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French lessons Melbourne - Lessons for all kinds of learners

Eternally known as the language of love, French's appeal and charm is as strong today as ever.

Craving "la vie en rose", finally considering that trip to Paris, or just needing to kick start your brain by learning a new language? French is the tongue for you, and is one of the best languages you can learn in terms of opening doors. Known as the Paris of the south, Melbourne is often compared to 'the city of light' for its chic restaurants and cosmopolitan city feel, so it's easy to understand the French capital's allure, not to mention France's stunning coastlines and countryside. French lessons give you access to all of this, with language skills highly likely to enhance your experience in 'l'hexagone'. In fact, French is touted to become one of the most commonly spoken first language in the world over the next 30 years, so the time to start learning is now!

French is actually the most popular language learnt in the world after English, so being so popular, there's plenty of class types to choose from in and near Melbourne's city and suburbs. There are native and non-native French speakers from all across the French-speaking world who cater to those ranging from absolute beginner, to learnt-in-high-school-but-need-a-refresher, to advanced learners who are thinking of moving to France or elsewhere for good. Superprof can put you in touch with these tutors who can effectively meet your needs, be it for conversation, travel, or work. With teachers with backgrounds in formal education to those who are just really good talkers, you're sure to find the person you're looking for on Superprof.

French classes Melbourne - Where they can take you

Depending on your wants and needs, French lessons can open plenty of doors. Private tutors on Superprof can help you take your linguistic skills to the first or next step on your language journey, with tailored classes to suit your needs, as well as structured courses offered. As French is such a major world language, some of the possibilities of the places it can take you are: student exchange, immersive travel opportunities (especially for wine, food, and restaurant lovers), enhanced job prospects, and greater social networks. Beyond just the tangible benefits, the brilliance of learning a foreign language is you truly learn to see the world in a new way, garner increased problem solving skills, and get insight into an incredibly rich and influential European culture. So don't hesitate, if you've ever needed or wanted to take French classes, get in touch with one of the many fine tutors from Superprof!

Types of French classes Melbourne

The plethora of dedicated teachers available on Superprof cater to the wide range of needs of students. When choosing what sort of French lessons you need, it's best to think about why and where you'll be using the language, as well as what your end goal is with it. As mentioned, you could have academic, professional, or personal reasons for wanting to learn the language of love, so find a tutor that matches this in their description. To get some ideas of the motivations for learning and to help you find a tutor, let's look at some of the motivations for learning French in Melbourne:

Academic reasons

Far from new to the primary, secondary, and university curriculums, French is a stalwart of language learning. Primary school students may need some help or excitement when learning colours and numbers, and parents may want to take advantage of having a native speaker help mould their child's mind while they're young. Secondary school students may be finding really sinking their teeth into a new language challenging, and need someone to help them put this into perspective (maybe even someone who's been through this process themselves!). Alternatively, VCE students might be getting ready for exams and need someone to help keep them focussed, cram, or get the score they need to continue language studies at university. Either way, the range of French teachers available through Superprof all over Victoria can lend a hand with this. Finally, you might really want to be taking your language to the next level at university, or even considering going on exchange, and getting linguistic and cultural insights from a native speaker could be just the way to go for this. Whatever your level, and whatever your desire, Superprof will have a tutor to match.

Professional reasons

Work might be seconding you to a new city, or you might be wanting to woo some new clients with your French, so you're on the lookout for some classes. Tutors at Superprof are experienced in teaching from A1 (total beginner) to C2 (native speaker) levels, and you can filter your search for a tutor near you by your level. You can even choose a professional option to find individuals who can give you that leg up with French lessons in professional communication and workplace skills! Getting in touch with a native speaker or someone who has experience on the ground can really help you advance your professional French with invaluable insights, so get in touch with someone who can help you conquer the intercultural communication barrier.

Personal reasons

Finally, the personal reasons for learning French are deep and varied, as France and the French language have always been a place of desire for foreigners (ooh-là-là!). You might be a culinary whiz, with food and wine running through your veins, and since the restaurants of France are world-renowned, you may be seeking to take the plunge into the world of French cuisine by breaking down the language barrier. You could find yourself fascinated by the lavender fields of Provence, and are planning on indulging yourself by spending a month there, but need day-to-day French to get around while you're there. Or you may even be a deep thinker who wants to walk the streets that Sartre and Proust once did, and want some philosophical French to really enhance the experience. No matter your schtick, the cultural nuances of the world's most visited country open up to you with some of the best tutors around who can guide you through the depth and richness of the French culture on Superprof.

So 'jette-toi à l'eau!' as the French say, take the plunge and nurture your inner francophone with one of Superprof's fantastic tutors near you today and find a French class Melbourne!


💸 How much does a French tutor cost per hour in Melbourne for private French courses?

The average cost of French tuition in Melbourne is $30/hr.


The price of French lessons will vary depending on:

  • the teaching experience and qualifications of the teacher
  • your desired lesson location (via webcam, in person, local library...etc)
  • the number of classes and the duration of each class
  • the over objective of your classes (are you learning French for fun, or perhaps you are studying to get a French language qualification)

88% of Superprof teachers give the first class for free. Check out the prices of our French tutors in your city.

🏅 How many private teachers are available for French lessons in Melbourne?

In Melbourne and its surrounds, there are 67 French tutors available to teach courses


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