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Planning a hit dance for a party or want learn some new moves to flaunt? Groove with me and learn dance steps/routines - Be it Bollywood, Punjabi, Indian Classical or even Fusion in Sydney, Australia

I first like to understand what my students want to achieve at the end of their classes. Be it learning the basics, learning a completely new dance style, further developing what they already know or just preparing for a performance. My teaching style will vary depending on the comfortability of the student/s and their end goal.

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Indian Classical (Kathak) and Bollywood Dancing in Melbourne for your personal or group performance in events, functions or marriages.

Anyone who wants to dance, from kids to old people. Even f you are forced to perform on any family function, Don't worry..

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Transit Dance student who loves dance teaching and choreography who has been teaching for 5 years

I believe that everyone learns differently therefore I try to use many methods in my teaching. My teaching style is explaining, then demonstrating followed by describing with illustration. I can teach from toddlers through to adults.

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VCA graduate gives lessons to all ages in contemporary and in ballet

Teaching with a concentration on positive reinforcements, as well as key points for students to find improvements and new enjoyment in moving. I also try to challenge the students to better understand their body and find ways to carry (e.g: co-ordination) skills outside of dance.

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Need a Sangeet choreographed? Trained Bollywood & classical dancer gives training for wedding dance lessons

I will have a *free* consulting session with you or your group to understand what you want to achieve for your wedding Sangeet set. The session will include: 1. Discuss theme, audience, time 2. Assess what skills you already have 3. Provide examples of what we can achieve 4. Next steps/ how to move forward I will then come up with a plan of action with song selection and provide you a quote.

Henley Beach South
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Colombian girl who can teach you how to dance as a Latin person, in Adelaide

First I can teach the basic steps of Salsa, salsa choque, merengue, bachata y reguetón. once the student has mastered them, I can teach how to dance with a couple. By last, I show to the student how to do the twists.

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Professional Belarussian dancer with 15 years of experience specialising in vogue and hip-hop teaching in Melbourne.

I am a strong believer that everyone has something to say and I can help them to express themselves. I cater to individual requirments by adapting my teaching methodology based on the individuals needs. I can help to develop the strengths of a persons dancing.

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Flinders university student interested in teaching Indian dancing to anyone who is interested in learning

I teach by showing others how the steps are meant to be carried out. If that doesn't help I will also show videos to make sure my student understands how to perform. To begin with, I will firstly make sure everyone is warmed up then I will start the dance lessons.

Dulwich Hill
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Dance students who want to be knowledgeable in the area of Afro-beats in Sydney.

I describe myself as person who is passionate in sharing my knowledge of Afro-beats throughout the continent of Africa. My lessons are geared to students who want to experience dance and culture that they are not usually exposed to.

Castle Hill
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Experienced dance teacher, Specialty: Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Choreography, Location: at your request

I teach basics in hip hop, jazz and contemporary, and believe a strong foundation is crucial to further development. As the dancers improve, I start adding more challenging steps and exercises. I am encouraging and meet the dancers where they're at. I speak into the dancers' potential and challenge them to put the effort that is needed to be the best they can be.

North Plympton
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Flinders University master's student gives Dance tips and advice to anybody who is interested.

I base my classes on originality. I just direct you, give you tips and then you develop your own style. I can also help you choreograph for an occasion. In a typical session, I am gonna give you tips and maybe choreograph a small set for you for you to practice later. You choose the songs, the style and the vision.

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Professional dancer from Canada with two Degrees in Dance- Teaching Modern, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Modern Jazz, Jazz, etc. in Gold Coast

Teaching Modern and Contemporary, I would go through Limon and Graham Technics. For Hip-Hop teaching, I can teach Old School Hip-Hop, Est Coast U.S.A. I can teach the basics of Locking/Popping and waking, West Coast Hip-Hop U.S.A. I would always talk about history before starting to teach a new group. It's the base for me. I will always start my classes with Dance Technics, including the warm-up.

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Move through your dance on the Gold Coast with experienced teaching artist

Curiosity and exploring makes up my dance classes...throughout we will discover your own dance as a form of expression. A little something different is what I like to throw in, together with always having something for you to take away.

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Dance Techniques/Choreographies that will help you build your own style and confidence as a performer in the field of dancing and on stage.

I usually start my lessons with different conditionings/stretchings to make them alert and flexible. I then play a music based on their mood to make them feel the vibe, to make them feel like they own the dance piece. Then i make them do freestyle dance to connect each and everyone of them, from there i start to teach them the steps little by little.

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Murdoch Vet student with a passion for teaching dance and yoga, and sharing my love for them.

Dancing is fun, and I love bringing that enthusiasm to class. I also add elements of yoga for a holistic experience. Based on the students' level of musicality and fitness, I design classes that improve on stamina, fitness, rhythm and technique.

