Positive thinking is a way of thinking that is gaining more and more followers around the world. Indeed, through values such as perseverance, self-confidence, patience, or even wisdom, it allows us to be more motivated to face the hazards of daily life.

All this is often based on beautiful quotations, whose significance affects us all, and gives us another, more positive vision of life. For example, according to a Harris Interactive survey, more than half of English people express a feeling of the need to play sports in order to be healthy.

This same feeling of being forced to do something can turn into pleasure, in the light of proverbs, which will give a completely different image to what are considered to be problems to be overcome.

Italy is one of the most motivating countries in terms of Proverbs, which is why we have listed the most beautiful, inspiring and inspired quotes in Italian!

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Tutto is bene quel che finisce bene, a positive Italian proverb

Among the most beautiful Italian quotations is this one which, beyond even being from Italy, has become universal and will speak to as many people as possible. Indeed, with the English translation "Everything is well that ends wells", this quote of happiness tells us that whatever happens, everything still ends up settling down.

A real breath of positive waves, we are dealing here with a proverb rich in meaning, which perfectly embodies the values of Italy, and will show us the way to be happy. Because yes, with motivation, we always manage to move mountains, and this quote illustrates it perfectly!

Whether you are young, advanced in a professional career, or in the middle of a life project, there is a good chance that the problems we will encounter during our journeys can be solved, all it takes is a dose of good energy, and a pinch of good spirit, thanks to these quotations for example!

Finché c'è vita c'è speranza, a universal Italian quote

"As long as there is life, there is hope"! There's a good chance you'll know this quote. Well yes, imagine that it comes from the Italian language. In the same spirit as the previous one, it is a question here of positivism, of being motivated by the good vibes, and of realizing that we are lucky.

Lucky to be alive, of course, but this quote is ultimately a symbol to make us de-dramatize a whole bunch of little things that bother us on a daily basis, between a delay at the dentist, shopping to do, or some car troubles. Let us not forget that, we must be optimistic, and these kinds of sayings are there to remind us of that.

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Chi asperttar puote, viene a cio che vuole, an Italian quote full of optimism

Speaking of optimism, this quote of Italian origin is all we can hope for from a short sentence to motivate us. Indeed, while we could translate it into English as "Who can wait, will eventually arrive", we are here on a resolutely positive, encouraging thought, whose scope is universal.

And when it comes to universal scope, it means an inspiring proverb, in the light of everyday situations, such as major life projects. Based on the principle that patience makes it possible to achieve one's objectives, this Italian proverb highlights patience, certainly, but also and above all temperance, the key to wisdom. To meditate on!

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Chi sta bene con sè, sta bene con tutti, an Italian proverb for personal development

Who has never doubted themselves, their ability to perform any activity, their physique, or their relationship with others. This quote of Italian origin brings all this together with a little at a time, and tries to motivate us to gain confidence in ourselves.

While we could translate this little sentence as "Who goes well in his own skin, goes well with everyone", we quickly understand that, like food, when we feel well inside, everything is felt from the outside, and this is done through positive thoughts that inspire and motivate!

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Chi la fa, l'aspetti, a quote full of hope and promise

Here, this adage once again has a very positive impact. "Whoever does something must expect something", with this translation, it is easy to understand that, like the English proverb "You sow what you reap", the Italian scheme reverses things.

From a more promising perspective, this quote tells us that by taking action, whatever it may be, we always get a reward for our potential efforts. Enough to motivate you to carry out your projects successfully!

Con la pazienza s'acquista scienza, a promising Italian saying

"Patience leads to science", this is how we could translate this inspiring phrase, which reminds us that among the richest values, patience is among the best. Indeed, by taking your time, by not rushing, by being less stressed, you will always end up achieving your objectives.

At least that is what this typically Italian phrase seems to tell us, the meaning of which can be understood in various ways. In concrete terms, a teenager who learns his lesson every day, through effort and patience, will be rewarded with a good grade on his exam. Let's be optimistic!

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Roma non fu fatta in un giorno, Italian patience in one quote

We sometimes tend to underline the peaceful nature of the Italians, even adopting the expression "Dolce Vita" in our daily lives. This quotation embodies this spirit perfectly, starting from the principle that "Rome was not built in a day".

