Perth is one of the most culturally rich and diverse metropolises in Australia.

From music, and dance to entertainment and sport, Perth has long since cultivated its relationship to the arts, and both tourists and residents alike benefit from the year-round cycle of festivals,  performances, events, and games.  

Perths relationship with music is deeply entrenched in the soul of the city, with homegrown artists like Tame Impala, Birds of Tokyo, and Eskimo Joe going on to become internationally acclaimed. 

But what do each of these groups and artists have in common?

They all have great guitar players of course!

These musicians got started playing the guitar right here in the city of Perth. They took lessons and practiced rock music, classical music theory, and jazz and pop songs.

Each one strove to improve in their guitar classes, so as to improve their level of competence with the amazing instrument that is the guitar. 

If you've ever thought about learning to play the guitar, and all that sounds too out-of-reach for you, we're here to tell you that it isn't.

Even Jimi Hendrix lived days in his life where he didn't know how to play a single note or chord on the guitar. 

Now, we're not saying you'll go on to become the next Hendrix (Tash Sultana has already claimed that spot), but we are saying that if you apply yourself to learning the guitar, you're sure to achieve a level of competence where playing one is an enjoyable, comfortable and impressive activity. 

Free your creativity and learn to play the guitar this year.
Free your creativity with guitar lessons this year. Source: Unsplash: Te Nguyen

Ok, say I'm convinced, how can I learn to play the guitar in Perth?

There's a lot of ways that someone can learn the guitar, but in this article, we'll help you discover the best places that you can book guitar lessons in Perth.

Without further ado, let's jump in:

Begin Your Music Tuition at The Australian Guitar Institute:

The Australian Guitar Institute is owned and operated by Head Guitar Coach Frank Maceri. 

An award-winning graduate from the acclaimed Musicians Institute of Technology in California, Frank set up his own studio, the AGI, after teaching for many years at some of Perth's premier music academies, and likes to teach students based on his own experiences as a student, as well as tailoring his lessons to the playing styles of his clients. 

Frank has been playing the guitar since a very young age and is particularly interested in blues, funk, jazz, and rock music.

He's played with Mariah Carey and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, among other notable musicians.

His system for guitar education combines creative, technical, and professional development, and is taught to students by the best guitar instructors in the world, according to the AGI website.

The Australian Guitar Institute offers lessons for beginners, intermediate guitar players, and advanced guitar players, as well as lead guitar lessons, rhythm guitar lessons, and bass guitar lessons.

Find the Perfect Guitar Teacher at West Coast Music School:

The West Coast Music School puts an emphasis on a personalised approach when it comes to their lesson programs.

Students will be paired with teachers who best fit their personality and goals, and lessons will be tailored to their students by teachers who have been trained to identify different learning styles.

This approach helps students progress faster and achieve their learning goals quicker than a rinse-and-repeat program. 

The West Coast Music School offers a wide variety of music lessons for both children and adults, including guitar lessons, drum lessons, singing lessons, piano lessons, and violin lessons. They also host drum circles events for children! 

The West Coast Music School operates out of studio locations in North Beach, Doubleview, Mandurah, and Butler. They also host online classes, or you can book private lessons in your own home. 

Free your mind with personalised guitar lessons!
Your teacher makes all the difference when it comes to unlocking your potential as a guitar player. Source: Visualhunt: Sibe Kokke

Receive Excellent Tuition with a Superprof Guitar Teacher

Superprof is a website that connects aspiring students to experienced tutors. 

The Superprof platform currently has over five million private tutors in over 1000 different subjects. In Perth alone, there are 28 different private guitar tutors waiting for you to get into contact.

The average price per lesson is just over $40, but don't forget: there is an option available at every budget. 

So if you are a beginner guitar player looking for your first teacher, or you're an intermediate or advanced student seeking new skills to take your playing to the next level, Superprof will connect you with a teacher that will inspire and support you through their tuition.

Become a Rock Star With Rock Scholars

Rock Scholars is a teaching and learning community for musicians that want to play pop, rock, punk, and other contemporary music genres.

