Darwin, the capital city of Australia's Northern Territory, otherwise known as The Top End, is not all about crocodiles and humidity. In fact, it has a rich cultural heritage and a thriving local arts scene, including music.

The free, online community magazine, Off the Leash, contains a wealth of information about where to go and what to do, for locals and tourists alike. From street busking to a night soaking up a musical performance by the Darwin Symphony Orchestra, music is huge in Darwin.

So, what if don't only want to watch a performance, but you want to be part of it? How easy is finding a teacher and learning an instrument in Darwin? Piano and guitar tutors are commonplace — but maybe you want to learn a different stringed instrument?

Are there violin lessons in Darwin?

The easy answer is yes. And, what's more, there's plenty on offer.

Is there a good age to learn violin?
You are never too old to take up a new instrument. | Source: Pixabay - Graham Hobster

If you've never learned an instrument before, or if you've decided to try learning violin for the first time, Superprof has just the guide for you. We'll answer all your questions here, and give you a head start to help you find a violin tutor in Darwin.

What is Involved in Learning the Violin?

As with any music lessons, the style of teaching and the content will differ depending on both the teacher and the needs of the students.

Some tutors are very performance focused, with a teaching style that is more flexible and relaxed. Other tutors may have more of a theory and technique focus, following a specific method or with different goals in mind, such as exams. Other things that affect the lesson content include the style of music you are learning, lesson length and group size.

There are also a number of different music education methods that a tutor may follow. These include the Suzuki Method, Kodaly and the Traditional Method.

Generally speaking, most lessons will usually contain some similar components, including:

  • review time
  • student questions
  • new theory or technique
  • introduction of new music
  • playing time
  • homework.

Private or small group lessons typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. If your lesson is conducted as part of an ensemble or an orchestra, it will obviously be longer. Many people who play as part of a formal group will often have private tuition as well.

What do I need?

When you are just beginning, many tutors or music schools will have a violin you can borrow until you're able to purchase your own. This loan may be for the lesson only, or to take home.

In order to be able to practise in between your violin lessons, at the very least you will need:

  • violin
  • music stand
  • book or folder for loose music sheets
  • accessories such as shoulder rest and chin rest

A tuner is also handy. Tuners can be purchased for around $25 for a basic model, or you can download a tuning app.

If you're planning on buying a violin, shop around and ask advice. Think about how committed you are before spending up on the most expensive model. What do you want to achieve? If you're just playing for enjoyment, and don't intend to perform, do you need the top level?

What accessories do you need for learning violin?
When you're just starting out, a violin, music stand and a tuning app on your phone are your main needs. | Source: Pixabay - S. Hermann & F. Richter

Now that you know what you need and what a violin lesson may entail, what do you need to know about tutors?

How Do I Know if the Violin Tutor is Right for Me?

Searching for the right tutor is just as important as finding a violin. It's important to know that your violin teacher understands your needs and goals and is happy to accommodate these in their lessons. Trust and a positive relationship with your tutor are also essential — if your tutor makes you nervous, you simply won't make any progress.

Start by being certain of your own goals and expectations.

  • What sort of music do you want to learn?
  • Do you learn better in a group or on your own?
  • Why are you learning the violin? Do you want to perform, audition for an orchestra or just play for your own enjoyment?
  • How committed are you to practising?

Budget is also a key consideration, so know how much you can afford and look for tutors whose fees fall within what you can afford.

Now that you know why you're learning and what your limitations and expectations are, here are a few questions to ask about prospective tutors to help you narrow down your list.


  • How many years have you been teaching and are you qualified?
  • What performance or playing experience do you have?
  • What level of students do you most often work with?

Teaching Style

  • What teaching method do you follow?
  • Is your teaching style flexible, for example, if I don't want to do theory and exams, is this okay?
Do violin tutors have to be qualified?
Some violin tutors may have years of performance experience or an education background in music theory and teaching. | Source: Pixabay - Ioana Sasu

It's important to note that if a tutor works in a music school, they may be restricted in their flexibility to significantly adapt lessons to suit requests from students.


  • Do you offer a discount for bulk payments?
  • Do you offer a free trial lesson?
  • If I miss a lesson, do you have the ability to provide a makeup lesson?

Finally — you're ready to start looking for violin lessons in Darwin.

Where Can I Find Out About Violin Lessons?

There are a number of music teacher directories you can search to locate violin teachers and music schools offering violin lessons. These include Music Teachers Online and My Music Teacher. Of course, you can also run an internet search for 'violin lessons near me' or 'violin teacher Darwin'.

Checking through databases, or scrolling through the internet can be time-consuming, so here are a few violin tutoring agencies to get you started.

Centre for Youth and Community Music (CYCM)

Run out of Charles Darwin University, the CYCM offers individual tuition on a range of instruments, including the violin. Lessons can be arranged in half hour to hour-long sessions and start at $324 for eight 30-minute lessons.

Small group lessons can also be arranged by negotiation.

Dolce Violin School

Sarah Ladd is the owner of the Dolce Violin School and has been playing violin since she was six years old. She offers individual and group lessons for children and young students. Fees range from $25 for a 30-minute group lesson to $35 for a 30-minute private lesson.

Dolce Violin School also arranges the hire of a violin if needed, or can assist with purchasing when you are ready.

Katharina Fehringer - Music Teacher

Katharina has taught violin, guitar and music theory across Australia, Spain, Germany and The Phillipines. She is now based in Darwin and teaches out of her music studio.

Violin lessons are available in blocks of eight, for 30 minutes each. Students of all ages and levels are catered for.


Live online lessons and video tutorials with some of Australia's best musicians is what Musiconn is all about.

Once you're a member, you can choose between a small number of violin instructors and simply make a booking, log on and start learning. Your individualised lessons are recorded, giving you access to replay them as often as needed. Lessons start at $39 per hour and there is also a video lesson library available on a subscription service.


Online tutoring platform, Superprof, boasts over 1000 violin tutors across Australia — and most of them offer online violin tuition via webcam. This is great for a number of reasons including the fact that you and your tutor can be on opposite ends of Australia and still be able to have an engaging and fruitful music lesson.

Online lessons are often cheaper as well because of the minimal cost to the tutor in terms of travel and related expenses. The average hourly cost for a violin tutor on Superprof is $47.

Violin from the Heart

Sabine offers individual, online violin lessons via Skype. She is passionate about helping her students achieve their full potential on their violins.

Sabine will work with all ages and beginner to advanced students. Fees start from $35 for half an hour.

Can you learn violin online?
No matter where you live, you can access violin lessons in Darwin either in person or online | Source: Pixabay - Pat Josse

With so many options available, there's nothing to stop you learning to play the violin. Armed with the information and knowledge provided above, the only thing left to do is get out there, find a tutor and start making music.

"The true mission of the violin is to imitate the ​accents of the human voice, a noble mission that has earned for the violin the glory of being called the king of all instruments."

~ Charles-Auguste De Beriot

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