Indeed, an English quote says that little by little, the bird makes its nest. Here, the principle is the same, and whoever has the patience and courage to do so will see his objectives achieved, and his efforts rewarded to the hundredth. At least that's what this quote underlines!

Chi cerca, trova, motivate yourself in a quote

"Whoever seeks, finds", what could be more positive than this quotation, full of promise and ambition. While Italians prefer patience to action, it turns out that knowing how to wait is also closely related to effort and will.

With a mind of steel, we can then move mountains, and little proverbs like this one are designed to motivate us to do so. Italians have the ability to adopt an inspiring thought that speaks to everyone at a key moment in their lives, whatever it may be. The power of positive quotes is well proven!

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Italian quote: A goccia a goccia a goccia si scava la pietra, or how to be patient

Here, we are once again dealing with a value that is obviously dear to Italians and Italian quotations: patience, and a taste for effort. Indeed, while we can translate this little sentence by "Drop by drop digs the stone", we understand that by taking our time to do things, we will get what we want.

The tone is set: nothing and no one can prevent us from achieving our objectives, if we decide not to rush, and if we become well aware of what our actions involve. A positive thought which, if not passive, allows us to motivate ourselves to organize our lives as well as possible.

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Gatto rinchiuso diventa leone, the Italian power in a quote

"A locked cat becomes a lion" is the translation of this proverb that speaks for itself. Because yes, by waiting, by waiting for a project to be completed, we can then mature it further, by going through stages that we would not have suspected at the beginning.

A fertile ground for motivation, in the light of considerable efforts, which the Italian quotations know how to highlight. While there is no author for this quotation, we note that it is the perfect embodiment of the state of mind of a country, whose values all meet.

Thus, Italy, beyond gastronomy, Vespa and beautiful monuments, is a country whose quotations perfectly embody the values. Patience, a taste for effort, the desire to achieve one's objectives, all this by giving oneself the means. It is, therefore, a part of Italian culture that is presented here, always with the same aim of motivating us!

When you learn all these Italian quotes, you can bet that you will be more optimistic and ready to face the world!

Dopo la pioggia, arriva il sole, a great outlook that Italians live by

If you study the language, you will have seen most of these words in your learning. This quote can be understood even if you're new to the language, as people can relate to the proverb very easily. It's truly one of those phrases that transcends language itself, as the translation can keep its original sense no matter what tongue it's uttered in.

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Now let's get to what it actually means: after the rain, the sun comes out, the quote meaning that you will always find that things work out alright in the end. This approach is emblematic of great Italian living, no matter the adversity. Think of every time Rome or Venice nearly disappeared completely: strong culture, great food, and an ability to see the funny side of life has helped these cities bounce back.

This isn't strictly Italian in terms of its appeal, however, if you go there, you will find that the culture and people of Italy are always seeking la dolce vita, giving them a distinctly optimistic bent.

Il pane apre tutte le bocche, a nod to time eternal role of food (and wine) in Italian culture

If you study the Italian language (or study the people when in country), you will notice that you've probably started to talk more loudly, and with your hands a lot more since becoming a student of the language. Gesticulation and expression need little translation from Italian to English, and you are truly free to move your arms speak as loudly as you want in piazzas. All this is to say, Italians are people who are known for being expressive and loud, full of life and emotion. That's amore, I suppose!

But what about the people you come across who are slightly more tight lipped, or not quite as gregarious? How can you get them to talk and open up? Well, what better way than food of course! They might be a really funny person, but keep to themselves, so you need to reach out with a bit of bread (and wine). This phrase means 'bread opens all mouths', insinuating that sharing a meal can be a great way to get to know someone, or put them at ease.

Italians are famous for their hospitality (but be careful if the restaurant you're in caters mainly to tourists as this might be a way to force you to pay more!), but people in day to day life are generally very kind, so it stands to reason that they would want to find ways to invite you into their positive way of living.

This one refers a favourite Italian culinary pass time: pasta. You probably recognised the word maccheroni in this phrase, so you know what it's talking about. The short noodles which are curved but hollowed out in the middle. The res of the phrase refers to cheese, which Italians are famous for putting on their pasta. However here, the meaning is not a translation of parmesan, but an arguably better pairing of cacio and pasta.

