Melbourne is the place to study VCE English

Revising For VCE English Exams

Test Your Insight Of The Year 12 VCE Exam Format And How To Revise To Get A High Score Year 12 VCE English is a particularly important exam since its score is the one that will determine which universities you can go to, online or in person. It is compulsory for all students in Victoria and […]

28 July 20217 minutes reading time

School English Tutoring Australia

School English Tutors in Australia In Australia, English is by far the most commonly spoken and has been entrenched as the de facto national language since European settlement. English is used in all aspects of our daily lives, from how we communicate to each other to how we work. English is a compulsory subject throughout all of […]

7 June 20217 minutes reading time

How to homeschool your children?

Why Take Private English Lessons in Australia?

The Benefits of English Tuition Despite English being a major part of the primary and secondary curriculum alongside maths, many students struggle at the skills required to learn English in Australia, and this can have a great impact on a child's development academically. This is what makes English such an important subject. English tutors are in […]

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Use your spare time to learn how to write better.

How To Write Better In English

A Complete Guide to Improving Your Writing Skills No matter where you work, the ability to communicate clearly and coherently in English is essential. Obviously, speaking and understanding are the basic required skills, but reading and writing are also considered necessary by employers. You simply cannot get by without at least rudimentary ability in English […]

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Find English Language and Literature Support

Our Tutors leave no stone unturned when it comes to the language of Shakespeare. Whether you’re studying English at school, looking for Language or Literature support, or need an online English tutor to help your children with reading and writing, you’ll find everything you need here.

Superprof is the platform of choice for English tutors of all levels. Check out their profiles on Superprof.

Preparing for your VCE English Exam

How to Prepare for the VCE English Exam For Secondary School students in Victoria, exam time is just around the corner! This can be a very daunting and overwhelming time for even the most prepared of students. Luckily, we’ve got you covered for your English exam. This article will run through what you can do […]

30 March 20217 minutes reading time

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Tips to Improve Your Coursework

Tips to improve your coursework There are many ways to improve your coursework and all of them are easy to implement if you dedicate some time to them. From improving your grammar to nailing the Harvard reference style, we have a whole host of tips and tricks to help you take your writing to another […]

26 August 20207 minutes reading time

Reading is a basic skill.

How to Become a Better Reader

English Learning Isn't Just for Kids and Foreigners, Everyone can Benefit Reading in any language is very important to improving your overall ability to communicate in that language. However, it is especially important to read in your native language to help you to improve in key areas such as vocabulary, spelling, grammar and writing. A […]

31 March 201812 minutes reading time

Find The Right Tutor for Private English Lessons

English is a big part of the school curriculum, yet many students find it difficult, and at a young age, this can majorly affect a child’s self-esteem and academic performance.

It is for this reason that English tutoring has become popular amongst children and young adults.

For every native English speaker, getting to grips with the grammar rules, tricky spelling and even handwriting are all significant hurdles that must be overcome to achieve true mastery of the language.

Why Find an English Tutor?

Have you noticed your child struggling with their English homework?

For some, understanding the complex aspects of the English language as well as practising reading and writing is just too much to do with a school teacher alone.

This is why many parents reach out to English tutors or tutoring companies to give their child the boost in confidence they need to achieve academic success.

Having that personal, one on one attention when it comes to learning can help children reach their potential quickly and efficiently.

How to Choose the Right English Tutor?

Whether you choose English lessons from a qualified English tutor or from someone English university student, their teaching approach is very important.

Teaching private classes, especially English classes requires patience and a well-rounded teaching approach, especially for children who are struggling or have lost their confidence in the subject.

The English exercises offered can cover topics like reading comprehension, writing and spelling, including creative writing, as well as small presentations to develop public speaking.

In-home, private lessons can help students improve their confidence, study for exams with revision materials, or even act as an intensive English course to boost grades.

Private lessons can, therefore, be more than just helping children with their homework but it is important for the tutor to have a rapport with their student if they want them to progress quickly.

English help needs to be comprehensive. The private tutors on our platform offer personalised lessons based on their students’ needs.