Whether you're a parent looking for a tutor for your child or a university student trying to see out the year, there are many factors to weigh up when you start looking to hire a tutor. Would tutoring at home or online be better? What kind of teacher do I want? Do I want group lessons? And what about the cost of private lessons?

Whether you need help to study for an exam, or you would like to learn a new skill, Superprof will have what you're looking for at the right price.

With an impressive range of tutors and classes and competitive prices, you've come to the right place for private tuition.

How much one-to-one lessons cost is an important consideration. Keep reading to find out the factors that can influence price.

Hourly Rates by Location

The cost of private lessons is often dependent on the location in which they're held.

The more expensive areas to live will attract higher prices for tuition.

Session fees will vary according to the state and sometimes town you or your teacher live in.

What is the cost of private lessons?
Your location might mean your tuition is cheaper (Source: Michael Longmire on Unsplash)

While average rates across Australia don't vary greatly, there are some differences. For example, in central Sydney, an hour-long private maths tutorial with a Superprof tutor averages out at $30, whereas a couple of hours away, in Wollongong, the price you could expect to pay is more like $25.

As you can see, if you live in a larger city, where the cost of living is often higher, you are likely to spend more on private tuition. Areas outside of the capital cities are usually cheaper.

Another option is online tutoring, where the prices are not necessarily determined by location.

However, the location of your tutor's home will be a significant factor in what they charge.

How Teacher Experience Affects Tutoring Rates

People with all levels of experience can work as private tutors, so it is important to ensure that your selected tutor will be able to meet your academic needs.

Students have different requirements, however, a tutor with a range of skills and an understanding of your needs should be a priority.

How do you find out if a particular tutor is right for you when you don't know them?

Like at school, in many tutoring agencies, you have no choice about which tutor you will work with.

By contrast, on the Superprof platform, you can access information about the available tutors, such as their teaching experience and skills, and you can also check testimonials and feedback from past students.

How do I know if a private tutor is any good?
Positive testimonials from happy students are a great way to find out whether a tutor is right for you. (Source: Mark Fuller on Unsplash)

If private tutors have teaching experience, will they charge more?

Tutors will charge higher hourly rates for advanced-level subjects, or higher education. These subjects require a greater level of experience and expertise, and will often be offered by qualified school teachers.

As a student, you need to decide what you are prepared to pay more for, and what you can do without.

Different Subjects Attract Different Rates

When you look at academic subjects, you will note that the tutoring fees vary depending on the field. The more specialised the subject, or the more equipment needed for teaching, the higher the price will be.

Support for academic subjects can include anything from weekly assistance with homework or catchup sessions, through to intensive coaching, including psychological support.

In a private lesson, for any academic subject, the tutor's job is to personalise their approach to help increase the chance of students achieving academic success.

The average rate for academic tutoring in Australia is $44 an hour. Primary school students pay a little less, secondary school students pay a little more.

With each private lesson tailored to your needs, you can be confident you will achieve your academic goals.

In terms of your future, it is clear that private tutoring sessions are a sound investment.

How much do private music lessons cost?

Learning an instrument is popular with all age groups, and you can start learning a new instrument any time you like.

Studies published by the Australian Music Association show some interesting trends regarding music playing in Australia, including the average ages people learn, or when interest declines.

Although the statistics are from a decade ago, we suspect little has changed and, in fact, recent media reports have been showing a surge of interest in learning a musical instrument in the current times.

The Superprof platform has a number of music tutors for a wide range of instruments, with competitive prices.  Below are just a few:

  • Classical instruments
    • piano - $43/hr
    • violin - $47/hr
    • trumpet - $50/hr
  • Rock instruments
    • guitar - $38/hr
    • drums - $43/hr

Lessons are offered at beginning to advanced levels and recreational. Why not try a new instrument, or brush up your skills on your childhood instrument, today?

Are recreational and fitness activities available as private lessons?

At Superprof, you don't have to limit yourself to academic subjects. We have tutors for all sorts of classes.

From cake decorating to organic vegetable growing, and ski lessons to digital photography, there's something for everyone.

Many people are also beginning to book private lessons for more active pursuits. A few of the many options offered by Superprof include: dance, athletics, combat sports, and general fitness. Getting fit with high-quality sports tuition has never been easier.

What are the most sought after academic subjects?

In terms of academic support, maths and the sciences (chemistry and physics) tend to be the school subjects where tutors are in the highest demand. Linked to maths, business studies' subjects, such as accounting and finance, are also popular in the tertiary sector. Costs vary according to different factors, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 - $50 an hour for these high demand subjects.

Pricing is Also Determined by Student Level

The academic level has a two-way effect when it comes to tutoring rates. Essentially, the higher the student level, the more experienced a tutor needs to be. And the more experienced a tutor is, the more they are likely to charge for high-level work.

Tutors often have a particular level they are more comfortable teaching. Some prefer to work only with younger children, adolescents, or adults, while others may cross over into multiple age-groups.

In general, however, as students get older, their workload increases and so do the rates for tuition.

How Do Supply and Demand Affect Rates?

The more sought after subjects often have a greater number of tutors offering to teach them. This is certainly the case on the Superprof platform.

When this happens, prices between tutors become more competitive.

With Superprof, the average hourly rates for some of the popular subjects in Australia are:

  • Biology - $27
  • Chemistry - $29
  • Economics - $27
  • English - $30
  • History - $29
  • Maths - $28
  • Mandarin - $31
  • Physics - $28

Less common subjects are frequently in lower demand and are offered by fewer tutors.

What is the cost of private lessons in different subjects?
Have you ever dreamed of being in the circus? You can even learn circus skills with a private tutor. (Source: Visual Hunt)

There are fewer tutors offering unusual subjects, so the cost is likely to be higher. For example, an acrobatics lesson will cost more than private dance lessons.

Lowering the Cost of Private Lessons

One way to effectively lower the cost of tutoring sessions is to ask if the tutor offers group lessons so you can share the payments.

Making a bulk booking is another way to lower the cost. In their profile information, many Superprof tutors offer a 15% discount for ten-hour blocks.

On the platform, you will often find offers of 'first lesson free', giving you the opportunity to try out a tutor before you commit.

Negotiating discounts with your tutor is also a possibility, based on the frequency of your lessons.

If you can commit to a regular schedule, your tutor may be able to be flexible with discounts as stability benefits the teacher as well as the student.

What Happens if the Tutor has to Travel?

When travel costs are involved for the tutor, rates can be much higher.

The tutor must take transport costs into account if their student needs the teacher to come to them. A one-hour lesson could take two hours when the tutor has to travel.

Many tutors will only travel a certain distance, as any further can add to the rates excessively.

In Australia, distance can be an issue but Superprof offers a solution. Tutoring via webcam.

Are online tutorials cheaper than face to face tutorials?
Save hours of time and money with online lessons. (Source: Andrew Neel on Unsplash)

How do I organise private webcam tutoring?

The Superprof platform makes it easy to find out whether or not a teacher offers online tutoring.

In a tutor's profile, if there is a webcam icon next to their photo, they offer tutoring online. It's that simple.

Organising lessons to be held this way have two major advantages. They save you, or your tutor, time as you don't need to travel. And, with the saving in time, comes a reduction in rates.

In addition, you can reduce the costs further by participating in online group lessons.

Working with a Superprof tutor gives you the individualised approach needed to achieve success.

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