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Twerking Lessons for individuals or groups in the Cairns area - Tone your legs and get a great cardio workout while having fun! Whether you just want a new way to get fit or you want to gain confidenc

I want you to have fun! No one should ever be embarrassed to dance, as long as they feel good! If you're enjoying yourself, it really doesn't matter what you look like. That being said, there are a few basic techniques and moves you can use in any situation, and twerking does involve moving very specific parts of your body.

1st lesson free !

Long-time Ballet Dancer available to teach Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary and Jazz in Tweed Heads/surrounding areas

My teaching method is for my students to learn real Ballet technique and not ignore important details where the students could benefit from learning. I like to be firm, but not strict. Being firm means the students learn a lot of discipline and dedication.

1st lesson free !

If you are interested in learning BREAKING I’ll give some lessons to learn and improve your powermoves, tricks and also your style (Top Rock & Footwork)

My teaching method is basically I teach the step or the movement and then I make sure that everyone get that doing a lot of repetition. I have another teaching method, which is choreography. This method I teach step by step of the whole choreography.

Dee Why
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Popping Dance with Adrian : Been Dancing 8 years learn Peru/USA/Australia Sharing Knowlege

I will teach private or in group, this can be in the city near Darling Harbord(Monday's), or Northen beaches (manly)(by appointment , will learn basic thing's about dancing and popping and some history, phone number: (concealed information).

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Experienced Dancer (10+ year’s) provides technique, stretch, fitness and routine polishing classes to prepare for competitions, rehearsals, or just for fun.

My teaching method is to get basic technique down pat. I work on musicality and base my lessons off the student and where they are at. I work to create choreography and crispen routines. I hope within my sessions I encourage and inspire dancers to become the best they can be.

Ringwood East
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Get fit and learn Bollywood Fusion dance routines designed to suit your style and pace

My lessons are designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and have fun through expression and fun while learning new dance routines. In a 10 class batch, I choreograph 2-3 songs of your choice while fusing different dance forms with Bollywood.

Surfers Paradise
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Ballet, Jazz and Tap Dance Teacher graduated in Brazil and EUA (NY)

In my classes, there are a mix of mind and body health. My students will learn how to listen and feel the music. How to express through the body and relax the mind. I like to approach dance and acting together bringing a creative way to have learn and have fun.

1st lesson free !

The art of tease. Basics in neo-burlesque, lap dancing, chair and floor work, increasing flexibility and the subtle art of the tease

My teaching methods include learning through visual and hands on exercises, In a relaxed friendly and non judgmental way. Dance lessons are fun and I will work to your abilities. Focus on correct execution and form as well increasing flexibility, fitness and confidence. I welcome all levels and all genders. All you need is a willingness to learn and a good sense of humour.

1st lesson free !

Fun and exciting ballroom and latin lessons with 2017 Australian youth champion

I base my classes on the individual and always keep it at the right pace for them. I like to focus on all aspects of dance and what the individuals needs.

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Claudio Professional Dancer Tutor gives lessons to all level of students who want to dance.

I developed a teaching technique based on the personal characteristics of the students respecting their limits and individuality. Knowing why and what the student looks for in dance is one of the main pillars of learning. Each teaching strategy in dance is compatible with each student.

1st lesson free !

Bollywood and Indian dance forms near parkside. I am a Gold Medallist

It is a practical subject with knowledge of rhythm and beats. Start with aerobics and stretching and then basics of different dance form whether it is .classical, Bollywood and Folk dance of any Indian state.

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Cloud9Zouk Assistant/Volunteer UQ Student offers Latin Partner/Introductory Funk dance styles teaching for anyone interested amongst Inner/Southern Brisbane

I approach all my teachings via a solid familiarity on basic steps, frame, connections and general foundations and can break down complex moves and steps as simply an interpreted variation of a basic step.

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WAAPA Dance Honours Graduate give private contemporary/ ballet/ jazz training in Perth

My teaching method is to concentrate on the fundamentals of movement that further develop your skill level. My research lies in incorporating a Mindfulness practice into dance training and how our awareness of our holistic self can benefit our optimal dance training.

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African Dance, Creative Dance and Dance Therapy for all ages, Individual or Group

I incorporate creative, exploratory, healing and improvisational components in to the classes, utilising music from around the globe. African dance is inherently beneficial for the organs and muscles whilst also improving brain/body intelligence, coordination and fitness. Dance is reported to be a great way to live longer and healthier and this style of dance is very grounding and empowering.

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Professional Dancer & instructor provides exceptional industry training for groups and individuals with a dream!

I am all about providing quality training to students with a fun and positive approach. Its a tough industry, so being serious and dedicated is necessary. Hard work and determination will always pay off.

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Perfect! Nelson was amazing, with so many dance styles that he is proficient in & they are all so different! It is perfect if we want to change it up & try something new. Nelson is friendly & very passionate about his love of dancing. It is a pleasure to...

Peri, Student
3 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Very happy with Delores. My 10 year old daughter has had 4 lessons with her and loves it!! Delores is full of energy and brings that to each lesson, she listens to what my daughter wants and adds any moves she requests into the dance lesson. My...

Cassie, Student
5 months ago
(3 reviews)

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