Working in the legal field promises students a respectable and stable career

A Brief Overview of a Career in Law

People have many different opinions of lawyers and the work that they do, which is unsurprising; There are many stories of lawyers using their skills to help criminals avoid punishment for their crimes, or using their power in tandem with large corporations to crush competition through lawsuits and settlements. However, lawyers are also the people […]

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Where can I get a law tutor in Australia?

Law Tutors Near Me In Australia

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. ― Aristotle Finally, after making it through high school education, you've earned your place at university and enrolled in the degree you've been working towards for years. You're motivated. You're interested in the topic. You see your future […]

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being the best lawyer

What You Should Know About Becoming a Lawyer in Australia

“Law is order, and good law is good order.” - Aristotle Many people will be familiar with names such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Abraham Lincoln, and Thurgood Marshall. Or famous Australians such as Michael Kirby, Mick Dodson, and Julian Burnside. All famous lawyers, they each have made lasting impacts in the legal system inspiring many […]

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You can study law anywhere in the world!

Where to Study Law

Law studies are timeless: indeed, the earliest international universities, called stadia generale, made law studies a cornerstone of their charter. Not just the law; those institutes could teach medicine and/or theology, and had to include art studies in their curriculum in order to qualify as a stadium generale. Other criteria were that only masters of […]

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Need Help Studying or Getting in to Law?

Becoming a lawyer can seem like a daunting goal, but thanks to our excellent Law resources and talented tutors, you could look forward to passing your exams.

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Studying can be easy if you have the right resources

Legal Studies and Law Resources to Help You With Revision

Choosing to study and practice law as your career is an excellent decision that will set you up for life. As well as offering a high salary, a career in law is rewarding and helps uphold the standards of the criminal justice system. There are limitless options for those who choose to study law; You […]

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You may choose to practice international law once you earn your degree

Law 101

So you’re considering law school, are you? You’re anticipating decent scores on your A Levels and casting about for the best undergraduate programme that will grant you access to the finest schools of law in our country? Or perhaps you are undecided whether to train as a solicitor or put in the extra time to […]

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