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It's easier than ever to become a tutor. Where once upon a time you would have to advertise your tutoring services on public bulletins, you can now find a tutor online. But in order to succeed, you need to tand out amongst the online tutoring jobs market.

A report by Upskilled shows that Australian school children are trailing behind Nordic Countries and Japan in Numeracy and Literacy skills. 

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Image ¦ For parents, it is important to invest in the education of their children ¦ source: Pixabay

It's not surprising then that demand for tutors, particularly in subjects like math and English continues to grow. The job market for people looking for one-on-one tutoring also is growing.

If you want to earn money as a tutor, you need experience 

Individual tutoring is so rewarding. There is nothing more gratifying than helping your tutee boost their academic performance. If you want to become a tutor, there are many things you need to consider first. Some first-timers offer free tutoring to try and attract clients but it's important to realise that your work has real value. Deciding how much to charge for private tuition is often a difficult decision.

How much should you charge for your tutoring jobs?

Setting an hourly tuition rate is difficult because different prices will differ based on subject matter and experience. As a private tutor, you need to determine your hourly rates based on geographical location, what level your student is at and how much time it will take you to prepare your course content.

Tutoring online? In-person? How to Determine Your Rates

When setting your hourly rate, you need to be aware of the following:

  1. Certified tutors and professionals that work in a particular area may sometimes offer a tutoring program to supplement their income. They have mastered their skills in a particular area for many years. These experts are valued by their pupils for their breadth of knowledge and experience in a particular field. As these tutors have a high-level of knowledge in their chosen subject, they often charge higher prices for hourly tutoring.
  2. Part-time school teachers may be looking for extra work outside normal schooling hours. Particularly for high school teachers, they may be qualified in one particular area such as English. These tutors are great for students that are sitting year-12 exams as they are familiar with the exam structure and how to get high scores. This is a specialised area of knowledge and as such, these teachers may be able to charge higher rates.
  3. Students currently enrolled in a university will often advertise their tutoring services alongside their study to earn extra income. With the internet, it's even easier than ever to tutor. University students studying at the University of Queensland can find tutoring jobs Brisbane or in other parts of the state. Whilst they may not have the experience of a professional or a qualified teacher, they are often passionate and extremely enthusiastic. They also remember the anxieties around getting into university and can serve as amazing mentors to high school students too. They usually charge lower rates for hourly tuition.
Online tutoring
Image ¦ Striking the balance between too cheap and too expensive is a tricky business ¦ source: Visualhunt

Don't undersell yourself!

Do not believe for a second that because you may have less experience, your services aren't worth much. Whilst it's okay to occasionally offer free tutoring to try and find new clients, private tutoring is high-value work. You may not be able to charge top-dollar, but you still shouldn't be underquoting. As long as you stay dedicated to giving your pupils the academic skills they need to succeed, you should have no problem being taken seriously by your students and their parents.

Does Your Experience Affect How Many Tutoring Jobs You Can Get?

You don't need to be a "certified tutor" and there are no formal qualifications required for tutoring. But this can affect your hourly rates.

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Image ¦ Qualifications are not necessary for tutors, but can increase hourly rates ¦ source: Visualhunt

Don't oversell your services either

You should never overstate what you can provide to your students. Maybe you have a pupil you assist with English test prep, and then one day their parents ask if you also offer math tutoring. If you haven't looked at school-level math problems since year 10, just say no. 

If you try and fake it, it will quickly become apparent that you don't have the relevant skills and you may lose your tutoring jobs and hurt your reputation too.

Higher Qualifications Can Mean More Tutoring Jobs

Before you decide to become a tutor, you need to have ascertained a higher level of study than your pupil. If you really want to assist students, you need to also maintain your knowledge in that area even if you have surpassed the student. For example, suppose you are home tutoring a year 12 student in Biology. Not only do you need to have taken year 12 Biology yourself, but you also need to remember and maybe even revise the current year 12 study guide.

Moreover, you should never pretend to understand a course concept if you cannot remember or never learned it yourself. A good suggestion is to write down any questions that your tutee has that you cannot answer, learn the answer yourself later and then go back to your tutee the following tutoring lesson with the answer.

