Do you dream of buying an acoustic guitar?

For you, no electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, gypsy guitar, electric bass, or mandolin… Acoustic it will be!

Have you started learning how to play the guitar over the past months, or even years, and now you want to learn new musical styles? Want to record in the studio?

This is the time to get started and buy an acoustic guitar!

The Specificity of the Acoustic Guitar.

Ibanez, Stratocaster, Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul… Which brand to choose? The truth is that none of these will be helpful in your search for good acoustics. Replace these names with others: Taylor Guitars, the Seagull S6, the Hummingbird, Martin Guitars, Sweetwater, and Tanglewood.  

And whilst you're at it, try and get these ideas into your brain: cutaway, dreadnought, grand auditorium, parlor, jumbo acoustic. These all refer to different aspects of the acoustic guitar's body shape.

These are the names you'll need to know - because these are some of the best acoustic guitars around. Acoustic guitarists are often forgotten honestly, in favour of the rock n roll electric guitar player.

The acoustic guitar often opposes the classical guitar. However, this is a language mistake since acoustic guitars are all guitars that use a resonance box for single amplification.

This differentiates the acoustic guitar from the electric guitar, which uses microphones to diffuse the sound.

So we often call a folk guitar an acoustic guitar. The latter is different from the classical guitar because of its round neck and it’s less large than the classical. Its strings are made out of steel while a classical guitar’s strings are made of nylon.

Folk, or acoustic, guitars are used to play traditional styles; rock, blues, flamenco, hard rock… Indeed, by acquiring a folk guitar you will be able to play any style.

But what is the price of an acoustic guitar?

The Price of an Acoustic Guitar

It’s often advised to get an acoustic guitar as your second guitar, once you’re at a more advanced level - having started with its nylon string cousin.

Don’t hesitate to borrow an acoustic guitar from a friend or your music teacher in order to get an idea about its sound and use. It’s generally easier to strum the strings after playing on a classical guitar for several years. This heightened playability is due to the size of the fretboard, and different size of body and neck. 

Once you have decided to buy a folk guitar, you still have several possibilities. You can start by looking at the average price of guitars on the Internet. You can easily find a good guitar that costs around $150.

This will be good for you if you don’t have a particular model in mind and you want to discover the joys of the folk guitar.

If you choose to go to a music store, it will be easier to decide which guitar to buy. You can inspect every part of the musical instruments - from headstock to the soundboard to tonewood. On the Internet, there are also many guitars to choose from. However, you can easily get lost in an endless sea of guitars. At a music store you will have just as many options, but with a limited number of guitars to choose from.

In addition, the salesperson will be able to give you some tips and tricks!

A man plays an acoustic guitar.
Your first guitar will always be special

Expect to spend on average $300 to $600 to get a good quality guitar without going broke.

You’ve been saving for a while now, but your budget is still quite tight?

Then check out used guitars.

I personally bought my first folk guitar, which was second-hand, in a music store. A Lag guitar that was recommended by the salesperson, that I have absolutely no regrets about buying! I was able to buy it for half of its original price ($200 instead of $400). A great deal when you’re a student…

The Importance of Investing in an Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar, by its most common name, brings a lot of joy to music players. It gives a unique feeling, different from those that you get from buying a classical or electric guitar.

Acoustic guitar strings are made out of steel, which helps you hold your fingers on the strings. Steel strings resonate differently from the classical guitar’s nylon strings - due to the material of the strings, yes, but also to the construction of the instrument, from the soundhole to the bridge and the neck. 

The biggest advantage of the folk or acoustic guitar for a musician is the ability to play many different styles!

An acoustic guitar costs
A folk guitarist can adapt to all styles of music!

Because no, this guitar is not exclusively reserved for playing folk music. It allows you to play any style with any technique.

It is, therefore, a guitar that’s very versatile, allowing the guitarist to have fun with solos, arpeggios, and even gypsy jazz.

So why not start out directly on an acoustic guitar?

It is quite possible to learn to play on a folk guitar if you wish.

However, if you decide to take classes at a music school, the classical guitar will be recommended for its more classical tone and to teach you where to properly place your hands.