Operating out of their premise in Osborne Park, Rock Scholars has three fully equipped -- and soundproofed -- band rooms as well as dedicated teaching facilities.

Rock Scholars supports the creativity of young musicians via mentoring and top-notch professional-grade equipment. 

Rock scholars are a great option for young contemporary musicians who want to experiment, study, and grow in a modern, well-equipped environment.

With a supportive cast of passionate and talented teachers and a dedicated performance space on-site, Rock Scholars has helped launch the careers of successful artists like Methyl Ethel, Figurehead, and Love Junkies.

Aside from offering online and onsite music theory lessons, Rock scholars offer guitar, piano, drum, keyboard, bass, and singing lessons, and runs a band development program as well as classes for adults. 

Free the creativity of your children with guitar lessons!
It's never too early to learn how to rock out!

Study Music Tuition With Michael Jelinek

Michael Jelinek has been a guitar tutor for over 15 years. 

He loves his work as a guitar tutor and music studio operator, and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with his students, even helping them record their own music in his studio "Jelly Sound".

During his career as a professional musician, he has toured the world with notable musicians and bands and played at many music festivals. He's worked with hundreds of individual students and groups and seen many of his students score well in their music exams, and has seen his students go on to become professional musicians. 

His method of teaching has been cultivated over his many years of teaching professionally, and he's very good at adapting his lessons to best suit his students.

Reviews left by past clients on his website describe him as a passionate, engaging, patient, flexible, and professional teacher.

Michael offers guitar, drum, and audio lessons to students.

Strum to Success with Kersey's Guitar and Ukelele

Located in the West of Perth, Kersey's Guitar and Ukelele is owned and operated by Rob Kersey Frizzell, who has a background as a secondary school teacher.

Kersey's offers private lessons at the Kersey's studio or in your own home, skype lessons, and the fantastically unique "Jam Buddies" group lessons where you and a partner can take lessons and learn together. 

According to Kersey's, these jam sessions can be great for a parent with their son or daughter, or couples seeking a fun and unique activity.

Kersey's Guitar and Ukelele also offers school holiday workshops and electric guitar maintenance workshops so you can get a full understanding of how to adjust and maintain the overall health of your electric guitar.

The daily one on one private lessons at Kersey's start at $60, the daily Skype classes start at $50 and the "Jam Buddies" lessons start at $80.

Learn Classical Acoustic Guitar With the Classical Guitar Lounge

The Classical Guitar Lounge is located centrally in Carlise WA, and, as its name might suggest, teaches classic acoustic guitar.

More specifically, they are the only studio in Perth that is dedicated to teaching the guitar traditionally as it related to its Spanish origins. 

They offer 30-minute classical acoustic guitar lessons for children and 60-minute classical acoustic guitar lessons for adults, and also are available to help students prepare for AMEB exams and aptitude tests. 

Free classical guitar lessons aren't hard to find on Superprof. Get your first lesson free.
Classical guitar is a beautiful and often-overlooked style of guitar playing.

Find a Guitar Teacher in Perth and Experience Something New

So there you have it, those are some of the best ways you can learn to play the guitar and start learning music theory in Perth. 

We could only cover a small number of options available to musical students, but we hope that our list has inspired you to contact a tutor and start your guitar learning journey.

Whether you're a new player who wishes to learn to read sheet music and decode the concepts of music theory, or you're an advanced player seeking some new plucking skills, you can find an awesome teacher to help you in Perth. 

Many of the guitar teachers and studios we discussed in this article have customer reviews and testimonials available for you to read on their websites.

Superprof allows you to check out the profile of each tutor so you can see their qualifications and experience, as well as read reviews left by previous students who've studied with them.

If you decide to hire a Superprof tutor and you enjoy your experience, make sure to leave them a nice review on their profile, as it really helps them find new students to teach later down the track.

Whatever your guitar playing goals are, we hope you achieve your dreams with guitar lessons in Perth!

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