Perhaps you haven't taken year 12 Biology but have studied an advanced Biology class at university. Can you still offer year 12 level tutoring services? The best way to determine whether you're qualified would be to get your hands on a copy of the course syllabus and see whether you can answer the questions and know the content.

Sports Instruction

The Australian Sports Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport offer online courses that support coaching and officiating qualifications for sports coaches.

Excitingly, you can be a sports coach on SuperProf without a formal qualification. All you need is a great motivational attitude, demonstrated skill and knowledge of good form to help clients prevent any injuries.

We understand that this knowledge can be found through both formal training and years of experience. However, some clients may regard coaches with formal qualification higher than those without.

Earn money as a tutor and coach sport online
Image ¦ A qualification does not have to be a piece of paper ¦ source: Pixabay

Calling all Music Tutors

Just like sports coaches, music tutors are not required to hold any formal qualifications in order to tutor students.

The ABRSM recommends that music teachers have achieved grade 8 or higher in their chosen instrument. But thanks to the internet, there are many self-taught musicians who have never taken a formal lesson. This is especially the case for singers, pianists or guitarists.

Qualifications Aren't Guaranteed to get you Tutoring Jobs

If you believe you have the expertise to teach someone something, but don't have the formal education associated with that talent you are not expected to self-enrol into a 2-year plus course before teaching prospective students.

For example, perhaps you want to be a writing tutor but don't have a degree in creative writing. Find another way to demonstrate your writing skills and talents to your clients in order to land you the job!

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Image ¦ Official certification is valued more in some areas of music tuition than in others ¦ source: Visualhunt

How Does Experience Effect How You Earn Money as a Tutor?

There's no denying it; the more demonstrated experience you have with peer tutoring, the more parents are willing to pay for their child to be taught by you.

Know what you're doing

It's hard to get started. It's even harder to admit when a client is your very first, especially when parents are always looking for experienced tutors.

Just be honest about your level of skill and demonstrate your own personal experience as proof of your competency. This will give your pupils and their parents the reassurance they need that they made the right choice hiring you. You can even offer your first classes free of charge to really prove your ability.

It's important to be confident. You know what you're teaching after all so just make sure that translates to the student during the lesson. You want them to ask you to come back, and in turn they want you to equip them with the study skills they need in order to ensure student success.

When it comes to the parents, they are looking for someone who acts maturely and brings good spirit to the lesson. Their children should be given a structured lesson plan with details of how you will be tracking their improvements over your time tutoring them.

Act professionally

When you're charging for a service, your students and their parents are expecting a certain level of professionalism. The rules for professional tutoring include:

  • always showing up on time;
  • creating tailored study plans for your students that consider their age and experience;
  • preparation for the lesson;
  • constants feedback and markers for tracking their success;
  • ways to identify the student's weaknesses and where they need more help;
  • celebration of their achievements.

The above list should apply no matter what subject you are teaching.

Earn money as a tutor and act professionally
Image ¦ Tutors should be punctual, reliable, and well-prepared for every lesson ¦ source: Pixabay

Try not to let anyone down

Word of mouth is a popular way for tutors to get jobs. What parents say about your ability as a tutor can have huge impacts on how many clients you get. For example, if you teach one student in maths and the parents are happy with your level of service, they are likely to pass your details on to other parents who are also looking for a math tutor.

Similarly, if you do a poor job, you may be bad-mouthed by other parents and this could lead to a decrease in the number of students you take on that semester.

Have You Got Enough Experience?

Do not worry if you haven't built up a large number of clients yet. Focus on the ones you do have, and if you're online tutoring, ask for a review!

Every lesson you teach accumulates valuable experience and a new chance each time to demonstrate why you are a professional tutor. Therefore, your tutoring rates should increase to reflect your developing skills. You should set a reminder to review your hourly rates each semester and factor in your experience, qualifications and what other tutors are charging in your area.

Importantly, you need to make sure that you're building up the right kinds of experience and not learning any bad habits. Don't think that because one client doesn't mind if you're 10 minutes late will mean that another client will accept your lack of punctuality. You can also ask parents and teachers for feedback so you can constantly improve.

Read how your rates may vary across Australia and according to your subject.

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