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Background to tutoring

Being a tutor is kind of like being a private teacher - you get one student or a small number of them, and meet face to face or online for maths, English, science, chemistry, or general VCE study skills to help the student get an edge in school.

School can mean primary school, high school, or university. Regardless of the level and subjects you need tutoring in, your tutor will tailor lessons to suit you and give you extra support about ways you can excel in your school, and make yourself a better student.

You don't have to be bad in school either to warrant having a tutor - you might be excellent but want to be perfect, or you might be strong in maths skills, but not English ones, so you need to get the upper hand.

You might not have done science in early high school, but are doing chemistry for entrance to your desired university course, so you need a tutor to catch you up.

You could also just find that you're a visual learner, but your teacher does a lot of verbal explaining, so you need that private tutor to put things into a language you understand.

In this guide, we give both students and tutors an idea about the expectations of possibilities that a relationship between private tutor and student can yield.

Why might you want/need tutoring?

Like we mentioned above, you don't have to be bad at school to need tutoring.

Students who really care about their studies and education may get in contact with a tutor to see if their service can help them get into the bachelor of their choice, or they may be somewhat proficient in their subject but are considering teaching it themselves (like with general science, but wanting to specialise in physics, biology, or chemistry), or they might actually be in the workforce already, and their particular business requires them to upskill to gain new methods of dealing with clients, hence they'll reach out to a tutor. In this section, we'll outline some of the learning you can do with your private teacher.

Extra school support will always provide some benefits
Tutoring can be useful for all school students - primary, secondary, and university.

General subject specific and study skills

Whether it's a science (biology, chemistry, or physics), German, Chinese, or French, maths methods, or English, there will be a tutor out there whose experience will help you grasp your topic better.

Their studies might have specialised in your particular area, and they might have time on their side, having done work throughout the course of their life in the field, giving them in-depth knowledge which they can impart to you.

First-hand experience often leads to the best teaching and tuition, as the teacher knows how to learn the topic themselves.

They might also be able to help you with study skills. Which is extremely important for secondary and university students, as each time of your life will require self-discipline, and finding ways to help motivate yourself to study.

A private tutor is handy to help you find this discipline and can help put skills into practice, such as time management, taking adequate breaks, stress relief, and sharing ideas and planning with others.

VCE and university course preparation

The service you require from your tutor might be course-specific. You could see yourself as a mathematics whiz, solving complex physics problems in the future, but it all depends on your ATAR first.

VCE students the state over have that buzz word on their lips at all times during year 12: ATAR. That fateful score that decides whether you get to study what you want or not. Now, while there are multiple pathways to studying your desired field at university, VCE and ATAR specific tutors make their primary concern your preparation for university studies.

They can help imbue you with maturity and a broad outlook that you will require in further education.

Prestigious universities like Melbourne University require a high ATAR and have a high rate of competition for entry, so making yourself stand out with a tutor is necessary.

These skills you will be able to take with you into your further studies as well, rather than just to meet entry requirements.

Tutoring for help at university

Once in the university system, you'll have experience in planning your time and thoughts independently. However, this comes more naturally to some than others, since learning in your free time isn't so easy for material heavy subjects like maths, physics, and English.

To be able to manage the workload at university, a tutor will help you break down concepts more clearly, and spend some time helping you find the best ways to express these ideas.

A private tutor will also help you understand essay structures so that your university professors can comprehend what you're really trying to say, and you will have to spend less time crafting a convincing argument.

Tutoring for professional skills

You're never too old to become a student again, regardless of the subject.

You might have been in the business world for several years already, but your employer has requested some private study on your part due to a need to broaden business horizons.

This could mean that English is your second language, and you need to deal with more English speaking clients, despite your main industry being chemistry.

A tutor will show you how to enhance the science background you have, and work with you to master topic-specific vocabulary to woo your clients.

Tutoring can boost you in both the workplace and academic settings
Tutoring can be for business professionals as well as students

The Benefits of Tutoring

You can really be of service to students in Melbourne with your years of experience - education for the next generation is key! It is also great freelance work that looks good on a CV and can help you consolidate your own knowledge.

Here is a non-definitive list of the benefits of becoming a tutor:

  • Act as a teacher, but cater to particular needs
  • Only deal with one student or two-three students at a time, rather than a whole class
  • Find ways to harness learning of the subject for yourself
  • Contact students and organise times that suit you both
  • Lucrative methods of earning for the amount of work required
  • Students will often bring their own work with them
  • Can be done online or face-to-face
  • Hours can be flexible week to week

The fact that you can do online or in person is obviously a big draw, as many students are preferring to learn without in-person contact at the moment.

This might be complicated for more hands-on subjects like biology, but online learning actually improves independent learning and can help you get your desired ATAR through checking in from a tutor, rather than a hovering presence.

Where to Advertise Your Service

You've come to the right place - Superprof is the best online source for putting private tutor and student or students in contact in Melbourne (or anywhere for that matter).

If you're needing private teaching or tuition to enhance your study experience and have a better time at school, look no further to improve your education than our handy database.

The primary purpose of Superprof is for student and tutor to contact each other themselves without an intermediary, and find a time that mutually suits to meet and discuss further.

As meeting in person is currently difficult, online connections are also possible.

Whilst you could always try the good old corkboard at the supermarket, or sticking tabs to a lamppost, the fact that people aren't so out and about at the moment means that you will have the best luck finding a tutor in Melbourne, VIC, or Australia on a devoted platform like Superprof where a keyword search will yield clear results.

You can check reviews, and see if the tutor's experience matches what you need, and this is especially helpful if you're needing tuition for school, VCE, or university.

Define the subject you want help with at school or in your business with a few keywords in the search bar, and explore the wide range of help available on Superprof!

Do your research when looking for a Maths tutor
Investigate how much to charge as a tutor, and how much you should pay as a student.

How Much You Can Make

The rate of a tutor is shown to be relatively low at $33 per hour, but remember that you won't necessarily have to spend much time preparing, as you can rely on your experience with the subject.

This rate also fluctuates a lot depending on the amount of work you really have to put in before and during the course.

This can vary to match the expertise required to teach a subject, with some specialised school topics like French, Latin, or Maths Methods asking up to $85 per hour, especially when the tuition is carried out by an ex teach who has experience with VCE and the ATAR system.

Tutoring can also be a great way to earn a bit of cash on the side, especially if you studied general maths, English, or science at university, since a generalist degree can easily instruct primary school age students.

For more specialised language, politics, advanced maths, physics, biology, or chemistry degrees, tutors and students in Melbourne VIC will need to rely on more in-depth experience and knowledge.

Nonetheless, you could find yourself working in the business world in a bank, having studied an English literature degree, so nothing is stopping you from going back and tutoring this to earn some cash on the side!

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