Explaining How Superprof Works

It's not for nothing that Superprof ranks among the top 10 tutoring platforms in the UK and around the world. In the few years since our debut, we've established a presence in 28 countries and have helped millions of tutors launch themselves into business. How did we do it? Why did we do it? The […]

22 October 20217 minutes reading time

classroom students

Why Should Parents Choose School Support for Their Children?

Affordable and effective, private tutoring has shown itself to be a fantastic option for students experiencing difficulty at school. In recent years, the personal education market has become increasingly popular - but why is that? One would think that as the world becomes more technologically advanced, the education system would advance simultaneously. However, education systems are […]

2 July 20218 minutes reading time

Personal Academic Coaching

Private Tutoring According to Your Child’s Needs

Many students struggle at school. They may be disinterested in school, or they may struggle academically. If a child starts their academic schooling with a faulty base or foundation, they risk having difficulty in the future. To avoid the risk of students dropping out, or being unable to pursue tertiary education, many parents are seeking […]

11 April 20218 minutes reading time

When children enjoy their homeschooling they retain more information.

Homeschooling Australia – Tips And Rules

Australian law requires children to be enrolled in a school by the time they turn six and stay until the end of the year they turn 17, which is approximately Year 10 or 11. When the law says 'school', this is considered to include an approved homeschooling program. In saying this, Australian law recognises that […]

25 December 20208 minutes reading time

Need to Find a Private Tutor?

Whether you’re looking for local tutors or searching for online tuition, we’ll help you find private tutors for all subjects.

Learn how and where to find tutors near you, understand the benefits and drawbacks of private tuition, as well as how to achieve the best outcome!

Whether you’re a student or a parent searching for school support, a professional looking to change career paths, or you simply want to learn a new skill or pick up a new hobby, you’ll find the information you need here.

Why wait any longer? Start the adventure today! Check out our tutor profiles throughout Australia.

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Accessing Private Tutoring In Australia

Over the last decade, the demand for private tutoring in Australia has seen dramatic growth with an estimated one in four families engaging private tutors for their children. In financial terms, investment in private tuition has seen a 40 per cent increase, leading to it becoming a $6 billion industry. The seemingly overnight influx of […]

12 December 20207 minutes reading time

Free tutoring for schoolchildren is important.

Will Free Tutoring Get Results?

Not all students find schoolwork easy. Some may have difficulty reading. Others may not do well in exams. This is stressful for everyone—teachers, parents and, of course, the students themselves. Does any of this sound familiar? Do you, or your child: find it hard to understand the lesson content? struggle to complete homework? Is there […]

20 October 20207 minutes reading time

studying on the mind

How to Study For Your Exams

"Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer." -Charles Caleb Colton Exams are a peculiar thing that grades us on our intelligence and forces us to use parts of our brain that we might have not even known existed. Since they are […]

13 October 20208 minutes reading time

Become an effective student by believing in yourself

Waiting for Exam Results

The 2020/21 school year is nothing like we're used to. The coronavirus interruptions, resuming lessons in a virtual format, technology failures and the lack of experience in teaching what should have been an in-person class over the internet... To say that this school year is like none other would be like saying it's a little […]

11 October 20208 minutes reading time

Should I take private tutoring?

Should I Find a Tutor? Why Private Tutoring Might Be Right for You

The demand for private tutors has remained largely unaffected by recent economic troubles. In fact, according to Melbourne Child Psychology, "while the school curriculum is becoming increasingly academically rigorous, more and more children are falling behind… and the result is an increase in private tutoring for students around the country." The need for specialised private tutoring […]

31 July 20206 minutes reading time

How expensive are private tutors?

How Much Does Private Tutoring Cost?

For some time now, Australia has watched itself slip lower in its world ranking for education outcomes. Our PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) results for English (reading), maths and science are alarming, so it's no wonder more parents are turning to private lessons or online tutoring for their students. If you're looking at accessing […]

24 July 20206 minutes reading time

finding jobs overseas

Working Overseas: Where to Find Employment

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." -Aristotle There are some who thoroughly enjoy their work and there are others who cannot stand the idea of working a full-time job; to each their own I guess! Therefore, without further delay, in today's article, we shall explore the many options of working, volunteering, finding […]

16 July 20207 minutes reading time

Questions that tutors and students ask

FAQs: How to Find a Private Tutor

In 2017, studies showed that Australia's private tutoring market was growing by over 4 per cent a year — increasing numbers of parents and adult learners are seeking supplemental instruction, at all levels and in all subjects. Tutoring is even becoming a career path, instead of a part-time job. If you are thinking about trying […]

23 April 202011 minutes reading time

Don't let studying get you down: find a tutor!

