Instagram is a social network that runs within an app for sharing digital imagery like photos and videos. Like the image version of Facebook, it has posts, feeds and social interaction. The main difference is that Instagram is an in-app only social network and while you can see images via your pc you can only interact via your Android or IOS device.

Now while Facebook is the king of… well, all social media you could say that Instagram is the social media princess. It’s a pretty strong princess at that, with over 50 Million Images posted per day. (Quora)

Instagram posts range from the narcissistic to the artistic and inspiring. Today let’s take a look at the inspiring and artistic side of the network and introduce some talented photographers. Who each run some of the best photography Instagram accounts. You can emulate them or just sit back and enjoy.

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Landscapes captured in amazing locations.
Landscapes can remind you how spectacularly beautiful the world is. Photo Source: Unsplash

Professional Travel Photography On Instagram

  1. Melissa Findley

Melissa has this incredible talent, she can capture the soul of a landscape and present it to you as if it were the most natural thing in the world. She takes the beautiful and communicates it in her images. That transports you to the exact point in time that it was taken. The images have you the power to leave you speechless and make you want to book some time off work to travel.

  • Style of Photography: Landscape Photography plus
  • Number of Posts: 2771
  • Followers: 137 Thousand People
  • Follow: Melissa
  1. Jarrad Seng

Jarrad's work can take the breath from your lungs the first time you see them. Then you realise it wasn’t the photos of course, but the fact that you were holding your breath. His images are creative, edgy and vibrant. He uses light and creates striking compositions that whisper ‘look at me’ long after you have looked away.

  • Style of Photography: Essential travel everything
  • Number of Posts: 940
  • Followers: 199 Thousand People
  • Follow: Jarrad

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  1. PaperBoyo

I am a sucker for creativity, and none get more creative than this, I absolutely love his vision. He uses his unique idea to create a travel photobook that you are unlikely to see everyone making. He travels around the world and applies paper cuts out from black paper to landscapes around him. The result is pure genius. Such a great new way to see the world, you can see much more in his photography book.

  • Style of Photography: Fine art and landscape
  • Number of Posts: 477
  • Followers: 369 Thousand People
  • Follow: PaperBoyo
  1. Brahmino

Wow, I love fantasy, and these images tell a story and do not disappoint. You can almost feel the emotion of the story coming to life in your mind as you look at them. It almost feels like a sweet dream that you are having as you look through his portfolio, which is too beautiful to be real. The colours are surreal and the compositions tantalising.

  • Style of Photography: Fantasy travel
  • Number of Posts: 1333
  • Followers: 934 Thousand People
  • Follow: Brahmino

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Stunning Nature Photography Showcase On Instagram

  1. National Wildlife Foundation

Looking at the images in this feed, makes your heart swell because it reminds you how spectacularly beautiful the world is. No matter what is going on in life and the stresses or strains just melt away as you realise the big picture. All of the animals big and small flash their beauty on the screen in epic realism.

  • Style of Photography: Nature and wildlife
  • Number of Posts: 361
  • Followers: 153 Thousand People
  • Follow: NWF

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  1. Michael Nick Nichols

Nichols is a big cat fan, and his photography expresses his regard for these beautiful wild creatures. With most of his images taken of lions, if you do love big cats, then you are in for a treat. Nichols is a National Geographic icon, and his work expresses an affinity with the animals that isn’t often seen.

  • Style of Photography: Big cats
  • Number of Posts: 167
  • Followers: 93.6 Thousand People
  • Follow: Michael
  1. David Lloyd

Lloyds images have a tendency to make your jaw drop just a little, because not only does he capture amazing images on location. That fill your mind with questions about just how he managed to get such intimate images with these amazing animals. But also because they seem to tell a story, the naturalness of the narrative is romantic and powerful.

  • Style of Photography: Wildlife and animals
  • Number of Posts: 901
  • Followers: 113 Thousand People
  • Follow: David
  1. Paul Nicklen

Nicklen boosts an amazing portfolio of work, his link to the sea must have lead to his interest in setting up his business sea legacy. As the co-founder of sea legacy and a national geographic icon. His images are celebrated worldwide. See more about him and his project, on his conservation photography website

  • Style of Photography: a lot of underwater work and animals
  • Number of Posts: 1,319
  • Followers: 4.4 Million People
  • Follow: Paul Nicklen

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Expresses an affinity with the animals
If you do love big cats, then you are in for a treat. Photo Source: Unsplash

Inspiring Portrait Photographers On Instagram

9.    I See A Different You

This account is run by a group of artists who come together to showcase South Africa with a positive image. These images are genuine, striking and vibrant. They have a community feel and celebrate individualism, self-expression and life. I have never been to South Africa, but these images tempt me to fly over there.

