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Japan’s importance as a global hub of commerce, technological innovation and diplomacy between East and West continues to increase as the 21st century continues.

Japan’s geographical position on the Asian side of the Pacific rim signifies its relevance both literally and metaphorically as a link between the U.S. and Asia.

Japan has years of experience in creating new and reliable products to bring to the rest of the world. Just think about how much time you spend enjoying the benefits of Japanese engineering.

You drive your Toyota car home from work and turn on your Sony TV.

The kids finish their study and quickly turn on the Nintendo Switch. You get bored of Mario Kart and start browsing the web on your Samsung mobile. Catch my drift?

With all this in mind, you can see how it could be a good decision economically to learn Japanese and become a strong candidate to work for any of these global companies, in whatever specialization you wish.

What’s more, you can actually go to Japan and teach English once you are familiar with the language.

Many native English-speakers go to Japan under programs such as the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (, where they are sought after simply because they are native English speakers! Teachers are paid reasonably well in Japan and are well respected by the culture.

If you live in Brisbane, Australia and are already convinced that you should learn Japanese, then this article is perfect for you.

We will cover the best ways in which you can learn Japanese in Brisbane, and start reaping the benefits of your new ability as soon as possible! Let’s explore the options…


Delve deeper into this mystical culture (Source: Unsplash - Milkovi)

Language Schools

A language school is a very fine place to learn. The teachers are highly qualified and have a lot of experience, they are usually native speakers of the language being taught and they are adept at communicating more complicated concepts in the language in English, for students to quickly grasp the main features of the language.

Although these courses are often quite costly, they are undoubtedly some of the most engaging and quick ways to improve your level in any language. They are also a great way to meet a group of like-minded young people to share your language-learning journey with.

The Brisbane Japanese Language and Culture School

This school offers students the opportunity to learn from highly qualified native Japanese teachers.

They offer four different courses: General Japanese, JLPT Exam Preparation Courses, Japanese Business Etiquette Classes as well as Cultural Workshops.

Classes are held just North of the Brisbane CBD in Alderley. This is a high-quality education option for committed student.

Lapont Language School

This school is great because it uses the communicative method, the teachers are highly-trained native-speakers of Japanese, and the schools are all situated in convenient locations so that any student in Brisbane can access their classes.

They offer classes at two centres in the Brisbane CBD, as well as one centre in Southbank and another in Manly. In all these locations you will be able to take various level classes, from beginner up to upper-intermediate.

They also offer small class sizes of 6 students, so that you can plenty of speaking practise during each lesson.

GoGo Japanese School

This school is much smaller and less established than the first two mentioned in this article, however, GoGo Japanese School has blossomed from its opening in 2017 to a community of passionate Japanese teachers and students.

The school is located right near Taringa station, west of the CBD.


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Find A Qualified Japanese Tutor in Brisbane, Australia

Another option for learning Japanese is to directly contact a private tutor to give you face-to-face lessons.

Tutors are great because they can give you personalised feedback, pronunciation corrections and they will facilitate lots and lots of speaking practice in their lessons.

The following is one of your best options for finding a private tutor in Brisbane.


Superprof is a tutoring website that allows would-be students of any skill to search a catalogue of private tutors and contact the one who they think will be great for them. You can do this with Japanese lessons, but also with a Mandarin Chinese course, or even for ESL tutoring.

Just search for Japanese lessons in your local area on the Superprof homepage.

Many teachers offer their first lesson for free. This allows you to get to know them, invite them into your home and see if they are the right tutor to teach you going forward.

Superprof is a fun, secure and cost-effective way to take a class in just about anything! Just read the profiles of our great Japanese teachers and see if one meets your requirements!


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University Japanese Courses 

If you are presently or will soon be enrolled in a Queensland-based university degree, then consider taking Japanese classes at your institution to improve your speaking and writing.

The main institutions offering Japanese within their courses are the University of Queensland, which offers courses from Japanese 1 all the way to Japanese 8 (complete beginner to advanced).

This is a great way to learn the skill you’ve always wanted to have while also getting credits towards your degree studies.

Griffith University also offers classes for improving your Japanese proficiency.

If you enrolled in TAFE as opposed to university, then don’t fret because TAFE Queensland also offers Japanese 1 for beginners at campuses in both Brisbane and Gold Coast.

This short course also offers pathways to James Cook University, Griffith University and the University of Queensland amongst others.

So start your journey at TAFE Queensland in Gold Coast and you could soon find yourself learning Japanese at one of Queensland and Australia’s premier Universities.

Online Japanese Courses 

If you are a bit more introverted in nature and do not mind looking at your computer screen for long periods of time, then consider finding an online Japanese course to help you take the next step towards fluency.

The good thing about taking an online course is that you can choose from every single Japanese course or online tutor offered in the world, therefore you can be very precise in choosing the best learning resource for you.

Tutors from around the world can also be priced extremely competitively, especially on platforms such as iTalki and Amazing Talker.

You could also check out online education platforms such as Udemy and Coursera, which offer university-level courses at a discounted price.

They also provide certification at the end of the course for a slightly higher fee.


Japanese is one of the oldest continuous languages in the world (Source: Unsplash - Conor Luddy)


Great Tips for Correctly Learning Japanese 

First and foremost, you must figure out your motivation for learning Japanese. You must like doing it and see it as beneficial for your education.

If you don’t enjoy it, you will struggle to put in the hard work necessary to learn a language as complex as Japanese (the same could be said about Chinese Mandarin lessons).

Next, choose the business or tutor/tutors who fit your learning profile.

If you need a lot of attention to your pronunciation and speaking from a native speaker, consider getting a private tutor.

If you need classmates around you to keep you motivated and to practice the language with, consider finding a language school where you can learn in a face-to-face classroom alongside people at a similar level of Japanese to you.

So, you’ve seen the options.

Now the next step is to knuckle down and achieve your Japanese learning goals! What are you waiting for?

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