How to Find a Tutor Online

If you aspire to academic success, you may be in the market for an experienced, reasonably priced tutor who suits your needs and learning style With the pressures of modern life meaning we're all busier than ever, the flexibility and accessibility of online tutoring may appeal to you. At first, finding a great online tutor […]

12 March 20208 minutes reading time

examination mistakes

Common Exam Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

People make mistakes. It is part, in a way, of the human condition. However, one type of mistake you really want to avoid is exam mistakes – because an examination is not the place for a sloppy error, regardless of how inevitable these things are. People, however, do make exam mistakes too. And that’s okay. […]

27 February 20206 minutes reading time

During the exam, you won't have the chance to consult your notes

Effective Revision Techniques

It would be hard to argue with the idea that every student is unique in their learning styles and study habits; even learning needs differ from one student to the next. Still, among the thousands of students who have sat school-leaving and university-qualifying exams, we can discern common threads. From study skills to memorization techniques […]

11 February 20207 minutes reading time

Preparing for an interview will give you a greater chance of success

Tips for Finding Your First Job

With university graduation right around the corner – well, arriving sooner than you might think, many whose academic run is nearly complete are turning their thoughts to the job market and how they could best break into it. Not too long ago, simply having a university degree was pretty much a guarantee of bright career […]

27 January 20207 minutes reading time

Worldwide Tutoring

Global Tutoring to Educate the World’s Youth

The private academic support marketplace has grown in popularity during the past few decades. In the United Kingdom alone, it is £6 billion industry with a lot of potentials to grow in the future. Wow, those are big bucks!  During the past 12 months, the demand for online tutoring in the UK has grown 500%! […]

7 September 20188 minutes reading time

Find the most engaging support for your child

Why Get Extra Educational Support?

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” – George Sheehan (Quote Source Brainyquote) It will always be a shock for parents to find out that their child is not doing well in school and may need educational support. If you get […]

4 July 20187 minutes reading time

What is academic support?

What Is Academic Support?

A lot of parents have decided that it’s time for their child to benefit from academic support. Do they know exactly what it is? Usually not... They often confuse academic support with other extracurricular support like private tutorials. How exactly is it different? How can we define it? What are the advantages of academic support […]

28 June 20186 minutes reading time

Finding the right direction with applications can be confusing!

Tutoring For Entrance Exams & Further Education

Starting any application process can be demanding and time-consuming, and getting your head around all the things you need to do can be a pretty stressful task! For some secondary schools in the UK, children are required to sit the 11+ exam. This exam involves students of all backgrounds, both in the state and independent […]

5 March 20187 minutes reading time

No one needs the stress of finding a tutor when you're already stressed about school. Let Superprof find the ideal teacher for you!

Choose Superprof for Home Tuition with a Private Tutor

As a number of studies over the past few years have concluded, France (Superprof's home country) is the European leader of private tuition. According to ConsoGlobe, annual turnover for supplemental instruction in France stands at around 2 billion euros. Closer to home, the Financial Times reports that demand for one to one tutoring is up […]

26 July 20177 minutes reading time

Mentor teaching Telemachus in the Odessey

Private Tuition through Time and Space

Private tutoring has become a flourishing business, especially in the UK where the market is estimated to be worth £2 billion per year. There are many misconceptions about the industry, however, and many falsely believe it to the preserve of the rich which, while once true, is no longer the case. Students having trouble in class, […]

10 July 20179 minutes reading time

How old should you be to use a private tutor?

When to Hire a Private Tutor

Is there an age limit for tutoring? When is the best time to revise? Should I be looking for tutoring services in the short, medium, or long term? These are questions that almost every student or parent asks themselves about private tutoring. If you aren’t sure, then here’s our advice! Private tutorials aren’t just for […]

26 June 20176 minutes reading time