Post-secondary education has always been a stressful, exhausting and long process. This has not changed. Many youths across the United Kingdom refuse to further their education because they are afraid of failure.

The UK Education System implemented in 1951 the GCE Advanced Level, comparable to a French baccalaureate, that trains British students from 16-18 to prepare for university. Students are required to study 3 or 4 A Level subjects simultaneously during this two year period. Pupils can choose from a wide variety of subjects according to the education board. Most commonly offered subjects include Art & Design, Economics, English Literature, Government & Politics and History.

Even if the student chooses a subject that they enjoy, the A-level tests are still difficult and require a lot of studying in order to succeed. Students who do not achieve the desired results during the exam period are often devastated and left without many options to choose from.

British pupils and their parents alike often play the blame game when they are not achieving the results they wish for. Many find faults in the lack of motivation from the student, the incompetence of the teachers to transmit the information correctly, or even the National Education System.

The one who bears the real burden in this entire situation is the distressed pupil who must now look for alternative solutions to be accepted into a university or the workforce. This causes a lot of stress and anxiety at a very young age.

How to avoid all of this heartache? If you were thinking, home tutoring or online tutoring, you guessed right! Private tutoring sessions fortify the student's knowledge about things already learnt and help with providing the extra school support needed to have the pupil face the future with confidence and hope.

The Importance of Success During Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 is the last of four stages and is a crucial step for the future success of the young student...

As soon as the pupil enters secondary school, he has to acclimatize himself to the new rhythms of classes, to new subjects before being pressured by a guidance counsellor to choose his future A Level subjects.

This means that in a very short period of time, just like a frantic race against the clock, the student has to prove himself to his teachers. Also to add more pressure the pupil is faced with new work methods and a certain autonomy that he had not known until that moment. Wow, that's a lot of stress!

The regular and optional programme subjects offered during Key Stage 4 such as French or Spanish, Humanities, Design & Technology etc., will start to lay the foundation and pave the way for future choices at a post-secondary level.

During this very important year, the student will begin to learn more about common culture, test his subject preferences and discover his strengths and weaknesses by trying out different disciplines.

Based on the pupil's academic achievements, his own motivation and the opinion of his teachers, during the end of Key Stage 4, the student will be able to make a sound decision to choose four subjects to study during the GCE Advanced Level.

Many studies and statistics have proven that students perform better on courses that they enjoy. They are also more motivated to broaden their skills and learn more about the subject they have chosen. Telegraph Online has a great article detailing the effects of choosing a learning path that you enjoy.

How will a young student know what he enjoys and excels at?  A private tutor! Students feel vulnerable and insecure at this stage. This is very understandable because this decision and choice is one that will shape their way of life. Private academic instructors work towards ensuring a stable atmosphere where the student can choose without feeling pressure from his teachers and parents.

Private tutors guide their students to success by helping them choose between university or vocational programs, scholarships to apply for and their own personal academic orientation. Success is attainable!

Offering Remedial Teaching to Students in Difficulty to Avoid Technology Classes

Burnouts from studying
Pressure from parents to succeed and an intense workload can cause a lot of anxiety for students. (Source: Visual Hunt)

Caught in the turmoil of family ambitions, some students will need homework help to lead them to pass the A-levels with flying colours. 

Indeed, if the student is coming from a scientific, economic or literary family, whose older brothers and sisters have already passed the A-Level exams with honours, he is pressured to succeed and make a good name for the family.

The student begins to feel pressured to choose scientifical or technological based subjects to please the family and it is as if there is a dark cloud of disappointment looming over his head. The student starts to become obsessed with succeeding and views it as the only option in order to avoid family dismay...

It is therefore during this downward spiral of result based pressure that a private tutor comes highly recommended. 

Just like a player of a successful football team, a private educator enters the game after half-time showing all his talent to avoid seeing his team lose.

A private tutor becomes a member of the team and he does all he can to see the MVP, the pupil, succeed. Although prepared, trained and more than motivated to support the student, he will evolve in a hostile educational environment.

The private tutor needs to prove himself capable because his desired presence at first, will depend on the results that he must quickly acquire to avoid being thrown out of the house by the student or his parents.

Thus, the private instructor will need to work extra hard to ensure that lessons are tailored to the student and that he is making noticeable progress. The teacher will have to properly execute a stable pace, apply the appropriate methodology and reinforce the student's concentration during the one on one at home classes.

