Everyone says that nothing in this world is free...except for online language learning!

While there are numerous paid courses and methods available for becoming bilingual, there are also programs for learning Arabic for free online. It may seem crazy to those just starting to learn Arabic, but it's true.

The goal of these programs is to promote and propagate the Arabic language and culture. More than 400 million people worldwide speak Arabic today.

If an Arabic course isn't for you, explore our collection of free Arabic language websites, applications, and videos. Don't wait to find the language learning method that fits you best.

Learning Arabic Online: Free Internet Arabic Courses

Technology is becoming essential for learning Arabic
Take advantage of the large number of online free language learning resources and start speaking Arabic today.

The internet is perfect for Arabic language learning. It is a limitless virtual world for those curious explorers looking to learn a foreign language at no charge.

After all, not everyone has the budget to pay for language courses and become bilingual. No matter what the language, be it Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or some other foreign tongue, lessons can be expensive. This is even truer if you strive to one day be a fluent speaker of Arabic. For some students, or even salaried workers, the internet holds the answer!

  • Do you doubt that the internet can help with Arabic for beginners?
  • Do you think that you can only learn Arabic with the help of an Arabic teacher?

Well, think again!

While learning to read and write Arabic online for free may seem more difficult than in a traditional Arabic classroom, it is still absolutely possible. Today, there are many ways to learn Arabic online (as well as how to read the Quran for those who are interested). What's more, learning Arabic on the internet can be quite effective! Nothing can stop you from learning to read the Quran if that is your goal.

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Arabic literature has an illustrious past
The proper study of Arabic literature can help you read the Quran one day.

Learn to Read Arabic at No Charge at arabicreadingcourse.com

ARC offers free online lessons about the Arabic alphabet.

Don't just learn the alphabet, learn to read.

This free online course is unique. It imitates the method a good Arabic teacher would use to teach students in a classroom. According to the website, you'll be reading real Arabic words after just two 3-part lessons. ARC has been recommended by such organizations as the United Nations, King's College London, the University of Warwick, and the University of Waterloo.

Learn to Read the Quran for Free at SearchTruth.com

Start with Lesson 1: the alphabet. But, where the previous website leaves off, searchtruth.com continues with free online Arabic lessons that cover alphabet forms, short vowels, double vowels, joined letters, and so on. Each section of lessons includes audio pronunciation of letters and letter combinations as well as end-of-section tests.

Arabic learners can read and listen to the Quran in Arabic on searchtruth.com. Translations of the Quran are also available.

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The Quran was originally written in Classical Arabic
Online Arabic courses will help learners to discover the Islamic holy scripture known as the Quran and the suras.

Free online Arabic courses are also available featuring audio pronunciation. Language learners can take advantage of their lessons on grammar, counting, short Arabic phrases, among others. Real life exercises and dictionaries are included.

And, finally, for those who wish to go further, searchtruth.com offers information about Islam, including calendars, prayer times, Allah, etc.

Busuu: Learn Arabic at No Cost and in Only 10 minutes per Day

Is this claim simply a marketing ploy or is it true?

Did you know? The name Busuu comes from a very rare language spoken only in Cameroon and, according to the website, by only 8 people! Okay, back to business...

Busuu is a website and application available for Android and Apple smartphones that offers free and premium language instruction (12 languages in all).

Of course, users must pay for a Premium account which includes the following options:

  • tests and official certificates
  • off-line formats for mobile apps
  • grammar exercises
  • unlimited access to all other online language courses

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to really boost the effectiveness of your online Arabic courses! Fees start from $10 for a one-month period, or $9.49 per month for a minimum of 6 months.

A free membership provides language learners with access to flashcards as well as revision with a native Arabic speaker.

Read the following comment from a Premium Busuu user.

"Busuu is great for learning a language

and especially for improving your writing skills because native speakers

revise your work. Plus, as 'Premium Members'', we can add comments

to photos and videos, and that is quite helpful"


Take a look at a few more useful websites for learning Arabic online for free.

  • Hello World: Hello World is perfect for those who wish to learn to speak Arabic online without the financial commitment. Rest assured that the fact that they are free-of-charge does not mean these language learning resources are in any way mediocre. Quite the contrary! You'll find everything you need to quickly learn Arabic: step-by-step Arabic lessons, games, conversations, themed concepts, nouns and pronouns, logic puzzles, science, spelling, alphabet exercises, a dictionary, worksheets, and flashcards. In short, everything you'll need to quickly begin mastering the Arabic language is at your fingertips!
  • learnarabiconline.com: Learn Arabic Online is a valuable resource offering a multitude of free tutorials designed for beginning to advanced Arabic language students. This website provides Arabic grammar instruction beginning with the Arabic alphabet through to verbs, vocabulary, and even rhetoric. Each tutorial begins with a summary of the language lesson that follows and includes definitions and linguistic examples. Interestingly, the site also provides access to free webinar training sessions about learning the Arabic language.
  • Loecsen: Loecsen is particularly special because of its unique online teaching method for foreign languages. Language learning relies mainly on assimilating vocabulary, phrases, and expressions through pronunciation. If you need a break from perhaps a bit more boring free online Arabic lessons, visit this website to work on your Arabic vocabulary. Loecsen is probably one of the best resources for Arabic learning for free online.

