Starting on the path to becoming a tutor can be a little overwhelming, there are so many elements to consider when advertising your business and finding tutoring jobs, and you may be concerned that you aren’t reaching enough potential students.

The secret to finding tutoring jobs Sydney is a killer advert. First up, put together a confident, clear profile with all the key information about yourself, so that students and their parents can easily find you and get in touch.

Make sure you list your previous successes and any relevant experience - this will help you to stand out to new clients. Previous experience with jobs in education, or in any field relevant to your subject, will make your service pop in a market crowded with other offers.

Your previous jobs in education may also have included preparing students for different exams such as the HSC or VCE for high school students, AMEB for musicians, the LSAT or GMAT exams or even TEFL or CELTA. If you offer help writing applications for college or university, ensure you mention this on your profile as well.

Including proven success stories from previous students will also help you market your skills and land more tutor jobs. Make sure you let potential students know about the time you helped a student improve their grades from a C- to an A+, or brought a student up to the next level in their target language.

There are so many ways to advertise your tutoring service and find more tutor jobs. Let us show you how to leverage your community connections and find tutoring jobs in real life, as well as online teaching jobs.

Social networks are a great place to advertise!
Utilise social media sites to lift your tutoring business off the ground. Source: Visualhunt

Find tutor jobs through social media

This may seem obvious, but the best way to reach out to a wider audience and find tutor jobs in this day and age is through the big four social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Start by setting up a professional page on Facebook or a Twitter account. This increases your visibility online and adds legitimacy to your business. An online profile also supplies more information for interested students and makes it easier for them to get in touch.

Start by joining local community Facebook pages - these can be a goldmine for making new connections, finding new students and filling your calendar with tutoring jobs. Your local area almost certainly has a “buy and sell page”, which is an excellent place to begin advertising your services and finding tutoring jobs within your local community

Hashtags aren’t just confined to Twitter anyone, they’ve exploded across all social media platforms. For anyone unfamiliar: hashtags are a hash sign (#) placed before a word or phrase, which creates a link to other tweets or posts with that same hashtag.

Embedding hashtags within your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts help to direct people to exactly what you offer. A prospective student may search for a particular hashtag, such as #MathsTutoring, and find your business within the related posts that also contain this hashtag.

LinkedIn is a platform that is more adapted to the professional domain. Your profile there will include a professional photo of yourself, a list of your credentials, education, experiences and employment history. Like most social networking sites, you can connect with or follow other people, allowing you to stay up-to-date on home tutors or tutoring services nearby. They might even be offering jobs for teachers like you!

Create eye-catching Marketing Materials

To ensure your business projects a sophisticated, professional image, make sure you have paper marketing materials such as business cards and flyers. An attractive design with relevant, clear information will maximize your engagement with potential clients.

Many companies offer services to design and print business cards and flyers inexpensively. You can do this online too - the website Vistaprint gives you the tools to design and personalize marketing materials simply and easily, and with professional results.

Ensure you include your credentials, contact details and a price list. Use a simple, readable font and a professional, confident writing tone.

Make sure any business cards or flyers you print include where to find you on social media. Your business page on Facebook or Instagram, or your LinkedIn profile, includes much more information about you and will convey a clearer idea of your teaching practice and what you have to offer your students.

With flyers and adverts, it’s all about location, location, location, to find tutoring jobs near you and minimize you or your students’ travel time. A good place to advertise is local community boards, which you can find in cafes, libraries, schools, places of worship, town halls or local newsagents.

Don’t overlook the old-school method for building instant personal connections - distributing business cards by hand to people you know or happen to meet. This gives a personal and professional touch to your tutoring business.

Creating a personalized logo not only makes you visually memorable and helps to you stand out, but also gives your business legitimacy and an established air. A personalized logo could take the form of text or image, or a mix of both, and, when done right, can add a sophisticated touch to your marketing material.

When creating marketing materials, be careful to double-check your spelling and grammar! Students want to be taught by a professional, and your image can suffer if you make little errors in this department. Who would trust a writing tutor whose advertisement is full of spelling and grammar mistakes?

Also, be sure that your marketing materials target your intended audience. Clarify which levels you teach (ie. HSC students, musicians sitting AMEB exams, graduate students, ESL speakers…) and be clear on the specific areas you can help with (test preparation, essay writing, general homework help)

Where can I advertise my private tutoring business?
Advertise in local community areas such as libraries, schools and cafes. Source: Visualhu

Use your network to find tutor jobs

Having an approachable, friendly, conversational manner goes a long way in promoting your tutoring service to people you may already know. Communicating face-to-face, with family, friends or your wider community, helps build recognition of your business and services - you’ll be surprised how fast word of mouth travels!

You can grow your network simply by putting yourself out there and talking to more people.

As you become a tutor, you’ll quickly realize that word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal - this is doubly true if the recommendation is coming from an existing or past student.

