pass exams, write books or get that coveted job.

Gormans Hill
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Get organised for English assignments and learn about literature in Bathurst today!

Firstly I would figure out what you know and do not know as well as your strengths and weaknesses in regards to literature. I would then help you target the parts you need the most help with in order to get the most effective learning experience.

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