To be like cacio on maccheroni means that you fit really well, that it's the best coupling you could imagine. It's also a quote that invokes an idea of making something that's already great even better, which is funny when talking about Italian food, because who knew it could ever get any better!? By adding the cheese to the pasta, it brings out a flavour and texture that brings bite to a dense meal, the sort of pairing you will learn how to master as you spend time in Italy, be it in city or country, Rome, Naples, or Venice.

cheese on bolognese
Adding just the right cheese to your pasta enhances two foods that are already out of this world good.

An alternative reading of the quote sees it closer to 'just what the doctor ordered' in English, meaning that it's just the right thing for that time and place - the translation remaining quite similar in any case (there's always grey area in translation too, just know that it's positive!). Yet another alternative reading of the saying refers to it as the final touch to make something perfect, so you're in good hands with this quote - particularly versatile it seems!

Quando finisce la partita il re ed il pedone finiscono nella stessa scatola, a foreboding yet optimistic message

This one refers to the internationally renowned game of chess. It translates to 'when the match finishes, the king and the pawn finish in the same box'. Slightly darker in tone, we might say something like 'we all die in the end, so make the most of living now'.

You always hear talk in English of a person on their death bed never saying they wish they worked more, but they maybe regret the opportunities they didn't take. This takes the same tone, implying that no matter what you do in life, we'll all end up in the ground one day.

Now to move away from the morbid vibe, let's think of it this way: it's encouraging as it seems designed to encourage the individual to pursue their dreams. Its core message is that no matter how much money or power you have in life, you are still human at the end of the day, which is quite inspiring and can be interpreted a number of ways.

For instance, one reading shows it as your role in life being important, no matter which one you play. Another reading shows it as do your best, but no matter how much you compare yourself to others or feel inferior, you've all contributed to the same goal at the end. Finally, yet another reading could show it as life just being a game, and you should know the part you play well, and take all opportunities that come to you.

Yet another versatile quote, that will no doubt make you sound very learned when stating it!

Non importa quante volte cadi. Ma quante volte cadi e ti rialzi – Vince Lombardi

"No matter how many times you fall, it's the amount you fall and get back up that count" is a stylised way of translating this. This is obviously a very universal quote, which probably has a translation in all languages, but the message is timeless, so it's clear why it keeps coming up.

Having the strength to persevere and learn from your mistakes is highly prized by Italians, underscored by an indefatigable optimism.

Think back to the sun comes after the rain quote - we're always waiting for the silver lining and things always get better!

Now, this quote actually comes from an American, despite his very Italian sounding name.

Vince Lombardi was an American football coach through the first part of the 20th century, so it's understandable that he would have seen his players fall down a lot.

It makes a lot of sense too that he'd be finding ways for his team to keep pushing, as the goal of American football is to get yourself to the other end of the field, and going backwards isn't allowed. This life lesson is broadly applicable, whether you're applying it to your studies, finding your dream job, or having a communications breakdown with a friend or loved one.

When finding ways to make life work for yourself, having an idea of what's motivating you to keep going from the outset is crucial for staying the course, and knowing your purpose.

Also making yourself a promise, at the very beginning of whatever project it may be that you're undertaking, to not think about the defeats you may suffer but the plan to get yourself back on track no matter what and not let yourself get stuck in self-pity is probably a reason why Italian culture has been so influential for the better part of 3000 years.

Rome and Italy
We all know it wasn't built in a day, but its appeal is timeless.

Il miglior momento per piantare un albero era 20 anni fa. Il secondo miglior momento è ora.

You might have come across this one before, and it's most likely been a translation of an English idiom at some point, but it rings true no matter the source language.

This one translates as 'the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second time is right now'. Truly profound (we'd expect nothing less), this quote speaks truth to the notion that you need to plan your life, and make sure you make wise decisions, but also lets you know that it's never too late to achieve a dream.

In our eco-conscious age, this line hits a little differently too - it makes us realise that we reap what we sow, and need to understand that our actions have consequences.

In reference to the environment, it means that if we want to make reparations for all the damage that we have caused it, we need to acknowledge that it takes time to grow and treat it with respect while it does so.

This quote also bears an element of learning from your mistakes too, insofar as it encourages you to reflect on something that you wish you had or had done by now, that you had control over in the past, and to work out ways of attaining whatever desire you may have now, taking lessons from what didn't work for you previously.

A profound language with exponential amounts on the human condition, Italian has so much to offer!

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