If you've ever wanted to travel to Japan or learn to speak, write, and converse in Japanese you need to sign up for some private Japanese lessons.

So maybe you know how to say hello (konnichiwa), thank you (arigato), and please (onegai) in Japanese and that's great! But if you want to really learn Japanese, and get a more complete general understanding of the Japanese language and culture, you'll need Japanese lessons to develop those language skills.

Just like all language courses, studying Japanese online or at home requires patience and practice! You won't have it down in one week that's for sure!

The three major Japanese writing systems are complicated for beginner students, and even though in intermediate and advanced classes can find the writing systems of Kanji, Jana (Katakana and Hiragana, and Romaji challenging.

That said, being taught Japanese over a course of online or private in-home lessons is accessible and feasible for English speakers. 

Learning Japanese with a Japanese tutor is the most straight forward way to go about it!

Well, what does it cost? How much do I have to spend to learn Japanese?

Here are our tips to reduce the bill!

What is the Cost of Japanese Lessons Australia?

If you want to master the 9th most spoken language in the world and join 128 million other Japanese speakers, it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

It's time for you to look into Japanese private tutoring as a frontrunning option for your language education. As very few schools offer integrated Japanese classes Sydney in a generic school curriculum, you'll probably need to take matters into your own hands.

Unless you're a polyglot, you'll probably need a Japanese tutor in order to learn to speak Japanese. 

And why not study this amazing language? There are so many reasons why you should learn Japanese, especially if you're interested in international business.

Consumers in Japan spend 100's of billions of dollars every year on entertainment, food, clothing and travel as well as countless other goods and services. A typical Japanese household has savings of over $100,000 with an average disposable monthly income of $3,800. With all this cash flying everywhere, it's unsurprising that international business and trading partners love the Japanese market! 

Being able to communicate with potential business partners and customers is crucial to winning business and developing longlasting relationships and partnerships. Learning Japanese will also help you in your communications, as you'll have a general understanding and respect for Japanese culture and their general world view.

Gain an understanding of the Japanese work ethic, business etiquette, and learn which common cultural mistakes and misunderstandings to avoid with the help of a Japanese language tutor.

Find Japanese classes Melbourne here.

Japanese tutors teaching Japanese students to learn the skills of the languages.
Superprof can help you find Japanese lessons to study online or at home with a private tutor.

It's a common misconception that private tutoring is expensive. We think it's because the word "private" sounds pretty fancy.

Luckily for you, and luckily for everyone, this is not true! 

When it comes to private tutors, their's something for every budget, and when it comes to in-home or online private language tutors, they're usually the cheapest of all the private lessons!

There are heaps of awesome tutors available for you to learn with on Superprof.

Even if you're a student on a budget, Japanese tutoring is accessible to you!

Check out these numbers if you need some more convincing. In 2020, on the Superprof website:

  • The average tutoring session across all subjects is:

Are you a student on a small budget? No problem, Japanese tutoring is accessible to all!

Here are some numbers to convince you. In 2016, on the Superprof website:

  • The average cost of a private tutoring lesson (for all subjects) was: $32
  • The average cost of a private foreign language tutoring lesson was: $30
  • The average cost of a Japanese language tutoring lesson was: $28

See? If you need Japanese lessons near you, you can find an affordable option on Superprof.

Superprof can help you sort out all the information online and help you with your Japanese education and studies. 

So let's go!

How Much Will a Japanese Tutor Charge Me for a Session?

Undoubtedly, want to be confident in what you're taught so as to improve your proficiency in Nihongo, as it's referred to by the  Japanese. Beginners who learn basic Japanese must enjoy developing their language skills while speaking Japanese. They also have to keep a close eye on their budget, because the process of becoming proficiently fluent in Japanese, for a beginner learner, is a long one.

Do you need cheap Japanese classes?

A Google search like where to take Japanese lessons online or face to face often will raise more questions than it answers. You'd be better off just searching 'Japanese lessons Melbourne', as an example.

The first step is to quickly forget about the flashy, fishy offers that might promise you "free Japanese classes" or claims like "learn Japanese in 90 days! ", as these are guaranteed to be bogus offers!

That being said, many of our language tutors and tutors all over Superprof do in fact offer a free first class when you sign up to take their course. You can use this free offer as a chance to do a little bit of work with your new tutor, making sure you and they are a good fit to study and learn from one another. 

Remember, there's no secret recipe for learning Japanese. Time, practice, and work will always yield you with positive results.

Be it on the internet, via private tutoring agencies, online platforms, or specialized organizations, you can find Japanese courses at differing prices. There is something for everyone at every budget, as well as every style of learning. Being taught to speak Japanese is not just about fees, information, and textbooks a highschool or university classroom.

Browse through information online and find university studies for the right fees.
Do your own research and find a Japanese languages education with the right fees for you!

Japanese School: Specialized, Private Organizations

To start with, you could learn the Japanese language by employing the services of a private tutoring agency. Organizations like these are known for their attentive supervision as well as the seriousness of the teachers.

