What is online teaching over webcam?

Part-time or full time teaching online via webcam gives you, the tutor, incredibly working flexibility.

The access we have to technology means you can teach students from anywhere in the world while you work at home, gaining valuable technical skills at the forefront of online education.

Being familiar with digital technology is important for a teacher in the 21st century. 

Parents and students are learning about the power of modern technology when it comes to academic assistance. There is lots of opportunity for teachers and academics to make extra money by becoming an online tutor and providing an online tutoring service as their own boss.

Here are 8 benefits of working at home as an online tutor.

Webcam tutoring is becoming popular because a lot of students are struggling academically and need supplemental academic support. This means more work and opportunity in online tutoring jobs!

An 2012 Opinion Way study found that 33% of students said that they were failing in certain areas because they didn't gel well with their teacher.

They said they felt left behind or picked on, and because of this are demotivated and failing. Online tutoring services (where you work from home!) can be perfect to bridge the gap for students like this, because lessons are individualised and tailored to the student. Also, it's less formal working from a computer than working from a classroom.

There's also benefit in having a tutors contact information as a student, if they needed additional emergency assistance.


Help lots of students by providing online tutoring jobs.
Become an online tutor and help children and adults succeed academically. (Source: Free-Photos)


If students are struggling in English for example; having a private English teaching tutor that they can be in touch with for help is one of the best ways for that student to start catching up with their peers.

Tutors that are teaching online are usually young (between 20 and 30 years old), which means they're closer in age with most of their students. This is helpful for teaching because generally predicts that you will have shared experience with your student and can empathise with the difficulties they're facing.

Webcam tutorial sessions are modern educational solutions that are available to almost anyone in need of one on one lessons. 

Search for online tutoring jobs in Australia here; set your own schedule and get paid hourly to work at home.


2. Schedule Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of home based online tutoring jobs is the flexibility it allows. As a legitimate work from home profession, you don't have to worry about traveling; you'll spend more time teaching and have more free slots in your schedule.  

Any hour you have free you could fill with an online teaching job and get paid an hourly rate. All you have to do is turn on your computer and start teaching, which wouldn't be possible with regular face-to-face tutorials.

If you are connected to an instant messaging service and you suddenly find yourself with a free hour, you could be in touch with your student instantly for an impromptu lesson and get paid via PayPal right after!

The most popular time slots for online teaching jobs are:

  • Weekends
  • Afternoons
  • Evenings
  • School Holidays
  • Public Holidays

With these work from home opportunities, even if you're away on holiday, you can still stay in touch with your clients and plan around both your schedules.

3. Inexpensive Academic Support via Online Tutorials

A quick look at Superprof will show that online webcam tutorials are often cheaper than regular face to face in-home tutoring sessions.

This is because without the cost of transport, tutors with their own home business can charge less, which is great because it means more work!

Become an online tutor: Webcam tutorials are cheaper than regular tutorials.
Webcam tutorials are cheaper than regular tutorials... so people love them! (Source: PublicDomainPictures)

Students and parents will happily pay less for access to tutors all over the globe. That's a win-win for them!

You can even teach multiple students at once through programs like Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime. Organise video conferences and provide group, academic support classes, to a group of students.

These types of online teaching classes help parents due to the lower cost, and it allows for you as the tutor to reach more potential students! There will always be students who need help academically. As more of them turn to online solutions, you'll end up with more students.

You won't just save money on travel teaching English or ESL (English as a Second Language or English as a foreign language study) or teaching whatever you teach online. Because you'll be working digitally, you won't need to invest in as much traditional teaching materials like stationary. Also, with access to online exercises and MOOCs, you can create lesson plans working from home without spending a dime. 

Online academic support is an excellent solution for tutors looking for a work from home job and students seeking academic assistance.

4. Tutor Online From Home to Anywhere in the World.

If you want to work from home or work from anywhere in the world by tutoring online, you're going to need a great profile to secure interest from potential clients.

A 2015 Opinion Way survey found that 43% of parents said "subject expertise" was why they chose a tutor, closely followed by "being a good listener". 

