“This is a software-powered world.” – Satya Nadella 

The days of textbooks, libraries, and encyclopedias are long gone. 

Software systems have revolutionised how things are learnt and done in the workplace, at home, and in education. 

Famous software developers such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have made billions of US dollars developing modern-day systems that are used daily such as Facebook and Microsoft. Their inventions have made communication and access to knowledge more obtainable than ever before. 

But what about technology and software systems in the workplace, has it really changed?  

The developments in modern-day technology have skyrocketed since the 90s and employers and businesses have welcomed the efficiency of user-friendly software. 

For professionals working in technical fields such as electricity, architecture, and graphic design a software system that was developed in the 80s is a godsend.  

Which software is that?  

AutoCAD. A computer-aided design software application that has been improved each year since its release in December 1982, AutoCAD has transformed the way technical projects are conducted. 

In today’s article, we will briefly discuss AutoCAD and some of its features, such as rendering, prototyping, 3D modelling, geometry sketch creationand building design. 

A Brief Description of AutoCAD

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Creating 2D or 3D designs is much more comfortable using AutoCAD software. (Source: pixabay)

When AutoCAD was first released, it was a significant step forward for engineers, project managers, and designers since it was introduced as a desktop app that could run on microcomputers, or portable computers, instead of mainframe computers. 

AutoCAD is produced by Autodesk, and users can create both 2D and 3D drawings that are used in construction and manufacturing. AutoCAD is compatible with both Microsoft and Mac products. 

AutoCAD is utilised in the mechanical, telecom, civil, and architectural engineering fields. It is a specialized piece of software and requires time to learn. 

AutoCAD is used and appreciated by professionals to increase overall productivity, to improve the quality of the design, to create a database for manufacturing, and to improve communication through documentation. 

Before this software came into existence, engineers used drafters and sheets to draw designs of a product which was very time consuming, and to make matters worse, if the drawer or designer messed up and drafted a blueprint that was unsatisfactory to the client, they had to start again from scratch. 

Blueprints to manufacture engine valves and engine parts are some of the most common things created with AutoCAD. The fact that AutoCAD can be easily accessed from one portable computer to another makes it easier for all members of the design team to review or fix any potential issues before the manufacturing and assembling process. 

What Are Some of the Benefits of Using AutoCAD?

Since there are pros and cons to everything in life, the following are some of the benefits of using AutoCAD in daily life:

  • Users can create an impressively accurate CAD drawing or design; 
  • The plans and drawings can be either in 2D or 3D format and can be rotated to get a better view of the finished product; 
  • Other indispensable computer programs or software can be linked and used simultaneously to design and draw on the AutoCAD system; 
  • AutoCAD has introduced features to create, edit, and adjust 3D designs and 3D models before the printing process; 
  • Are you a designer looking to create your next masterpiece? Look no further because the AutoCAD program helps those working in the fashion industry with the design process when creating new jewellery, dresses, or other top fashion sketches that will rule the runways come fashion week in the fall; 
  • Architects love using the AutoCAD software to design, plan, execute, and test the strength of a building before the construction phase has started; highly recommended for budding architects looking to acquire and complete the best building designs available in the world of architecture; 
  • Industrial engineers face pressure to design objects that reduce manufacturing costs. AutoCAD accomplishes this task by replacing the long hours of manual designing. Also, AutoCAD allows industrial engineers to thoroughly analyse sketches and troubleshoot potential issues before production. 

When using AutoCAD software, users will praise its overall efficiency and practicality; before its utilisation, regular tasks were far more complicated.

But, where does one find AutoCAD software for download? 

Where to Find AutoCAD

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AutoCAD software can be downloaded on Windows or Mac. (Source: Unsplash)

While there are many different online resources that offer the AutoCAD software, the following are the best and help users start drafting and drawing ASAP: 

Easy as pie, effectively setting up an account and downloading the AutoCAD software is a brilliant idea for professionals working in technical fields.

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