You might feel, however, that they are quite expensive. After the registration fee, a commission fee will be charged for each hour of tutoring. As one might imagine, these fees drastically increases the cost of your education overall.

Because Japanese speakers are increasingly in demand, organizations specializing in the learning of Japanese have grown in the international marketplace.

These classes are usually in the format of group lessons and there is generally little individual follow up.

If you're preparing for a test in Japanese, this may not be the right option for you, due to the lack of personalization in the delivery of education.

Take Online Japanse Classes!

Here is another modern solution: find a private Japanese tutor on an online tutoring platform. 

By enlarge, these online platforms offer the most competitive tuition prices. On Superprof, you're able to browse tonnes of Japanese tutor profiles in only a few minutes. Here's some of our advice for choosing a Japanese tutor. You'll be able to find on that suits your needs without any trouble at all.

We've already talked about the average cost of a tutoring session, but it doesn't hurt to know that the first hour of lessons is often free with Superprof tutors. While this is dependent on the tutor, you can usually bank on this being the case.

On an online tutoring platform like Superprof, finding a tutor that best fits with your style of learning is easy. 

Does the Price of Languages Lessons Vary According to Location?

Just as the price of rent for housing depends on where you live, the prices for Japanese courses will vary.

As a general rule of thumb, Japanese classes are most dear in bigger cities. This is because there is usually a higher demand for tutoring than there are tutors, and also because there are higher travel costs and higher living expenses.

Students in smaller cities will delight in knowing that prices often decrease as the size of the city goes down. Therefore, you'll often see a small difference in the price of Japanese tutoring between metropolitan cities like  London, Toronto, New York, Melbourne and Sydney, as well as smaller cities within each country.

Native Japanse Speakers Get Paid More to Teach Japanese Classes

Each student will have unique expectations and motivators for learning a new language. Here's our top 5 in regards to being taught Japanese:

  1. Understand Japanese notions from watching Naruto in VO,
  2. Develop professional skills and cultural understandings before going to work in Japan, or with Japanese people.
  3. Revising grammar and Japanese Languages skills to adequately prepare an exam or aptitude test,
  4. Practicing listening and reading comprehension, as well as pronunciation to properly prepare for a trip to Japan,
  5. Understanding and learning about Japanese culture, etc.

Every student will have their own needs, and will therefore need to find a tutor that can address them the best.

So which one do I choose? A native-speaking tutor, a qualified bilingual tutor, or a university student?

A teacher can help you with your vocabulary for when you travel to Japan
Going to work or travel to Japan? A native teacher can teach you what you need to know about the Japanese culture and language.

It depends on you level as a student...



At the beginner level, hiring a Japanese language student who can impart the basics to you is a great way to get started.

Students almost always offer the lowest rates for tutoring but can be proficient teachers, as they understand what is required to learn.

If you're eager to discover the intricacies Japanese culture, it could be better for you to learn Japanese with a manga expert who can--in addition to their expansive cultural knowledge-- help you easily progress with pronunciation, as well as the ability to read and write in the complex systems of Japanese writing (~5,000 signs).

Hanami (a celebration of the cherry blossom) and Geisha art will be a mystery to you no longer! Taking an interest in Japan's rich history will benefit you if you're planning a vacation or study trip to Tokyo, Japan -- as an example.

If you're busy preparing for your Japanse exam, a bilingual teacher with some years of experience teaching languages might be more suited to your academic journey. They'll be well equipped with the tools you need to ace your upcoming test.

Your university education can be well supported with a native speaking tutor.

How Can I Reduce the Cost of Japanese Tutors with Online Tutoring?

You're here because you want to find the best way to learn Japanese. For those who can see themselves in classes with a tutor, you'll be pleased to know that Japanese tutoring is not only about in-home private lessons. Tutors often offer their educational services in multiple ways.

Private classes via a webcam will reduce the cost of hiring a Japanese teacher.

Once again, thank you internet! With a simple wi-fi connection and a half-modern laptop, you'll be on your way!

You can be even more flexible with Japanese classes via webcam
Here's a class at 9 PM!! Would that suit you?

Superprof has many different teachers offering classes remotely, connecting to you through Zoom or Skype via a webcam. For those who want to learn a new skill or language, but have a busy schedule already, this is great news.

Online learning is one of the best ways to learn any new skill!

Taking a course online is great because:

  • There are no geographical constraints -- you can be anywhere in the world, and so can your teacher!
  • It's extremely flexible and can fit into the craziest schedules.
  • You're more in control of what you're taught in your courses.
  • The training is less expensive.

In summation, if you'd like to learn Japanese vocabulary, calligraphy, or writing without it costing you an arm and a leg: 

  • Browse the online tuition platforms that connect tutors with students, and freely choose the tutor who is best for you.
  • Choose a private tutor who has the profile which you like best and connect immediately!
  • Connect with a private tutor online from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world.

Ganbatte! Best of luck in your search!

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