So You Want to Learn French

Maybe you took French lessons in high school, maybe you were so inspired by a recent trip to Paris that you want to explore France more deeply.

Whatever the case, you've decided that it's worth your time to start learning French and you want to know the best way to go about it.

Learning to speak French will be made easier and quicker by hiring a French tutor to help you.

Your tutor should speak fluent French and have experience teaching French as a foreign language.

If your objective is to learn to speak French, a French tutor will be able to give you real-time feedback on what they can and can’t understand.

This is something that you can’t get with simple language learning apps or audio programs such as Rosetta Stone.

You could also go to a dedicated French language school and take group lessons with other students of a similar level.

Although these classes are less flexible than hiring a private tutor, they can be more economical and potentially more fun as the learning environment will be very social and there will be a lot of different voices with which you can practice your new language skill.

Online French classes are certainly an option as well.

Online classes, like private tutoring, are very flexible.

You will also have access to tutors and teachers from all over the globe if you choose to do classes online. This may even make classes cheaper for you overall.

The one downside to learning French online is that you won't be there in person to learn the difficult nuances of French pronunciation.

French pronunciation can be problematic for English native speakers, therefore having your tutor there in-person to guide you through the intricacies of correct pronunciation will add value to your French classes.

Learning French opens you up to travelling many other countries outside of France
Find out why the French are so patriotic (Source: Cecile Hournau - Unsplash)

Language Schools in Sydney

Alliance Française de Sydney (AFS)

Alliance Française de Sydney (AFS) is a great option for Sydneysiders of any age or level of fluency who want to take face-to-face French lessons.

According to their website: "The Alliance Française de Sydney is an independent, not-for-profit language and cultural organisation promoting Franco-Australian exchange."

They have many courses you can join, from A2 courses for beginners, courses for intermediate level students as well as advanced classes all the way up to C2.

You can take these classes once per week for an 8-week course either on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu but not Fri. The classes take place either from 10:30am - 12:30am or from 6:15pm - 8:15pm.

Their next course spans from 11 Jan until 6 Mar, the one after that starts 8 Mar and finishes 8 May.

The French Spot

Join in-person or online French courses with The French Spot.

Their courses are staged by level, with the student requiring a total of 15 hours of classes per stage to move up a level.

They have Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu classes starting in Jan, continuing through Feb and Mar.

Class starting times are staggered from the hours of 6pm to 7:30pm and classes will include a wide variety of language skills such as speaking in conversation as well as grammar, reading and writing.

The cost of their classes is $33 per hour (online or offline).

French a la Carte

This language school does conversation classes of no more than 6 students at a time. This means you will have lots and lots of opportunity to practice speaking French and receive feedback and corrections from your teacher.

From wine to cheese, French cuisine and culture is very diverse
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Private French Lessons


Superprof is a tutoring website that allows would-be students of any skill to search a catalogue of private tutors and contact the one who they think will be great for them.

You can do this with French lessons, or any other language for that matter.

Just search your query on Superprof’s website and you will find many results from your local area, in your state and across the world.

So if you're looking for lessons at home, at a library or even at the beach, you're covered!

Many tutors offer their first lesson for free.

This allows you to get to know them, invite them into your home (online or face-to-face), and see if they are the right tutor to teach you going forward.


You can find many available teachers and tutors on Gumtree for French.

Find sessions for beginners, intermediate or advanced students with local tutors running their own business by advertising online.

These classes are completely flexible and are negotiated between you and your tutor.

You could take classes every Mon starting in Feb, or every Thu starting in March. It's entirely up to you!

One of the biggest cultural and economic cities in the world, there are lots of opportunities in Paris
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Online French Lessons


With iTalki, you can link up with someone's tutoring business who is located in France! Although you'll have to work out a suitable time for them in France (UTC +1) and you in Sydney (UTC +11), there are many times which could work!

This is a great way to take a course with a native speaker and although it will have to be done via zoom, there are many benefits of learning from a native speaker in France! For example, they will be able to tell you about how things are expressed using real-world French and common colloquialisms.

They might also be more competitively priced than French tutors in Australia! Check it out today.


Amazing Talker offers a similar service to iTalki, where native speakers teach their language at a competitive rate online via Zoom.

According to their website, AmazingTalker is great for three main reasons:

  1. Learning with one-on-one attention and guidance
  2. Learning that caters to your needs

  3. An immersive language learning environment

Amazing Talker has many positive reviews and testimonials from its students.

Of course, your experience will vary on which teacher you select, however those with positive ratings are highly likely to be a great help for you in your language learning journey!


From the Tour de France to soccer, there is a lot to take in for the average sports fan
Sport fan? Learn French and enjoy the Tour de France live! (Source: Rob Wingate - Unsplash)

Other Online Resources

Tired of Zoom or don't want to pay for expensive hours with a private tutor? Here are some other options for you to continue learning French online at your own pace


Pimsleur is in the business of pre-recorded audio lessons for numbers of different languages!

Pimsleur builds up students language proficiency from a complete beginner level and takes them all the way through the levels.

They focus mainly on pronunciation and speaking over grammar, so their courses are best complemented by some form of writing or reading exercises.

Many people have successfully learned multiple languages using the Pimsleur method, it may be right for you too! Learn years worth of a language in just a few months.


Ah, DuoLingo. This famous language learning app has been used by millions all around the world, probably including you!

Although doing daily sessions with DuoLingo will not teach you a language on its own, as a language student this is a great tool for learning more vocabulary, whether you're learning French, English or any other language!

If you already have a French tutor, consider downloading DuoLingo and impressing your teacher with your new vocabulary every time you enter the classroom.

Start your lessons today

So there you have it: the best ways to learn French for someone living in Sydney.

Take a course face-to-face or sign up for online classes.

There's something for everyone - beginners, advanced students, we've got you sorted!

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