So, How Much Does an Acoustic Cost? It Depends - According to Usage and Quality

When choosing your guitar, it’s necessary to be able to define what you will use it for. The price depends on that…

Whether you are a professional, an amateur or at the intermediate level, the prices of the guitar you should use will not be the same.

As a beginner, you can find a guitar in the $200 to $500 range. You can buy a good guitar from Cort or Yamaha, and also from Stagg, Gibson, Epiphone, or Alhambra. Some of the best acoustic guitar options come from specialists such as Breedlove and Taylor acoustic. 

Here are 2 examples of guitars to get an idea of what you can find in a music store:

  • Yamaha F335 – $120
    With a spruce top, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and meranti back and sides, this guitar will delight folk and country fans. It’s also sold at a reasonable price!
  • Cort Earth 100 NS – $175
    This Dreadnought guitar is made out of solid spruce for the top and mahogany for the back and sides. It makes a nice guitar to play as a beginner.

However, some guitar players will soon want to play onstage in front of an audience. And unless you have one of Yamaha's new TransAcoustic guitars, you will have to amplify your guitar for it to be heard by the crowd.

You can invest in an acoustic-electric guitar. It has a device to connect to an amplifier. However, the amplifier makes the price go up.

An electro-acoustic guitar for sale.
Some guitars can be acoustic-electric.

The value of your guitar will also depend on its qualities.

It depends on several elements. First, your guitar can be solid wood (two pieces symmetrically glued together) or laminated wood (sheets of wood glued together). It can also be a Jumbo or Dreadnought guitar. And the wood chosen is not always the same. It’s possible to find mahogany, cedar, cherry, spruce, ebony, etc.

So how do you choose one?

The choice depends on your tastes. Try out different guitars before choosing the one that suits you best. You will surely be drawn more towards one than the others. Or to a guitar's design…

Buying your Guitar with the Help of Professionals

Many music stores specialize in guitars.

They offer everything:

  • classical guitars
  • gypsy guitars
  • acoustic or acoustic-electric guitars
  • electric guitars

Heading to a music store to purchase your guitar is a very good idea.

The salesperson will be able to advise you on which guitar is right for you. You can even test the guitars on the spot. In addition, you will find all the necessary accessories to play the acoustic guitar:

  • strings (how much do guitar strings cost?)
  • tablatures
  • scores
  • tuning fork
  • easel
  • guitar case
  • strap

You can also find an amplifier if you opt to buy an acoustic-electric guitar.

Stores also sell learning methods and many picks.

Also, consider getting a capodaster. This small tool may be needed to play certain pieces. It acts as a clamp that holds down on the strings. It then replaces the last fret on the neck of the guitar and gives a sharper sound.

If you buy your guitar on the Internet, you have to be sure of the model you want. Or choose a guitar that can be returned and refunded if it doesn’t satisfy you. You can also call on your music teacher for help.

Find guitar lessons online here.

A man busks with an acoustic guitar
It’s ideal to be able to test a guitar before buying it.

In what case should you buy a new guitar and why?

When your budget allows, it’s nice to get a new guitar. Then you are sure not to find any scratches or shocks on the guitar. Moreover, you can be sure of where it came from.

But it also depends on how you will use your guitar. If you have just started guitar lessons near me and you aren’t sure if you will continue playing the instrument, perhaps buying a new guitar isn’t very wise.

A new guitar should be for music lovers wishing to continue playing the guitar for many years to come.

How to Lower the Price of an Acoustic Guitar?

Are you wondering how you can buy a guitar without spending a lot of money?

First, you can look at the prices of used guitars. Check out websites, like Craigslist, that sell used things. Do you prefer to buy a musical instrument from somewhere close to where you live? You can usually meet with the owner of a pre-owned instrument and examine the guitar.

Many stores have music sections where you can easily find a guitar that suits you. Also, take advantage of flea markets, this is one of the best places to be able to negotiate the price.

And if you don’t want to take a risk buying a second-hand guitar, you can always wait for a sale. Sometimes you find a golden opportunity that you do not want to miss. Sellers usually lower the prices of models that do not sell because their original price is too high.

Wait for sale periods, like Black Friday, to take advantage of discounts. And, while you're waiting, read these tips for buying a second-hand guitar...

With your new guitar in hand, find an experienced teacher and start acoustic or even bass guitar lessons online.

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