Calling all cappuccino, flat white and latte lovers! Caffe has never been so good!

Is there anything better than a creamy cappuccino or latte to wake you up in the morning (or keep you awake in the afternoon)? Okay, coffee is welcome any time of day! Many of us use this as a magic potion to keep us going and numerous people look forward to their next cup of warm coffee to lift their spirits!

While we all wish we could afford endless supplies of Costa or Starbucks throughout our busy weeks, the fact is that coffee shop beverages are a bit on the pricey side and are certainly an indulgence. Oh but there's something about that hot drink that makes it all worth the money isn't there - the cup it's served in, the quality taste of the crema thanks to the fresh coffee beans, the oh so creamy milk poured straight from the pitcher and, best of all, the detailing of those stunning rosetta, tulip or coffee images that just finish the cup of coffee off perfectly! It's such a treat!

See how you can learn the art of the Latte.
Wouldn't you love to be able to create Latte Art like a Barista? Photo credit: Peter Drach (aka PeteDragomir) on VisualHunt / CC BY

But, let us tell you a secret, you don't have to be a Barista to have your own beautiful coffees at home! You can create designs on the surface of your coffee even with just a basic coffee machine and tools most people have at home!

Are you interested in creating latte art?

Can I Learn To Make Latte Art Like A Barista?

Yes, yes you can!

Nothing is stopping you from learning how to create pretty images with your espresso shot and jug of steamed milk.

In fact, nothing is stopping you from training as a professional barista and learning how to prepare an espresso professionally, steam your milk with a wand to the optimum temperature and pour the milk foam into wide-rimmed cups to create a design!

Before you get too excited, though, note that while you can teach yourself latte art and become a master at pouring steamed milk, it is not something that you can simply learn overnight. The good news, however, is that there are lots of places where you can learn how to hone this skill.

Tip: You will need to invest in some tools for creating latte art, if you don't have them already.

For example, you'll need a good coffee machine, a jug or pitcher for steaming if using a steam wand, and some specific coffee cups with wide rims.

Another thing to remember is that it takes quite a lot of practice, even if you attend a class you will be expected to practice at home if you want to get better and better - it's not like you can just read or watch the first tutorial and then get it straight away and nail it every time. Even once you do manage to create something that remotely resembles an image on the surface of your coffee, you'll then need to hone your craft and practice improving your latte art regularly.

Also, you want to keep challenging yourself into making more complicated latte art so you'll certainly have to keep up the coffee-making if you want to develop new designs step by step using a range of tips.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Latte Art?

We're sure you will want a direct answer about how quickly you can learn the skill, or at least a rough guide, but the truth is there is no straightforward answer and it all depends on a number of factors, like which course you attend, the tutor you have, how quickly you grasp new ideas and techniques (such as frothing the milk), how often you practice and so on.

For example, if you teach yourself using tutorials and practice for 20 mins a day, then it could take you weeks to get it right but if you attend an intensive day course with a latte art professional then you'll likely come out of the session being able to produce something.

So, do you really want to create latte art? Then check out these great classes!

Did you know that a cappuccino is like a latte but with a mixture of steamed and foamed milk? Latte's are usually made up of more foamy milk, and it's not uncommon for a cappuccino to be finished off with some chocolate powder.

Latte Classes for Beginners

If you aren't confident using written guides or video tutorials, or you are just struggling to grasp the concept altogether, then why not look out for some classes where you can be taught by a pro?

A Barista is trained in Latte Art.
Learn to make Latte Art like the professional Baristas in your local coffee shop! Photo credit: torbakhopper on / CC BY-ND

Latte classes online

We came across at least two online paces offering barista-style training digitally:

  • Virtual College

With this course, you "will learn where the coffee comes from, how it is roasted and more about grinding, how to gauge the correct dose and some of the techniques needed to make the perfect cup such as:

  • Extraction
  • Pouring milk
  • Steaming milk
  • Tamping
  • Dosing

A little bit about the equipment you might need
Latte art

The course is completely online and is assessed using quizzes after each module or step.

  • Barista Hustle

"With more than 40 videos and 50 lessons, drip-fed to you over three weeks, the Barista Hustle Milk Science and Latte Art course takes you from dairy to cup — teaching you everything from milk chemistry to practical technique. With a new and intuitive visual Latte Art Lexicon, we demystify and break down the steps required to produce stunning latte art. Through deconstructing known milk jug manoeuvres then working through latte art patterns with you, we steadily approach more complex patterns featuring an increasing number of elements. We start all of this with a comprehensive look at the science behind your milk and your foam."

Successful completion of this course will result in getting certification in Milk Science and Latte Art.

Would you be willing to attend a class to master the perfect rosetta?
Find lessons in creating barista-style latte art. Photo on Visualhunt

The first is relatively straightforward, with a certificate being awarded after completing a general barista course, yet the second has a range of more complex and scientific areas to hone in on, such as Milk Science and Latte Art.

Latte classes in your area

If you, however, looking for a class nearby where you can go and see and touch the equipment rather than just follow a guide, then why not consider the following courses. These are based in London, but if you search your area (you can do this easily on Google) then you are sure to find some near you.

"This course offered by BARistaBARBAR, is an introduction to latte art techniques. Participants will learn how to free-pour hearts and get an introduction to making rosettas."

Currently closed due to the Government restrictions, this course will reopen as soon as possible but you can email the team for updates on term dates.

  • Artisan Coffee School

At 3-hours long and costing £90, this is a great place to learn in groups of up to five. The site says:

"Latte-art is no longer reserved for the top-echelon of cafés but is expected of any good coffee shop or skilled barista – and now, you can do it too.

This course will cover everything latte-art related, from understanding how the protein and fat of milk come together to allow us to make such beautiful patterns, to how the temperature of the milk can affect the pouring, and so much more. Be prepared for lots of pouring practice and guidance!

So, whether you’ve never poured a heart before or you’re a working barista who wants to take their rosetta game up a notch, this is the course for you."

Based in London, this course is the perfect option for coffee enthusiasts wanting to learn Latte Art but can also be bought as a gift voucher!

  • London School of Coffee

With this establishment, you can attend an intermediate level course for latte art charged at £99 and covering:

  • Fine-tuning your milk foaming technique to ensure consistency
  • Improving your current latte art portfolio to include more complex patterns including swans.
  • Covering competition patterns.

Most of the above companies and schools offer more than just the listed courses, with many focusing on various elements fo coffee making and the science behind it. They also explain how you can lift a latte with various new flavours of syrups like chocolate, white chocolate and a range of festive or seasonal flavours. But, let's face it, it's mostly about the espresso crema and steamed and foam milk!

What's more, with the current social distancing restrictions, these places have found many ways to continue teaching coffee enthusiasts and are able to offer some online tuition or have significantly reduced their class numbers to comply with the ever-evolving situation.

To add a bit of cheer to your life and focus on something positive, then why not look at booking a class for 2021 or buying a loved one a course as a Christmas gift? What a great idea to support these businesses but also give someone something they will enjoy and cherish for years and years to come (plus, you can count on the best coffee from them every time you see them! What could be better than having your own coffee barista pro?!)

We hope that this selection of classes helps you to get motivated into booking onto one of the above courses or looking for something suitable near you! You could be so close to creating the perfect latte heart using your espresso shot with crema and some professionally steamed milk!

For some online tutorials, click here!

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