• There are 1.3 billion Chinese speakers.
  • China is the 2nd world power.
  • There are over 1.2 million Chinese people in Australia.
  • Mandarin is in the top 5 foreign languages chosen by learners both globally and in Australia.

For academic, professional, and even cultural reasons, every year, more and more Australians want to study a second language, and Chinese is popular!

Not everyone is lucky enough to live near a school providing lessons in the Confucian language. For this reason, they have to turn to Chinese tutoring.

Are you one of the many who dreams of teaching Mandarin to students with different profiles?

At the end of this article, you will have learned all the methods for giving quality Chinese lessons and perfecting online tutoring jobs.

For your first lesson, let your class reflect on this Chinese proverb:

"Knowing one's ignorance is the very best part of knowledge..."

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How Can One Become a Chinese Tutor?

First of all, is it necessary to have certain qualifications to become a private Chinese tutor?

The answer is no.

Teaching qualifications are not required to tutor Mandarin.

What Chinese degree is right for you? Don't freak out, the answer is easier than you think...

All you need is a perfect command of the language and a passion for transmitting knowledge to students. Moreover, if you have an atypical profile, this can be attractive to certain students.

University students, native Chinese students... anyone can provide tutoring in the Chinese language.

Learning a language is not a trivial exercise, so you will still have to show good pedagogy and empathy to help your future students during their language learning adventure.

You will also need to find out what teaching Chinese means for you in terms of taxes. It may vary according to whether you teach part-time or fulltime, freelance or with a company.

Do you have dreams of teaching Chinese but are a bit lacking in your language skills?

You can study the language as a major or an elective in your undergraduate or postgraduate degree at university.

As part of your studies, you are often able to make several trips to China. In some degrees, such as the Bachelor of Languages, international in-country study is compulsory.

As we know, diving directly into a country's culture allows for quick oral progression in the language.

Take advantage of these linguistic stays to perfect your Chinese language skills and then start teaching the language upon your return.

How to Find Students Who Want to Learn Chinese

When you start work as a private tutor, the most complicated aspect is finding Chinese language students.

There are, however, many methods for you to find them.

Promote Your Chinese Lessons to People Close to You

The first step is to make your new activity known to those close to you. Word-of-mouth may be how you find the first students who are eager to learn Chinese with you.

Share the information with your family and friends. In turn, they will inform their work colleagues and friends.

As a result, more people will learn about your new enterprise.

This may happen with door-to-door visits or advertising in their mailbox. These are two effective techniques to let them know quickly.

You should also go to the shops in your local area. This is a great way to get relatively free advertising.

When a student or their parents are looking for a private tutor, one of the most important criteria is where the teacher is located.

The majority will note your ad, and some may even contact you right away.

This method can pay off if you live in a large city.

If you place your ad in a prominent local newspaper, you will reach a wider audience. Think of supermarkets, which are usually more crowded and full of future students.

Take care with your ad. It should attract people's attention and include crucial information like:

  • type of class: evening classes, distance learning, home study, Chinese intensive course, etc
  • target audience: Chinese language lessons for schoolchildren, students, adults
  • learning tools and education resources used
  • your references: pedagogy, qualifications, experience, language trips in China, etc

Let Businesses and Schools Know About Your Classes

As the world's second largest power, China maintains many economic and cultural relations with several countries, including Australia.

Do you aim to give Chinese classes to high school or university students?

Then head over to the high schools and universities.

It's in those schools you will find the majority of your future students. And they will all be dying to try your Chinese courses.

Education institutions fall into two categories, both with advantages:

  • schools teaching the Chinese language: students will be delighted to have a Chinese language expert to help deepen their knowledge and help them pass tests
  • institutions that do not teach Chinese: students will want to contact you for an introduction to the Chinese culture and/or to learn the language of the Middle Kingdom

Do you want to teach professional Chinese to adults?

If this is your wish, it will be necessary for you to start with the large international companies.

In the years to come, mastery of the Chinese language will be a professional asset if you are looking to work in a big corporation.

You can also offer your services to colleagues to improve their oral and written comprehension of the Chinese language.

Is Superprof a Good Platform for Teaching Chinese?