The path to become a tutor can feel like slow-going at first, but if you provide excellent service to your first clients they are more likely to mention their experience to people they know, and the number of tutoring jobs you are offered will snowball. In your advertising, be sure to put testimonials from former students somewhere prominent, with accounts of how you supported their learning and motivated them towards success.

Classifieds Sites and

Another excellent place to advertise your tutoring company and look for jobs for teachers are online classifieds. No matter your tutoring discipline - ESL, maths, Chinese or music theory - creating an advert with your information, testimonials and a professional photo is a great way to put yourself out there and attract new students.

Gumtree can host all your information, prices and contact details, and it is absolutely free. We also recommend Gumtree for the sheer size of its huge online community, maximizing your reach to a huge pool and potential new students.

Make sure your advert is well-written using the tips above to tailor your description, and try using keywords to direct people to your page from their searches.

And whilst Gumtree is probably the most popular and far-reaching online space for classifieds, don’t forget paper classifieds! Place an ad in your local newspaper, magazine or school newsletter to find tutoring jobs in your local area.

Just be aware that when you become a one-on-one tutor and find students directly, you are self-employed and are therefore need to register your own company and declare any income you make from your tutoring jobs.

Make your business more established and professional
Attract more clients with a strong online presence. Source: Visualhunt


Do many of your students seem to be struggling with the same problems? Do you have a particularly nifty way of helping students memorise the periodic table? Do you have a useful guide to understanding Hamlet? Do you get asked the same questions over and over again about exam preparation or college applications?

If you have a creative way of teaching for difficult areas and can turn on the charm behind a camera, why not start making YouTube videos?

It is completely free to set up an account and create your own channel - all you’ll need to start off is a webcam or other video camera to begin filming your own tutorial videos.

Youtube is an amazing teaching platform. There are already many educational videos teaching all kinds of subjects, and for many students, it is the first place they go when they want to revise a subject or learn something new.

Uploading a few short video lessons will boost the visibility of your business and help you find tutoring jobs, especially if you are looking for online teaching jobs.

Your YouTube channel could reach students around the world, helping them tackle a subject they find difficult. Plus, if you manage to accrue a certain number of likes, views and subscribers, YouTube will start to pay you for the educational content you create.

Land more tutoring jobs by building your own website

The next crucial step in establishing a professional business is building your own website.

You can set up a website easily and inexpensively through sites such as WordPress. Choose the info you wish to show, an eye-catching design and layout and you’re well on your way. Make sure you keep things professional by buying your own website domain (this is the name of your website). These can be purchased from sites such as

If you’re finding this part difficult, there are plenty of YouTube videos and online guides to walk you through each step- how to create your own website, buy a domain name, and optimize your website’s visibility in search engines.

You can increase your website’s visibility within search engines and boost engagement from new students by including appropriate images, using keywords and writing blog articles.

Tutor online or at home
Join a tutoring agency to get started immediately! Source: Visualhunt

Become a tutor through tutoring agencies

Tutoring agencies are still important players in the tutoring industry in Melbourne. A great way to become a tutor if you are just starting out is to get in contact with a tutoring agency.
Find a  tutor job Melbourne.
You might find a national, regional or local peer tutoring service to join, either at a tutoring centre or online.

Online teaching jobs can be found at Online tutoring jobs Australia. There are a wide range of jobs for teachers out there, depending on which tutoring services you offer and your teaching method.

Be aware that certain in-home tutoring companies will charge commission on any tutor jobs they give you, so it’s important to explore different companies and figure out what fits best for you. Often these companies offer attractive rates for tutoring jobs but hide commission rates or service fees in the fine print. Do you research on any company you are considering working for and don’t get caught unawares!

On the other hand, many free agencies now exist, like Superprof, which function simply as somewhere to advertise. You are charged nothing and have direct contact with your client, and full control over your own business and payment system.

To use these types of online platforms to your advantage, you should create the most attractive and detailed profile possible in order to market yourself most effectively to the student.

When creating a profile, some questions to ask yourself might be: What experience or personal qualities do you have? Which qualifications do you hold in your area of expertise? What kind of passion do you bring to the subject and your tutoring jobs? What drove you to become a tutor? The right mix of personality and experience can help you create an engaging profile and stand out to prospective students.

If you are using these tutoring agencies, prospective students will generally find you. First ensure you have created a strong profile, then relax and let the students come to you. As long as you have a distinct, engaging profile, you will attract the right students and begin to grow your business.

The enormous online community at Superprof exposes your profile to a large audience - plus it’s completely free! Build your profile and make sure it’s live, and any student searching for a tutor on the site will be able to see your services. Find tutoring jobs Brisbane after you’ve taught today through Superprof.

Now that you have a better understanding of where and how to advertise your services and where to find tutoring jobs, read up on these other essential steps; obtaining a police check or Working With Children’s check, the legalities to consider when you become a tutor, and the kind of insurance you might want to invest in.

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