If you live in Darwin and want to join a community sport or group activity, why not get involved with dancing? It’s a great way to become part of a community club, to stay fit and to eventually perform and events, wowing your friends and family!

Since you came to this article you are probably wondering things like, where can I do dancing sessions in Darwin? What different kinds of dancing are available to me? Can I take a free lesson to see if I like it?

All these questions and more will be answered as we run through the best dance academies in Darwin, where you can join the club and become part of something brilliant! Let’s start by having a look at the best centre for learning various styles of dance…

Moving your body through dance is an excellent way to keep fit
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Irish Dance

For all your Irish dancing needs, look no further than Tara Academy.

They offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. They also offer social classes for those who want to dance in order to be a part of a community, get fit and improve at a skill. In their own words it’s “aerobics with an Irish twist.”

They are the only school in the Northern Territory that is registered under the An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha (Irish Dancing Commission based in Dublin, Ireland).

The one downside is that their classes are rather pricey. For example, an intermediate student hoping to book an hour-long lesson will have to pay $180 for this.

Of course, their teachers are certified and experienced, however, if the hip-pocket is a concern for you, perhaps your search for dancing mentoring should be better directed elsewhere.

Connect with others also taking dance lessons in your area
Dance classes build community and confidence (Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay)

Hip-hop dancing

For experienced teachers and exciting group hip-hop dance lessons in Darwin, Rix Kix Arts is a no-brainer.

Rix Kix Arts is a well-established and diverse dancing centre with experienced teachers and a large student body. They offer a variety of classes, such as Tap Fix Foundation (tap and ballet), kids classes as well as Adult beginner and advanced classes. Let’s review what they have on offer.

Tap Fix Foundation classes are a great way for beginners to get the hang of both ballet and tap, as well as more fundamental principles to dancing such as rhythm and technique. These classes are taught by a teacher with 25 years of experience and are open to anyone. A 45-minute lesson will cost you $75.

They have a wide variety of dancing lessons available to kids. They cater to children from 3 to 12, with dynamic and engaging classes, which combine dance, drama and singing/

A great option for a wide variety of aspiring dancers, especially those who want to improve their hip-hop.

Dancing for fitness

That’s Dancing Darwin offers many great dance classes as well as various sessions to boost your overall fitness. For example, they offer ‘acro’ dancing classes, jazz, contemporary, ballet, tap as well as private tutoring catering to specific students needs.

Their classes cost $130 per term for 30 minutes or $190 per term for 60-minutes (all group classes). Check their website for more information and get involved with the events and dancers within this community in Northern Australia.

Dancing is a great means of self-expression
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Pole dancing

One of the best options for women hoping to get involved with aerial pole, spin or silk dancing classes is Champagne Dance Fitness Studio, located in Palmerston, Darwin.

Why not hear it from them: “We pride our studio on being different, offering alternative dynamic fitness classes in a safe and friendly environment.

Our classes are designed for all women of any age, of any fitness level from all walks of life, who strive to get fit, be healthy, increase their well-being and most of all to have FUN whilst getting FIT!

If you want to build confidence, strength and fine motor skills in a class with other supportive women, this may be your ideal dance studio!

Find the right dance class for you
Find the teacher and style which suits your goals (Image by Bernard-Verougstraete from Pixabay)

Salsa lessons

Salsita Lessons Darwin was established in 1998 and has been running sessions in various genres of Latin dance ever since. They run 8-week terms of salsa lessons and 6-week terms of bachata lessons.

They have classes for beginners, ‘improvers’, intermediate students and can also teach marrying couples a wedding dance on request. This is a very authentic and entertaining solution to wanting to develop your rhythm and coordination on the d-floor. Get moving and book an appointment with them now!

Contact a private dance tutor

If you are a bit shy or would like to get a few private lessons before joining a dancing group or community, then perhaps consider finding a private dance tutor to prepare you for taking the next step.

These tutors can teach you in the comfort of your own home or in a studio. They could even teach you in the park! It all comes down to communicating your abilities and needs to your tutor and making it happen! Let’s explore your best option for finding a private dance tutor…


Superprof is a tutoring website that allows students interested in any subject to find the right teacher for them. You can do this for maths lessons, a Mandarin Chinese course, or in this case dance lessons on the Gold Coast.

Just run a quick search for Superprof dance teachers in your local area and you've already got the first step done. You can also search for the style of dance you're most interested in, so don't feel that you have to stick with something you're not motivated to learn.

With Superprof you can learn how to dance in your home or you can find a teacher who can rent out a studio. Either way, sessions will be tailored specifically to the conditions that you agree to with your private tutor, meaning you have complete control over the kind of dance classes you take and the experience you have. Can’t beat that!

In Conclusion

Everyone has his or her own personalised goals and priorities when it comes to learning this diverse skill. That’s why it’s great that Darwin has such a wide range of studios teaching various styles of dance and varying levels of price.

There is literally something for everyone! And if not, perhaps you can contact a private dance tutor on Superprof and request the type of dance you would like to learn. Many skilled and experienced teachers are capable of crafting the experience exactly to your taste.

Don’t waste any more time considering it, use this article as a guide to finding your perfect dance teacher today!


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