The best tutors prepare mentally for the announcement of each and every test result. A professional educator is able to think about the potential errors and problems of the student. They have the ability to think ahead and foresee just like an experienced football coach. They know which plays need work.

Extra school support can be started at a primary school level to ensure you that your child is confident and successful!

Tutoring to Prepare for the GCE Advanced English Language Option

For British citizens, with English being their mother tongue, many may think that choosing the English Language Option at an A Level will be a piece of cake. If it's your language, what could go wrong?

Many think this way but the English Language option is more challenging at an A Level than it is at a GCSE level. However, that does not mean that success is beyond the reach of all secondary school students. This option is available at the majority of the exam boards and may come a bit easier in comparison to other subjects.

Just like any other subject, the key to success is careful study and preparation.

If the young student is interested in pursuing a career in teaching at a primary or secondary school level, teaching English as a foreign language, journalism, writing, marketing or public relations the English Language at an A Level is for him. It would be wise for the student to start preparing and improving his language skills during his last years of secondary school, particularly during Key Stage 4.

A room full of books
Studying English can be very enjoyable as you study the famous works of Shakespeare and Jane Austen. (Source: Visual Hunt)

If your child is having trouble mastering the English language, understanding literary texts, grammar and vocabulary, don't despair a private English tutor can be of great aid to have the student reach his academic goals. The tutor should consider reading and writing sheets, practising oral expressions and literary terms.

Language tutors would do well to revise the syllabus offered for the English Language option and consider elements that could be beneficial to the student such as:

  • Responding to literature. Reading through selected texts and preparing to answer a selection of questions or write a small essay.
  • Analyzing poems from various authors and pre-20th-century texts from classic authors such as William Shakespeare.

As a private tutor, it is a great help to be passionate about the English language. This passion will be contagious and the student will want to study more and acquire invaluable knowledge.

Make personal tutoring sessions entertaining and well structured. Having a good rapport with the student will facilitate conversations and make the pupil feel that there truly are no stupid questions. English is a silly but beautiful language with many exceptions, share your personal tricks in order to have the student come out ahead and succeed!

Extra School Support to Revise Subjects and Gain Methodology

Overcrowded classrooms
Many students look to private tutors for specialized attention due to overcrowded classrooms. (Source: Visual Hunt)

The coefficient attributed to each A Level subject plays a lot in the choice of determining what test preparation help the student needs to pass the finals.

Whether you are straight A or average student, the academic support you receive in all of your selected subjects is nevertheless of vital importance to continue progressing and receive good results on your final exams.

Here are 5 reasons justifying supplemental instruction while studying and revising the A Level subjects:

  • Some classes are full of students and sometimes struggling pupils don't receive the academic support they need. A personal tutor fills in the blanks of the distracted classroom professor and helps the student succeed in very important subjects.
  • Gives customized tips and tricks in order to improve the student's school performance.
  • A personal academic educator teaches the student new, invaluable methods that will follow him throughout his whole academic career.
  • The student is encouraged to have better study skills and do more homework to prepare himself for the future.
  • Develop the pupils learning faculties so that they can graduate with honours!

Tutoring and Advanced Level Subjects: isn't that a bit much?

Burn out or mental exhaustion is the worry of every concerned parent who thinks that their child's workload is too intense for such a young age...

Every year, secondary students from the United Kingdom spend about 714 hours at school. This is higher than the worldwide average of 656 hours a year but still a lot lower than other nations such as Chile and the United States each reporting over 1000 hours of school yearly. 

Therefore with these facts, British school children and parents should not complain. The question of spending too much time at school and doing homework is not relevant.

The real question that needs to be asked is whether the student is fulfilled in the studies he leads, the extracurricular activities he participates in and that he is not too pressured by his parents to overachieve.

Remedial teaching should never be considered as an unnecessary burden because it offers help to the student in many aspects such as teaching him the right methods, assisting the pupil to understand the lessons and sometimes even by participating in the elaboration of his homework answers. If you really think about tutoring saves valuable time!

In addition, a private teacher with the right qualifications is attentive to details and compassionate to the problems of the student. That is the tutor's main role!

Therefore, a qualified personal educator will realize if his presence is causing annoyance to the student and will schedule at home sessions with more spaced time.

The question of too many accumulated hours studying should be supervised carefully by parents of secondary and primary school students. One thing is for sure, remedial teaching can be done at any age and the results are extremely noticeable!

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