Is teaching your passion?

Have you lived in China or have a fascination with the culture of China?

Do you have a proficient level of Mandarin or Cantonese?

If you answered 'yes' to these questions, why not take the opportunity to teach Chinese to Australian students?

Teaching a language privately, in your home or online, can be an excellent supplement to your income. This is true especially when we take notice of the shortage of Chinese lessons in Australian schools.

Students are always in need of academic support to learn the languages of China. They are looking for help from experienced tutors to guide them through university studies, school assignments or to gain practice in preparation for a job interview.

If you are ready to find some students, you have to think about the price of your Chinese lessons and carefully take into account all of the criteria.

Here is an article written by Superprof to help you figure it all out and get you started on your teaching journey!

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Rates for Superprof Chinese Lessons

How do you set and view your hourly rate on Superprof?

As a reminder, Superprof is a platform for connecting students and teachers or tutors.

In just a few clicks, students have the opportunity to get in touch with private tutors who are teaching maths, English, history, and, of course, Chinese.

More and more people are using Superprof to find an experienced tutor. They will look at the methods used by the tutor, their teaching experience and the type of lesson they offer (e.g. online, in person, group). They want to know if what you offer matches their learning style, level and goals.

For tutors, registration is free. That's right — free!

Simply fill out all your information online, remembering to include your lesson types, how experienced you are (as a tutor as well as your language and experience in China), the level or levels you tutor, and whether you offer the first hour for free. Your profile will be then be validated by our team.

Once your profile is ready to view online, just wait for the enquiries to roll in.

What are the advantages of creating a profile on Superprof?

Apart from the fact that it's free (did we mention that already?), the biggest advantage is the freedom you have.

You decide where and when you'll teach. You decide what hours you'll work. You have control over the methods you use and the program you teach.

You set your own rate for your Chinese language lessons!

Tutors currently offering Chinese language tutorials on Superprof charge an average rate of $32 per hour with 99% of teachers offering their first hour for free.

The profiles of the tutors are all very different:

  • Chinese BA students
  • young graduate teachers
  • university-level teachers
  • retired teachers,
  • Chinese native speakers

All Chinese language tutors on the Superprof platform are different. This is a positive, as it makes it possible for students to have access to tailor-made lessons according to their expectations and their level.

In 2015, over 170,000 students were learning Chinese in Australian schools. This is twice as many as those learning the language in 2008.

Not only do these figures prove the growing interest in Chinese but they only take into account school-age students. Thousands more students are learning Chinese, or want to learn Chinese, outside of the school system.

Motivated students will be keen to receive the support of a private teacher to:

  • Learn the pinyin system
  • Master Chinese calligraphy
  • Understand Chinese grammar rules
  • Deepen their knowledge of the history of China
  • Prepare for work in China, or with a Chinese company.

There are many easy ways to find students for your Chinese lessons if you take the time to look.

Different Rates in the Different Cities

Where can you celebrate Chinese New Year in Australia?
Discover the Chinese culture every year with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Now that you know the average price of a Chinese lesson on Superprof, here is the first criterion to take into account to set the price of your Chinese lessons: your location.

  • What are the rates in Sydney?
  • Does the rate change according to the geographical location?

Typically, you will find tutor rates are higher in some places than others. This has usually got a lot to do with competition, i.e. locations with a lot of tutors will have a lower average fee.

Our Sydney Superprofs charge $32 per hour on average.

This is the same as the national average. There is a lot of interest in receiving tutoring in Chinese, so more tutors are needed. However, there are also a larger number of competitive Chinese language schools in Sydney, so it's a balancing act.

Canberra and Brisbane tutor fees are the same, but if you live in Perth, the rate per hour is less at $27/hr and Melbourne is also slightly cheaper than the national average at $30 for a one hour lesson.

Have a look at the rates in your area and set an hourly rate in line with other private Chinese tutors.

Also, find out what qualifications are useful to support your chances of obtaining a tutoring job.

Chinese Courses: Where to Place Yourself in Terms of Rate

In order to define the amount you will charge for private Chinese lessons, you must study "the competition" and situate yourself in relation to their prices.