If you are a student, a bilingual Chinese-Australian, or simply a Chinese native teacher, you will be able to find students on Superprof by first registering on the platform.

Superprof is a modern solution that will allow you to quickly gain visibility with students.

Today, everyone uses the internet. Because of this, more and more internet users resort to Superprof to find a private tutor

Not just internet — social networks are a big part of how people find tutors today, too.

Why not appeal to your students directly on Facebook and Twitter?

This will mean they will see you as a modern and ultra-connected teacher—this could encourage even more students your way.

How to Organise a Chinese Class

You've found your first set of students motivated enough to learn to speak and write Chinese? Congratulations.

Now, here are four tips to prepare a Chinese-Mandarin lesson which will scream quality learning!

Organisation, methodology, pedagogy and originality are all on the menu.

  • Organising your Mandarin course

You must respect an important rule: being organised and methodological. No room for improvisation. Private teachers must work with students who have different profiles and expectations.

So your students get ahead quickly and learn to cope with the difficulties of Chinese linguistics, it is imperative to:

  1. Identify their needs
  2. Prepare your Chinese lessons and exercises in advance
  3. Explain the progress of each session to the student
  4. Teach the student that practice is essential
  5. Plan for assessments to track progress

Each student learns at his or her own pace. You will also learn to manage your time.

  • Diversify your education resources

Chinese textbooks, online resources, learning applications...When you tutor in Chinese, you have the possibility to vary your educational supports as you see fit.

The most important is to include supports that make your lessons more enjoyable and original.

Find out how you can attract Chinese students to your class.

New educational materials will make your Chinese lessons more modern and attractive! Think about foreign language learning applications!
  • What form will your lessons take?

At home, online — you are free to choose what suits you best.

If you opt for online tutoring, you will find someone to teach right away.

In the digital age, webcam classes are breaking the barriers of localisation and allowing for more lessons (less time is lost in transit).

  • Learn how to personalise your Chinese classes

When students decide to call on a private tutor, they will expect personalised support to help acquire the concepts they want to learn.

  1. Learn Chinese writing (pinyin, Chinese characters, Chinese calligraphy)
  2. Understand the history of China
  3. Prepare a trip to China
  4. To learn about Chinese culture (painting, literature, gastronomy, rituals)
  5. Learn to speak Chinese (vocabulary, pronunciation, phonetics, conversation rules)

Students' expectations are diverse. It is up to you to accentuate certain points and accompany them to success.

How To Fix Your Rates for Chinese Courses

Should you ask the student to pay you hourly? Should the amount be paid over several months? How does one price Chinese lessons?

The remuneration of Chinese language teachers varies according to several criteria.

If you decide to join a private organisation, such as the Australasian Centre of Chinese Studies, the question does not arise. All teachers are remunerated in the same way.

Via these organisations, a foreign language course is billed on average between $25 - $65 per hour depending on class size.

Conversely, if you opt for a platform that connects teachers and students, the tutors are responsible for setting their own rates.

For this, it will be necessary to study the rates of the competition according to:

  • location: a Chinese lesson in Sydney is likely to be cheaper than in smaller towns because there is more competition from other tutors.
  • qualifications: a higher education degree is proof of your knowledge and mastery of Mandarin. Your rates will be higher than that of a teacher who is still a student, for example.
  • experience: you have 15 years of experience in education. After helping many students prepare for their exams (the HSC for example), Chinese linguistics holds no secrets for you. This kind of mastery costs more.
  • profile: As a native Chinese, your mother tongue is Chinese. Your cultural knowledge makes a difference. In addition, you've mastered the pronunciation and accentuation of Chinese expressions.
How much do Chinese lessons cost?
It is important to set an hourly rate that will attract many students to your language classes | Source: Unsplash - Melissa Walker Horn

Find out about tutoring jobs Sydney or tutoring in Brisbane!

Each tutor is different. Teachers help their students in their own ways and according to student needs.

Do not forget to put forward all your references (qualifications, experience, linguistic sojourns, pedagogy, etc). They could allow you to stand out in a sea of private tutors and may allow you to attract more students in order to give even a higher number of courses in Mandarin.

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