While Apple seeing an increase of 17% in sales of Macs during the summer of 2017 (around 4 million in total), few were shocked. With important updates, a simpler interface and welcome screen, Apple have nailed the balance between aesthetics and utility.

So why should you buy a notebook like an Apple MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air today?

What are the main qualities?

What are they good for?

Here are 10 reasons to choose Apple when buying your next computer or laptop!

Apple: The History and Models Available

The Story of the Brand

Apple is synonymous with connected computing devices and intuitive navigation. The brand was born in 1976 thanks to their famous inventor Steve Jobs.

What are the benefits of Macs?
Macs are popular in the US and around the world. (Source: Lalmch)

While the PC market has been declining since 2014, Apple has remained ahead. In 1998, they brought out their famous iMac, a desktop computer with a modern and sleek design. Between 2000 and 2008, they were constantly bringing out new iPods and iPhones which put Apple in a good position against their competitors. In 2008, the modern version of the MacBook Pro came out with the now-famous single-colour Apple logo.

What Are the Different Models of Mac?

The hardest thing about Macs is choosing the right one. You’ll need to think about:

  • Memory, especially on the MacBook Pro
  • The processor type (it’s a good idea to have an Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7)
  • The operating system (MacOS)
  • The screen quality (retina display)
  • The hard drive capacity
  • The size of the computer

Macs have a decent lifespan, even those that have been reconditioned or refurbished. While there are way more than 10 reasons to get an Apple, we think that should be enough to convince you.

Of the Macs available, we have:

  • iMac, a desktop computer
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • Mac Mini
  • iPad

How Much do Apple Products Cost?

Before choosing your Mac, it’s important to consider the price. Here's a quick rundown of the cost of Apple products.

A MacBook starts at £1,249 for a 12-inch LED-backlit Retina Display. You have a choice of processors from the 1.2GHz dual-core Intel Core m3 up to the 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor. The battery in these will last you up to 10 hours and you can get up 512Gb of SSD storage.

The MacBook Air starts at £949 for a 13.3-inch LED-backlit widescreen display. With these, you can get either a 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 or a 2.2GHz dual-core Intel Core i7. The batteries on these last for up to 12 hours and have the same maximum storage as the MacBook.

The MacBook Pro starts at £1,249 for a 13.3-inch LED-backlit Retina display and either a 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 or a 2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i7. This extra power comes at a cost as the battery life is around 10 hours like the MacBook. You can get up to 1Tb worth SSD.

There are several versions of Apple's tablet, the iPad. The 32Gb version starts at £319. However, if you add Wi-Fi+ and Cellular, this goes up to £449.

and the 128Gb version starts at £409 but goes up to £539 with improved mobile connectivity.

As you can see, there are other criteria that will affect the price such as the screen, the integrated functionality, touchscreen, memory, storage capacity, etc. A second-hand Mac can set you back around £500 with or without a warranty.

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Top 10 Reasons for Buying a Mac

You need to be careful when buying yourself a new computer... Except when it comes to a Macbook because you know exactly the quality you’re getting. Let’s see those 10 reasons for buying an Apple computer.

How much do iMacs cost?
It doesn't matter which Apple device you have, it should be able to connect with any other Apple device. (Source: FirmBee)

1: Apple’s Networked System

The Apple Store is great! The best thing, you know that every Apple product is made to work perfectly with Apple products: whether you’re sharing your photos on the iCloud, synchronising notes, or recognising programs. Basically, when you choose Apple computers, you know exactly what’s available.

You’ll notice that some laptops run really slowly. On some Windows PCs, it can be difficult to synchronise your photos and apps or even get some devices working. When it comes to Macs and iPhones, in just one click, everything’s saved.

2: Mac’s Utility for Work

If you use your Mac for work or for study, you can rest assured that it’s perfectly suited to what you’re doing. While a lot of people think that PCs are business types and Macs are creative free-spirits, this is no longer the case. Apples are powerful and versatile machines.


Macs generally come with a lot of RAM, especially the Pro versions, which can come with up to 128Gb of RAM.

Screens range between 11” and 17”, meaning that in addition to being portable, they’re also very comfortable to use. That said, you can also alter the brightness with the simple touch of a button, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime.

However, word processing isn’t as easy on a Mac as it is on a PC since Microsoft Word is primarily designed to be used with Windows. That said, the Mac version isn’t terrible.

3: Fewer Viruses

Unlike Windows PCs, Macs are much better protected against viruses. While some people say that Macs don't get viruses, that isn't necessarily true. However, there are significantly fewer viruses being created to attack Apple products so there are fewer things to worry about.

Of course, you still need to be careful when opening links and suspicious emails as your data can be stolen by a scam just as easily on a Mac as it can on a Windows PC.

By choosing a Mac, you’re choosing security. This is especially useful if you’re working with sensitive information.

4: TimeMachine

Saving your data on a workstation or a hard disk can be a complicated process if you’re transferring data between your phone and computer, for example. With TimeMachine, you just need to launch the app and all of your data will be backed up. If you lose some data for some reason, you can restore the latest version very easily.

It should be noted you can’t connect USB or a card to MacBook Air. However, you can on a MacBook Pro.

5: Macs Start-Up Quickly

Linux systems can take some time between turning on and showing the home screen. With Macs, you won’t be worried about your system crashing like you might be with a Windows system. This is even true for the iMac, an all-in-one desktop computer.

6: Mac Shortcuts Improve Productivity

Shortcuts can drastically improve your productivity by allowing you to do complex actions quickly and simply. While they also exist on Windows, they’re not as intuitive.

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Can you get Office for Macs?
While a lot of people think PCs are just for business, Macs can also be useful! (Source: Free-Photos)

Some models can use shortcuts both on Bluetooth mice and keyboards.

7: Apple’s Pre-installed Software

If you’re familiar with the Office Suite, you’ll quickly fall in love with some of Apple’s own software like Numbers, Pages, and Photobooth. You can also easily install other software packages like Photoshop and InDesign on a Mac. Programs like iMovie allow you to make your own videos or edit photos.

8: Beautiful Design

This is what sets Macs apart, their legendary design which is both modern, minimalist, and customisable. Apple products tend to have a decent graphics card and will display a beautiful desktop.

Design comes at a cost, check out our price guide to computers, and read our article guide PC vs. laptops.

9: Macs Can Run Windows

You can also install Windows on a Mac. This might seem odd given that Macs have their own operating system, MacOS. This is really useful if you want to run certain Windows programs or make the most out of the Office Suite. This is particularly useful if you enjoy gaming as a lot of games don't work on Macs.

When it comes to desktop computers, this can make your Mac really flexible and adaptable. You’ll have a machine with no limitations.

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Why should you get a Mac?
Macs are more intuitive, efficient, and quicker.

10: Macs Are Modern

Even if Macs are usually more expensive, you get functionality for both work and play:

  • Preview files at the push of a button
  • Send documents with AirDrop
  • Target mode for Macs with FireWire
  • A powerful mainboard
  • Virtual multi-screen functionality
  • Effective docks
  • Files in columns, which is really easy to use.

We should also mention that Macs are crystal quiet, rarely overheat, and slim (especially in the case of the MacBook Air). You can carry it everywhere with you in a handbag or a backpack, without even realising it’s there on account of how light they are (the MacBook Air only weighs 920 grams!).

When it comes to choosing between Mac and PC, your mind might already be made up.

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Are you ready to invest in a Mac?

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