Biology studies life in all its forms

Where to Learn Biology in Australia

Study Biology in Australia From a young age,  we learn to recognise plants, animals and other organisms. We become able to distinguish dogs from cats, geese from ducks and cypress from eucalyptus. Nevertheless, that usually doesn't mean that we know a lot about them because we don't know their bodies or trunks function internally, why […]

10 July 20227 minutes reading time

Biology is the science of life that will help you better understand the world

Getting Ready for your End-of-School Biology Exams

Biology revision to get top grades As the end-of-school exams come closer, students start worrying about their ATAR position and chances to enter the university they want. Revising biology with so much to think of can be pretty challenging, especially considering that you also have other subjects to work on. The key to succeeding in […]

14 December 20217 minutes reading time

Cell Biology

Investigating Plant and Animal Cells Every living organism is, in essence, nothing but a collection of cells working to sustain the whole. Some of them make blood and bone, and some of them convert sunlight to chemical energy - all remarkable feats, in themselves. However, what's even more amazing is how similar plant and animal […]

1 December 20217 minutes reading time

learning more about biology

Exploring Biologist Jobs in Australia

What Types of Jobs are Out There for Biologists? Biology is an exciting and integral school of the scientific world, it is the study of living things and what it means to be "alive"; there are many different sub schools of biology to explore and investigate! In this article, we're going to take a closer […]

20 July 20217 minutes reading time

Get the Biology Help you Need

Discover the natural world around us and learn to master the subject of Biology. Learn how science and Biology shape your daily life and how it has evolved as a subject. Get help for your VCE or HSC Biology exams with our great Biology tutors. Superprof is the platform of choice for online Biology teachers of all levels & in all corners of Australia. Check out their profiles on Superprof for in-home or online Biology lessons.

Where can I find a biology tutor near me?

How To Find Biology Tutoring Anywhere In Australia

What to Look for and Expect in a Good Biology Tutor Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less. ~ Marie Curie ~ Some students just have a thirst for knowledge. Great joy can be had from […]

7 July 20216 minutes reading time

dolphins are brilliant

Taking Note of the Most Impressive Discoveries in Biology

Incredible Biological Discoveries in the Animal Kingdom "The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand." -Frank Herbert Through the discoveries of things we did not fully comprehend in science, we have come to know more about and better appreciate species from the animal kingdom. In today's article, we shall focus […]

12 March 20218 minutes reading time

Biology is great for students who are interested in a career in scientific research.

How a Private Biology Tutor Can Benefit Your Learning

Find a tutor who can help you figure out how to study Biology in the best way for you! What's involved in studying Biology? If you're currently learning biology at primary or high school, or in your universities studies, having help from a private biology tutor could be an invaluable service, not only in allowing […]

6 March 20217 minutes reading time

Island waters are prime spots for biological research

Famous Biologists Throughout History

The Most Famous Biologists In History When we say 'biologist', what do we mean, exactly? Marine biologists? Plant biologists? Maybe we're only considering zoologists... or could we consider those marvellous minds generally associated with other profound disciplines where biology plays only a minor role? Most people, when quizzed about famous biologists (or zoologists. naturalists and […]

11 February 20217 minutes reading time

Analyzing cells is vital

Types of Biology Degrees

How to Choose a Major in Biology Most people would tell you their interest for science goes about as far as searching their symptoms on the internet when they’re feeling a sick, more often finding illnesses ten times more grave than what is nothing more than a common cold. While the study of your own […]

7 March 20197 minutes reading time

Biology is the science of life and focuses on the natural world and the organisms that live in it.

Learn To Love Biology Lessons

Learn To Love Biology: Things Your Biology Tutor Will Teach You And Some Things They Won't! Biology, a natural science and a subject of study, is truly amazing as it is the science of life and therefore explores ideas and concepts that every single human being can relate to. Many people, young or old, are continually […]

5 March 20187 minutes reading time