Beware... it's not just competition in general that you are looking at!

Are you looking to teach Chinese to your students outside the academic school curriculum?

Two solutions are available to you:

  1. Join a private tutoring organisation.
  2. Create a profile on an online platform.

Learning Chinese Via Private Institutions

When you want to improve your knowledge on a particular subject, it is difficult to overlook the many private tutoring agencies that are already experienced in tutoring.

Some agencies you may have heard of include:

  • Tutoroo
  • TutorFinder
  • Tutors Field
  • ACCS

If you decide to join one of these organisations as a Chinese tutor, you may not be able to set your own rates, you may have to pay to join, or you may have a portion of your fee taken in commission.

Find out how you can attract Chinese students to your class.

Where can I work as a private Chinese tutor?
To join a private tutoring organisation, you must pass language tests and have teaching and language qualifications, or be a native speaker.

Often, when you work in a tutoring company, each tutor is paid the same amount. This may be frustrating if the pay is not up to your work experience standards.

Nevertheless, you will have no trouble giving your first Chinese language classes.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, these institutions offering private lessons are popular for Chinese courses in Australia, evening classes, intensive training, and any professional training in the subject of your choice.

In these private organisations, foreign language courses are charged an average of between $15 - $60 per hour.

Find out how you can prepare to give Chinese lessons.

Teaching Chinese Via Online Platforms

Unlike private organisations, an online tutoring job gives you complete freedom to set your own rates.

Here is another advantage: you can highlight the originality of your courses and educational materials.

  • Do you like to revise Chinese conjugation with apps for smartphones and tablets?
  • Do you use traditional Chinese songs to improve your students' oral comprehension and Chinese pronunciation?
  • Are Chinese proverbs useful for the student to work on Chinese vocabulary?

The original learning methods you use will make you stand out and help you to find more students for your Chinese classes.

It's up to you to choose the solution that suits you best.

Fix A Rate According to Experience and Diplomas

How much do Chinese tutors charge?
Your experience and your Chinese language qualifications will reassure your future students and justify your rates.

Here is the last criterion you need to set the price of your Chinese lessons: your resume.

This means your work experience and university qualifications.

This is an important criteria that can tip the scales in your favour. For example, a university student cannot ask for the same hourly rate as an associate professor.

If you are:

  • a student still in higher education: you might find clients who have started learning Chinese. They might be studying at school level, or need to improve their proficiency in order to get a job. Perhaps they just want to learn Chinese for fun.
  • a bilingual Chinese graduate professor: your command of the Sinophone language and its peculiarities is likely to be near perfect. You can help all your students reach success. You can teach adults taking Chinese business courses.
  • A native Chinese: you will be perfect for students who want an initiation to Chinese culture and history (painting, gastronomy, traditions, rituals, phonetics), are preparing for a trip to China, or would like an introduction to Chinese writing (tones, alphabet, Chinese characters). With all these elements of learning, your cultural and linguistic knowledge make the difference

What Are the Rates for Chinese Classes?

We have not yet talked about Chinese language schools.

Contrary to popular belief, classes can be less expensive in a private school, because hourly rates rarely longer apply as the rate is paid over the length of a full term or even a year.

If you choose to pay this way, you will be less stressed and your bill will be less expensive. 

As for the vast majority of products, the greater the volume, the more the rates decrease.

What schools offer Chinese language in Australia?
With a Chinese community larger than it has ever been, Chinese language study is increasing in Australian schools.

Faced with growing demand, schools are constantly looking for new Mandarin, or even Cantonese, teachers.

Cheaper rates, private tutors, graduates whose mother tongue is Chinese... why don't all students learn Chinese in a private language institute?

Put simply, while these schools provide excellent Chinese, the lessons are usually in small groups. You might be in a class with 4 to 8 other students, sometimes even 12, and they might not even all be at the same level.

Getting a private tutor is a way to ensure you progress more quickly and efficiently.

What students are looking for, first and foremost, is a lesson that is tailored to their level and expectations.

Now that you've decided, be on the lookout for handy tips for teaching Chinese.


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