Maths private tuition costs money, but exactly how much does it actually cost?

Not all students have the same opportunities when it comes to accessing maths assistance to overcome their difficulties in school. It usually comes down to their parents' financial situation and whether they have the means to get them the extra bit of help they need.

For many families, price is usually the deciding factor in most situations.

Not all forms of tutoring have to break the bank - there are resources available for all budgets. So let's have a look at the different options to learn maths.

How Much do Maths Tutoring Companies Charge?

Each tutoring organisation has their own rates. For a tutoring business, taxation and running costs usually result in a high cost for one hour of tuition.

To uphold their reputability, these organisations usually require their tutors to hold a degree or a minimum ATAR in a VCE in the subject they teach. This means they can guarantee a certain level of qualification and an agreed methodology so that students get the most out of their sessions.

However, after commission and tax deductions, a maths tutor isn't left with a very large proportion of what you pay.

What's the Price of Maths Lessons from an Undergrad Student?

Recruiting a HSC, SACE, VCE maths tutor or undergraduate student is becoming all the more common for those who want to study maths. These home tutors are usually looking for tutoring jobs for an extra bit of pocket money and are happy to help younger learners through their schooling.

Find an online Maths tutor here.

Find an older student who can their their knowledge with you
The cost of a tuition lesson depends on who you're learning from - a good tutor will have had years of teaching experience over time ¦ source: Pixabay

But what do they charge for maths lessons?

  • $20 per hour for high-school maths
  • $30 per hour for Year 11 and Year 12 VCE Maths
  • $35 per hour for a high school maths small group session
  • $55 per hour for a Year 11 and Year 12 VCE Maths small group session

As with professional tutors, rates are adjusted according to the level of study.

Having a one to one maths tutor who is also in the education system can be beneficial to students since their tutor is familiar with the relevant study skills and feels comfortable helping their tutee to understand what the maths national curriculum requires of them.

It's ultimately up to parents and pupils to decide whether this kind of home tutoring, where tutors do not necessarily hold a maths degree, suits them.

What are Maths Tutor Prices Through SuperProf?

Superprof offers home maths help and online maths tutoring services from the best tutors who set their own rates according to their own qualifications and level of experience.

At Superprof, we don't recommend working 'off the books' and provide a safe and secure way to find a tutor. In Australia, Superprof is free to use. You can search and message tutors for free and pay no commission to Superprof.

Superprof can help you find a home maths tutor or an online maths tutor - whatever suits you best. Filter by price or location, message tutors to discuss your needs before hand and hey presto - you have a tutor!

Find a VCE Maths Tutor or Secondary-level Maths Tutor at School

Schools often set up their own tutoring systems to help students who slip through the net or are starting to fall behind in class. When it comes to maths, this usually works by pairing VCE maths tutors / students from year 12 with secondary-level maths pupils from the year levels below. This form of peer mentoring can help students gain the confidence they need to feel calm when it comes to speaking up in class and sitting exams.

It's worth knowing that this type of help comes at no extra cost to parents, however, it is mainly focussed on those who are between grade boundaries (trying to achieve an ATAR of 30+ instead of 25, for example) or wanting to attempt more challenging maths methods questions instead of the questions from core/further maths.

These supplemental sessions usually take place before or after school, or in form period.

Receiving help from another student who is also at their school can put the tutee at ease with the course content since the pressure of performing in front of a teacher is removed. This means they have a higher chance of academic success.

What are the Alternative Options for Extra Maths Help?

Good progress in mathematics is like any other achievable goal  - you just need to take it one step at a time. Sometimes you may need that little bit of extra help from an academic support group to help you through it all.

The list of solutions below is not exhaustive, but it will give you an insight into alternatives to one on one tutoring.

Academic Support Groups in Your Local Area

There are groups that exist for the purpose of providing free tutoring to children and adults who cannot afford to go down the private route. Such organisations can provide help with maths homework help or assist adults who are having difficulty in their day-to-day lives because of their level of education.

The objective of these associations is to make sure no one gets left behind at school regardless of their situation.

Embrace Education is a non-profit organisation run by university students that provide educational support and tutoring services for students who are disadvantaged within Melbourne, Australia. The organisation focuses on assisting refugees, asylum seekers, recent migrants, and those with low socio-economic backgrounds.

Edmund Rice Community & Refugee Services is another one of these organisations and focusses particularly on maintaining regular education for those that have been affected by circumstances related to their refugee status and those that are from underprivileged families. The Tutoring service offered is open to both secondary and tertiary students.

These associations tend to target students in need by operating in areas where a high proportion of students are eligible to receive free school meals.

Free Maths Resources and Maths Tutoring Online

If your child wants to practice what they've been learning in their school maths lessons, there are plenty of maths websites where then can play fun maths games, do cool maths drills and download free maths worksheets.

Maths websites have cool games and free worksheet for maths students
Find free interactive resources on the internet ¦ source: Pixabay

School teachers often set homework on My Maths - a website where children can do their homework, follow tutorials, and play my maths games. For those who don't have a My Maths school login, websites such as Mathletics are full of resources from primary school maths all the way up to high school and Year 12 maths.

ABC Maths  maths also provides resources and interactive games for all types of student levels.

View Online Maths Lessons with Youtube

Many certified teachers such as Eddie Woo are uploading their maths lessons for students  to view on their Youtube profile.

This is a popular resource for students who are working through maths past papers, since they are usually exam board specific, as the maths teacher shows their working - an invaluable resource for test preparation.

So if you want to work through General Mathematics VCE past papers, Mathematical Methods VCE past papers, or Specialist Mathematics past papers, you'll be able to view a video lesson for your exact practice paper.

This method of VCE maths revision  is useful for students as they can pause, rewind, and replay parts of the lesson at any point.

And, of course, it's completely free! All you need is an online connection.

And if you're not preparing to sit an exam, there are plenty of videos teaching general maths. So if you want to refresh your mind in maths and feeling curious why not try a quick search?

Maths Tutoring Fees per Hour Vary in Price Depending on Several Factors

What you pay for a math tutor can change depending on who you approach. For instance, a certified teacher with a math PhD will charge a lot more than a maths undergraduate.

Location also plays a part in academic tutoring costs. The average hourly going rate of tutors in Melbourne is $27, compared to $26 in Bendigo.

And that's just the start! The level of tutoring experience on someone's CV will also influence how much they charge.

Difficulties in maths usually originate from a lack of confidence in the learner due to the nature of classroom teaching in maths for schools. If they miss something important or struggle to comprehend a certain concept, it can set them up to misunderstand what follows.

Tutoring for secondary school students
One private tuition lesson can really change your view and attitude towards the maths subjects you've learnt over the years

More often than not, the tutor has to undo these feeling of self-doubt and persuade the pupil to believe in their abilities by making them aware of their strengths and weaknesses in a constructive manner.

Private tuition for primary or secondary pupils can assist with various types of learning abilities for different maths subjects. Over time, and with enough work, pupils will be able to achieve real progress.

Finding good tuition can increase your chances of one day securing a university degree or other maths-required work in the future.

Need further convincing? Why not check out these great reasons to take maths lessons.

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