Interested in joining a choir but not yet confident in your singing ability? Or perhaps you're a budding operatic soprano rehearsing for your next recital, or passionate about musical theatre, or want to improve your songwriting and front a rock band?

Employing a singing teacher can help improve your vocal skills and do wonders for your overall confidence. 

No matter your musical style or level of vocal training, private singing lessons can benefit budding musicians of all abilities and ages.

One of the first questions that comes up when searching for private instruction is one of cost.

One-on-one private lessons have a reputation for being expensive. However, with a diverse range of singing teachers out there and online lessons increasing in popularity, there are more and more ways to learn to sing without breaking the bank.

Whether you're a beginner singer or preparing for your next singing auditions, one-to-one singing lessons are invaluable to improve your vocal range, stay in good vocal health and improve your overall musicianship. Offering a wealth of professional experience and high levels of expertise, good voice teachers will teach everything you need to know about proper breathing, warm-ups, good singing posture, as well as building your confidence as a performer and overcoming any stage fright.

Finding a great voice coach is essential to your progress as a singer and your success as a musician.

But how much do voice lessons cost?

Beyond Vocal Training: How much do music lessons cost through Superprof?

All singers need a good musical ear and sense of rhythms. If you're a keen singer but don't already play a musical instrument, now is the time to take one up! This will help you get used to reading music and truly understanding the music you're singing.

Learning musical instruments such as the guitar or piano is particularly advised for singers, as you'll be able to perform as a soloist by accompanying yourself while you sing. This will also help you gain independence as a musician - you can practice everything at home and become increasingly less reliant on your voice teacher to play the accompaniment.

Learn the guitar at a school of music
Learn the guitar and showcase your musical talents as a soloist. ¦ source: Pixabay - FirmBee

The ability to play a musical instrument can take you so many places as a singer - it will open up doors to talent shows and busking, gaining experience through open mics and perhaps even developing an act and launching your music career.

There are lots of instrumental teachers with profiles listed through Superprof. The average price for piano lessons is $46, whilst guitar comes in a little cheaper at an average of $40.

Whether you decide to accompany yourself in performances, learning an instrument will help you become a well-rounded musician and turbo-boost your singing progress.

A good music teacher knows that lessons are about much more than learning how to sing. Building self-confidence and a good rapport with students are foundational to making great musical progress. Music student Alesia explains:

"I’ve been having piano lessons with Eric for nearly a year. His communicative, technical and artistic abilities are what make him a great music teacher (and musician). He is open-minded, patient, empathetic and passionate, attentive and meticulous. He has instilled confidence in me which has enabled me to progress to new levels."

So how else can you become a well-rounded musician? Alongside learning an instrument, we advise that beginner singers explore a few different musical styles such as rock, pop, jazz and even some classical voice training.

Having a working knowledge of different vocal styles, vocal techniques and musical cultures will help you find your personal style as a musician and enrich your performance skills.

What Is The Average Price for A Singing Teacher?

So you've got some guitar or piano basics, and want to learn to develop your singing voice. Now it's time to seek out private singing lessons and take your singing to the next level.

Searching for the perfect tutor on the internet can turn up an overwhelming number of responses. Luckily, there are hundreds of singing teachers on Superprof who offer personalised vocal training to singers of all ages and abilities.

Find a singing teacher to suit your budget
Building self-confidence with a vocal coach is the key to a great performance! ¦ source: Pixabay - klimkin

To get the most out of your sessions, students should take the practice seriously and make sure they're diligently practising their voice exercises and songs between each lesson.

But how much will singing lessons actually cost?

Depending on the cost of living and the number of music teachers available, prices can vary from place to place, but singing lesson prices are generally similar to prices for learning any other musical instrument. To give you a clearer idea, here is the average price for singing lessons for each capital city in Australia:

  • Melbourne: $43
  • Sydney: $47
  • Brisbane: $40
  • Perth $46
  • Adelaide: $38
  • Canberra $59
  • Hobart: $58

Average prices can fluctuate wildly in smaller towns and cities because there aren't as many singing teachers available.

If you have a specific goal in mind, this can be a disadvantage, as you may need to travel to find the right voice coach for you or look into online lessons.

So, other than price, what do you need to consider when searching for a the perfect singing instructor to suit your needs?

Firstly, define your goals as a musician, then consider the following questions when considering employing a new teacher:

  • What kind of professional experience do they have?
  • What kind of teaching experience do they have?
  • What kind of lesson content can you expect and how are their lessons structured? Do these match your goals?
  • What levels do they teach? (beginner, intermediate or advanced singers)
  • Is there geographical distance between you, and would you be open to online lessons? Is this teacher experienced with online lessons?
  • Do they have good reviews from past or current students on their Superprof profile?

The higher your level and more specific your musical objectives, the more you can expect to pay.

For example, highly-qualified teachers who can guide students through a university entrance audition or grade 7 AMEB singing exam are rarer, their rates will be higher.

You can also take singing lessons online.

How can I take vocal lessons on a budget?

What happens if you find your dream singing teacher, but can't afford their rates?

At Superprof, there are a few options for reducing the cost of your lessons.

92% of Superprof tutors offer their first session for free as a trial lesson.

This means you can get started without spending a cent, and try out a few different singing teachers before you settle on one.

For beginner singers who want to know more about warm-ups and other vocal exercises, learn breathing techniques and general advice for good vocal health and improving your tone quality, there are also group lessons listed through Superprof.

These can range from 2 to 10 participants, and they will help you work on your individual musical goals whilst also honing your ensemble skills - and they're generally a lot cheaper than on-one-one lessons!

Don't break the bank at a school of music - take group lessons instead!
Follow our money-smart tips to save money on vocal coaching! ¦ source: Pixabay - QuinceMedia

Some singing teachers will have group lessons listed on their Superprof profiles, or you can get together with a few friends and contact a singing teacher to request group lessons for all of you. Just make sure you all have a similar singing ability and similar musical objectives. Group lessons tend to be best for complete beginners up to an intermediate level.

By singing in a group, you can get to know your voice in a safe environment and even learn how to harmonize with other singers!

Great news: group lessons can be up to 50% cheaper than private lessons! 

Another thing to look out for is voice teachers who offer discounts to students who purchase 5 or 10 lesson packs. This can get you up to a 10 or 20% discount, depending on the teacher. Another advantage to this is that you'll be motivated to follow through and keep practising for 5 or 10 weeks of lessons as you've paid in advance.

Some teachers also offer a special reduced Skype rate for students taking lessons via webcam.

This is also great for students living in isolated or rural areas - just make sure you have a strong internet connection!

There are so many great reasons to hire a vocal coach, so don't be put off by the cost! With our tips, you'll be on your way to finding a teacher to suit your budget.

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