  • Style of Photography: Community Portraits
  • Number of Posts: 2,037
  • Followers: 50.3 Thousand People
  • Follow: ISADY

10. Omar Z. Robles

Robles images are all about movement, flow and vibrant expression, the majority of his images are of dancers in different landscapes. Striking, strong or fluid poses, often these are in mid-air as they clearly jumped into position. There is something almost sculptural about his portraits as on one hand these gorgeous dancers twist and explode into the image but on the other hand, remain forever encapsulated. There is a quiet irony in this point; these dancers who are so committed to movement, have been captured and kept still if only within the image.

  • Style of Photography: Movement portraits
  • Number of Posts: 4,177
  • Followers: 318 Thousand People
  • Follow: Omar

11. Long Miles Coffee

I love the campaign shown on the Long Mile Coffees Instagram feed, they bring front and centre the stars behind their great coffee. No hiding in the shadows here, you come face to face with the people and community who work hard to create the coffee. Located in Burundi, Africa this collection of images makes you want to forget Starbucks and head to your nearest Long Miles Coffee shop to support this lovely community.

  • Style of Photography: Community Portraits
  • Number of Posts: 363
  • Followers: 11.1 Thousand People
  • Follow: LMC
  1. Nirav Patel

Patel who is mainly a wedding photographer gives us a glance into the personal lives of his models, intimate, quiet moments that seem almost private. If you feel a bit like a voyeur while looking at these images, I won't blame you. Some of the images are so personal that I had to look away to give them some privacy. Patels work is authentic and hopelessly genuine.

  • Style of Photography: Wedding photography and intimate portraits
  • Number of Posts: 142
  • Followers: 33.5 Thousand People
  • Follow: Nirav
You come face to face with the people
These images are genuine, striking and vibrant. Photo Source: Unsplash

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Acclaimed Fashion Photography On Instagram

  1. Mariano Vivanco

Vivanco is the real deal as you look through his great pictures, lots of familiar faces will jump out at you. It will be then that you realise that he is the famous photographer behind many of your favourite images in the media and fashion magazines. His compositions are alluring, sexy and aesthetically beautiful. As one of the best photographers in the fashion industry, he has every right to be big headed, but if you take a look at some of his selfies, you can see he seems happy and down to earth.

  • Style of Photography: High Fashion
  • Number of Posts:2700
  • Followers: 259 Thousand People
  • Follow: Mariano
  1. Sebastian Kim

Kim is a renowned photographer with an inspirational fashion page, full of stand out imagery and posing models. Each image looks fit for any number of fashion magazines, no doubt he is in high demand by Vogue and other famous publications. While the name Kim, may not be familiar to you, you will know his clients; Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein etc. If you enjoy his Instagram feed you will love his photography website it is full of the most beautiful models posing for that maximum dramatic effect that is iconic for his photographic style.

  • Style of Photography: High fashion
  • Number of Posts: 225
  • Followers: 21.3 Thousand People
  • Follow: Sebastian
  1. James Houston

Houston is an exciting photographer with a raw style and fine art edge. His portraits are framing just what needs to be seen to communicate his message. He shoots candid compositions that bring together extraordinary beauty and reality. His subjects often look out of the photograph right at you giving the dramatic edge to his work. His great photos illustrate that fashion images can tilt towards reality and still retain their aesthetic allure.

  • Style of Photography: Fine art fashion photography
  • Number of Posts: 23
  • Followers: 6824 Thousand People
  • Follow: James
  1. Patrick Demarchelier

Demarchelier is one of the best photographers in the industry, he has countless accolades after his name, he shares with us his fashion, fine art and portrait photography. Although he is a professional photographer he has had no formal training, he learnt just by taking pictures and photographing everything, and this eventually lead to his success.

When you look at his feed, it is easy to see why he has had such great success. His images are magical, like framing your imagination. His imagery is smooth and dramatic; of course, they stand out while showing you the world through his eyes. His photography website where he has Fashion photos, Fine art images etc. continues the exhibition of his natural talent.

  • Style of Photography: High Fashion, editorial and fine art
  • Number of Posts: 594
  • Followers: 989
  • Follow: Patrick

If you love looking at great photography, then you won't be disappointed by the entries on this ’best Instagram photography accounts’ list. Each and every one of the photographers showcased here has breathtaking work that literally raises your emotion, making you forget your challenges. The images make you think about nothing except what is in front of you. The photos capture your attention and show off a new way of seeing.

Enjoy the view!

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