Personal Training in Australia: What Will it Cost You to Get Fit This Year?

For the vast majority, getting in better shape is near the top of our new year's resolutions every year.

And who doesn't want to feel good in their own skin? Everyone wants that beach bod, and everyone wants those washboard abs.

Not only that, science has shown us that high levels of fitness directly correlate to better overall health. The fitter you are the longer you'll live, and the fewer health problems you'll suffer along the way.

No need to study a career in personal training when you can just work out with a trainer!
Live longer and healthier with regular sport and exercise!

The fitness industry in Australia is growing at a rate of knots. In 2020, the AISC found that as the public becomes more health-conscious and as more people have the expendable income, the number of gym memberships and personal training hires are increasing dramatically across the board.

But what does it actually cost to get fit in Australia?

Well, when it comes to the cost of fitness, a dollar amount is only a part of the story. In this article, we'll look at your fitness training options, and what the cost of training will be, in terms of time, effort, and the money in your wallet.

Personal Training in Australia

Everyone knows that getting fit is no walk in the park. Exercise, by nature, is a draining endeavor, and not just physically but also mentally. 

For most people, changing habits is a difficult thing, and finding the time in a busy schedule to work out might be hard, or require sacrifices.

What is more, it can be vastly discouraging to have invested time and effort in your own health and fitness, only to relapse into old, bad habits, giving up your hard-fought progress and returning to square one.

That's why so many people turn to personal training in Australia; to get assistance with their weight loss and health and fitness journeys. Hiring an exercise industry professional to help work you out serves as both accountability and motivation for you as the client.

It's their job to help their clients succeed in their health and fitness goals, supporting their work ethic so that their clients get the most out of each and every work out session. 

Not only that, clients of personal trainers benefit from the qualification and education of their personal trainer.

Certificate iii qualification or degree, Australian trainers can help you succeed.
Australian personal trainers are qualified to help you train!

Personal trainers provide their clients with a comprehensive exercise program that is based on modern, scientific understandings of body mechanics and exercise efficiencies. Your personal trainer will help you get the most out of yourself in every session, and keep your body safe as you exercise.

You might also score some off the cuff advice on nutrition, and how to support your body by eating better.

"But what will it cost me to hire a personal trainer? Is it expensive?"

The truth is that personal training doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, there's an option at every budget.

On Superprof, Australian personal trainers price their fitness classes and courses from $20 - $80 per session. 

The difference in the cost of the program will depend on the experience and qualifications held by the trainer, and the depth and breadth of their fitness plans. Some may even offer a meal and nutrition program to supplement their exercise program.

A personal training course is the best option for people who not only need help to stay motivated but who also need to accrue some basic fitness and health knowledge before they strike out on their own at the gym.

Gym Memberships and Fitness Classes

For those who don't have as much need for a private instructor, joining your local gym may be the missing piece to your complete weight loss journey. 

In Australia, there are quite a few big-name players in the gym chain business. Gym chains provide elite equipment and facilities for their customers to make use of, including machines, weight racks, deadlift platforms, exercise balls and space for warm-ups, stretching, and calisthenics exercise. They also provide clean and private showers and bathrooms for customers arriving before or after work. 

Without further ado, let's look at the cost of membership for some of the biggest players in the gym business, and give a brief summary of their facilities and services;

Anytime Fitness. 

One of the largest players in the 24-hour gym business in Australia, Anytime Fitness boasts over 500 locations nationwide, and over 4000 locations internationally.

An Anytime Fitness membership will give you access to every single one of its locations globally, but it is also one of the more expensive options upfront. Memberships cost $169 dollars, consisting of a $99 dollar joining fee and a $70 access card fee. Monthly costs will vary depending on your location and your plan but usually range from $65-$71 per month.

If you're thinking about joining Anytime Fitness, be prepared to haggle with your representative. You'll be booked for an appointment and brought into an office to discuss pricing and membership, and we've had reports that if you're prepared to play a little bit of hardball, you might discover a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to the joining fee and ongoing costs of access per month.

24/7 gyms are best for people seeking a flexible gym option, and who are at a level where they are largely self-sufficient in their training needs. Anytime Fitness locations do offer classes to their patrons, but these services are location-dependent, so if you're interested in classes, check what is available to you at your nearest location.

Hire a personal trainer and get more from your exercise sessions.
Hiring a personal trainer will help you get more from your workout sessions.

F45 Training.

F45 Training is one of the fastest-growing fitness networks in the world. Getting its start in 2012, F45 Training now has over 500 locations in Australia and is currently expanding its functional program overseas. F45 works on the simple concept of fast, 45-minute high-intensity circuit training work outs that are supervised by an instructor.

They operate on a platform of variability, with over 27 different 45-minute workouts on the program roster, while constantly rolling out new ones. This approach keeps customer engagement high, as it keeps from any one work out program from becoming repetitive or stale.

The prices of membership vary based on your needs. Customers can commit on a 3, 6, and 12-month basis, receiving discounts for a longer commitment, between $55 and $66 per week. Customers can also make use of casual passes, with once-off visits costing $35, and discounts are given for 10 and 20 visit passes, at around $300 for the former and $500 for the latter.

F45 is not like a normal gym. Their service falls somewhere in between a gym class and a personal training session, meaning this option is best for people who are looking to be motivated by group training and an instructor, and who aren't overly concerned as to the cost of their course. 

If you want to give F45 a try, free 1 or 2-week trails are generally available. 


Curves are the world's largest network of fitness locations for women. Curves offers women a complete approach to fitness and health through a variety of fitness and nutrition initiatives. 

Curves is widely known for their Curves Coach supervised 30-minute Circuits, which they boast works out every major muscle group with cardio, strength training, and stretching. There are a wide range of different Body Basic Circuits to complete which helps keep the Curves approach fresh.

The circuit utilises hydraulic resistance machines which are designed to create resistance that scales with effort. This means that as you get stronger, the machine responds by increasing the level of resistance, making the Curves circuits productive for women at any fitness level.

CurvesComplete is an online meal plan that supports its CurvesFitness programs through a better diet and nutritious meals.

Curves is a franchise, so membership costs will vary with each location. Curves doesn't offer any public information online as to the cost of their memberships, but interested customers can expect a joining fee of around $150 and an ongoing monthly membership fee of around $60. Make sure you ask your Curves representative about any hidden costs associated with joining and membership cancellations.

Whether you study or have a career, you can find a way to fit in exercise.
Curves is a gym for women, by women.

Work Out Your Way

Whether you currently study toward an education, or you have a full-time professional career, finding the time to exercise properly can be tricky. Most people need some kind of help in gaining the skills and gathering the information required to effectively train and achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

Others will be comfortable in the study of online fitness industry resources in order to develop their own work out program.

For those who find they can't afford expensive joining fees and ongoing membership costs, finding a personal trainer online and booking a few sessions is a great way to get yourself started on your weight loss journey.

A personal trainer can support you by building you a course that progresses beyond the sessions you book with them. Spend a few sessions learning the basics, then ask them to create a course program for you that you can take away and work on by yourself.

The biggest takeaway from this article should be that you can achieve your fitness dreams no matter what your budget is, or where you live in Australia.

Get out there and make it happen!


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