So you'll need more than just being a good teacher. Many of your potential students and parents will want to know exactly what qualifies you to teach them or their children. If you're someone with a Bachelor's degree, have qualifications from reputable institutions or have professional teaching qualifications, you'll do excellently in online tutoring jobs as a webcam tutor.

It can be hard for parents and students in rural areas to find face to face tutors with good qualifications. Webcam classes really fill a need for these people; they can organise classes from qualified tutors anywhere in Australia. 

Almost any subject can be found and taught via webcam, including:

  • English tutoring
  • Foreign language tutoring (French tutoring, Chinese tutoring).
  • Math tutoring (calculus tutoring, statistics tutoring, algebra tutoring).
  • Sciences tutoring (physics tutoring, biology tutoring, chemistry tutoring).
  • Psychology tutoring
  • Philosophy tutoring
  • Geography tutoring
  • Music tutoring
  • Economics tutoring
Become an online tutor: Teach literally anything to anyone, anywhere!
Tutor Online: Teach anything to anyone, anywhere!

Countless students need help catching up with their peers or preparing for their VCE exams. You can become an online tutor and help them, making money from home with a flexible schedule.

5. Utilising Online Resources For Tutoring Work Online

It's no news to you how fantastic the internet is. With these new technologies at our disposal, we've revolutionised the way that we learn. No more scouring textbooks, making countless photocopies to lug around in a briefcase. You can now send important documents and share essential resources with your students from your workstation at home.

Use several of the following methods to communicate with your student over the internet:

  • Instant messaging and file-sharing: Google Hangouts, Skype, Messenger, etc.
  • Email clients: Gmail, Fastmail, etc.
  • Cloud-based services for simultaneous editing and file-sharing: Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Share academic resources, language games or relevant video resources whenever you need to with your student.

Your goal as an educator and provider of academic assistance is to create an educational program that promotes academic success and encourages your students to learn.

6. Lesson Plan with Educational Apps

There are thousands upon thousands of educational apps available to download onto any smartphone or computer via these applications:

  • Play store
  • Apple Store
  • Windows Store.

You can find traditional teaching exercises, language learning apps, quizzes, tests, revision guides and much more. As a private tutor, it's up to you to decide what resources you want for your lessons.

Become an Online Tutor: Use apps to help supplement your online tutorials!
Tutor online: Apps can supplement your online tutorials! (Source: Pexels)

Apps can make revision entertaining and fun. They can be useful for your students to practice or revise certain aspects of their curriculum.

You can also get help planning your lessons with apps. There are apps that are designed by educational professionals that can help you monitor your students progress. You can also find exercises in educational apps that might help you plan your next online tutorial lessons.

7. Easily Organised

Organising webcam tutorials over the internet is just easier; all webcam tutors will tell you that. All you need to focus on is the actual tutorials themselves. so say goodbye to the headaches of travel with these remote jobs.

Not only will you save money, but you can also teach from anywhere you want to. Many undergraduate and postgraduate students are choosing to become an online tutor because you can hold a private tuition session during a gap in class to earn some money.

Be it at home, a cafe or an around the world trip, you never have to stop being a private tutor. As long as you have access to the internet, you can be in touch with your clients.

8. Brief, Focused Lessons.

Webcam tutorials are designed for brevity and efficiency. You schedule a time with your student, log on and get started. There's no knocking on the door or meeting grandma, and the medium itself invites focus on the task at hand.

Send your students useful links and exercises that will help them learn during the periods between your online tutoring sessions. Support your student taking charge of their own learning by making sure they're ready for you next class.

There tends to be less chitchat with webcam tutorials too, and the contact you'll have with parents is also minimised.

The same 2015 Opinion Way survey found that 59% of adults liked a particular subject because of the teacher they had teaching it.

If you like to work at home and want to help students succeed academically from anywhere in Australia, become an online tutor.

Sign up and create your profile with Superprof. Add your qualifications, your equipment that you use, your experience as a teacher or tutor and get paid to share your knowledge with the next generation!

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