Take an Arabic language course here.

Learning Arabic with MOOCs: The Best Free Courses on the Web

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) are online classes available to all free-of-charge usually led by qualified research professors from large universities around the world.

Learn Arabic with the following internet-based Arabic MOOCs from the World Mentoring Academy:

  • Egyptian Arabic
  • Syrian Arabic
  • Modern Standard Arabic
  • Saudi Arabic

Learn Arabic for free via YouTube videos

Is it really possible to learn Arabic online for free with YouTube? Yes, really! Many YouTube podcasters and teachers have gone to great effort to bring you excellent online Arabic lessons absolutely free!

Type "learn Arabic" or "learn to speak Arabic" into the search bar. You'll instantly get dozens of hits.

Online videos give great instruction for Arabic pronunciation
YouTube is a valuable source for online Arabic courses.

Search for Arabic calligraphy courses as well!

Would you prefer to learn Arabic literature for free (rather than dialectical Arabic)? No worries. You can, of course, find interesting Arabic literature courses, as well.

YouTube has become a fantastic tool for learning Arabic online for free. You simply need to find the teacher that suits your needs.

YouTube: Simplified Arabic for English Speakers

Sawsan Aidoun has published 19 videos on her YouTube channel. Each video lasts only a few minutes and proceeds at a very manageable pace. The structure is interactive, giving the learner time to repeat words and phrases. All concepts (greetings, families and social relations, phonetics, verb parts, etc.)  are presented in written and spoken form to accommodate all kinds of learners. And, of course, you can watch and re-watch these videos as many times as you want!

Learn Arabic for Free with the Best Apps to Learn Arabic

The latest way to learn Arabic online is, of course, with an app! Whether you have iOS, an Android, a PC, a smartphone, or a touch tablet, each represents a different way to learn Arabic.

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You can learn Arabic on the go with any one of a number of handy apps
The "Arabic Alphabet" app makes learning letters and sounds easy and fun.

You might have been reading about having fun while learning mathematics. The same principle applies to foreign languages. Having fun while learning is the best way to make rapid progress. So, we've found the best apps for learning the Arabic language (and Arabic culture) for free.

"Arabic by Nemo": This free app for learning Arabic can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet. Nemo features free Arabic lessons as well as a vocal studio for practicing pronunciation, grammar, and phonetics.

"Arabic Alphabet": This free app is designed for iPhones and iPads. Although it is meant for kids, any kid-at-heart can take advantage of its fun and unique way of teaching the letters of the Arabic alphabet. Get a good basic instruction in letter and picture recognition, phonic sounds, and letter tracing. And, have fun!

"6000 Words": If your goal is to develop an awesome vocabulary, then this free app is for you. Some people find grammar revision boring. Learning Arabic online for free through memorizing words could be an interesting alternative.

Firdaous Is Your Portal to the Arab World

Their slogan is "for the Arab world fans of the 21st century" and their goal is to share all things Arabic with the world, including its beliefs and customs, all with a modern outlook. Firdaous offers users many useful resources for completing your online Arabic courses.

  • Thorough guides to Arabic countries
  • A selection of articles about Eastern art and culture (Islamic architecture, Arabic literature, Middle Eastern cuisine, etc.)
  • Tourist and travel guides
  • Arabic courses
  • Information about doing business in the Middle East
  • Explanatory articles about Islam
  • A forum featuring classified ads
Try following a recipe in Arabic to improve your vocabulary
Learn Arabic cooking and try your hand at making these delicious makrout!

Take a look at the article titled, "10 hints to learn Arabic fast".

Or, peruse the page featuring several books for learning Arabic, from beginning to advanced levels.

Firdaous also offers resources and 100% free online Arabic courses for beginning to advanced students. Start with level 0 (learn to speak simple Arabic) with the help of a Arabic-English dictionary with phonetic translations. Be aware that we have noticed that some courses are no longer available.

Choosing to take online Arabic courses means that you've taken it upon yourself to learn a new language on your own, but you don't have to!

You can search Superprof for learn Arabic London and get bespoke tuition that works with your schedule!

Not only will this enrich your life by learning about a new culture, and speaking to your Arabic friends, it will prepare you for a trip to Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabi or any other country in the Middle East or North Africa. Congratulations!

Perhaps you would like to know, in addition to topics addressed in this article, how to learn Arabic on your own, with videos or podcasts, by correspondence, or a host of other tips offered by Superprof!

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