From primary through to a tertiary level, private tuition is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. Students are hiring personal tutors for a variety of reasons such as gaining help with exams or to build on a new skill.

If you're tossing up whether it is for you, you might want to factor in the type, cost, time and travel involved before making a decision.

With guidance from the right tutor and a commitment to learning, these one-on-one lessons can be incredibly useful to your academic achievement.


Private tutoring can help you study for your next test.
A little extra help outside of school can help get your grades over the line. Source: Visualhunt

Say you're studying for the LSAT, GMAT or aiming for a high ATAR score, it wouldn't hurt to seek out additional support to boost your grades. You could absolutely make use of it.

Whichever subject you need a hand in, it might be geography, maths, or social studies - private tutoring can help get you ready to sit that test. Your classroom teacher no doubt tries their best to prepare you, however, in reality, they must divide their attention between all their students.

Academic tutoring can be a short-term solution for gaining good marks. But what happens after the exam is over? Do the extra lessons stop there? Some students think they've learnt enough and can leave the rest behind.

Alternatively, tutors can also be a long-term strategy. However, the success of this depends on the dedication, amount of work put in, and what the student can afford.

Your study habits and how motivated you are also comes into play. Those who have an open mind and are prepared to see particular subjects in another light, or overcome their barriers will benefit from tutoring services.

There is, of course, the cost factor of private lessons. All the online tuition and tutoring programs out there are driving prices up. If you're wanting a math tutor for further help with algebra or calculus, it will come down to you and how much you're willing to fork out for your education.

Private tuition may well be a smart investment whilst you are completing your early school years if you intend to continue on a particular subject into university. It can sow the seed of success needed to lock down good grades in the future.

Whether it is your French tutor or your physics tutors, all educators should be delivering top quality lessons that prepare students for their exams whilst piquing their interests.

If you are finding certain subjects difficult or are feeling quite drained when it comes to doing their homework, look to your tutor for a boost of energy and excitement. Maintaining a solid interest will carry on into the long-term, further adding to your academic success.

A growing number of parents are choosing to engage one-on-one tutoring for their children – and in some cases, for multiple subjects. People are ready to go above and beyond, putting in extra money towards their child’s education more so now than in the past.

This speaks volumes about the Australian education system. With such a big demand for private tuition, people are starting to check out different places and options for learning. In a quest to realise their potential, more and more students are looking for academic support outside the classroom.

Home tutoring has thus become a trend as parents attempt to patch up the holes that regular schooling isn't fulfilling. Their child's grades may simply be dropping back in one of the more challenging subjects or they might just not be getting the help they need.

Get the academic help you need with specialised math tutoring.
Have no idea what any of this means? You might need a chemistry tutor. Source: Visualhunt

With schools getting bigger, classrooms are starting to fill up. The workload of a school teacher is thus increasing, making it hardly possible for them to dedicate proper time to each and every one of their pupils. They are spread thin, unable to give all students the attention needed.

Those in high school may especially find it challenging to stay on top of their work if they drop behind. Sensing they are failing to move forward, they may seek out additional support with the aim of making progress with their studies.

Engaging a personal tutor is a quick solution to those who might need to sit a test, require some homework help, or are just doing a particular assignment. For several others, private lessons are a way of developing their learning style or study skills and improving their understanding in the long-term,

Academic tutoring can be a great long-term strategy in addressing a student's learning difficulties to help them succeed. It's a sustainable investment into their education, even more so with those tricky subjects that they usually have to continue on with until their final year of school (such as math and science).

There are a number of factors to consider when you're trying to find a tutor, however, when hiring an instructor, your child's safety should absolutely come first.

Getting Results with Private Tuition

Private tutoring is not a foolproof way to acing your exams, you can't 100% guarantee you'll get top marks simply because you sit a couple of extra hours with your Spanish tutor or your biology tutor. On the positive side, we do know that results will show if a student puts in proper time and solid effort.

Whether it is through online tutoring or home tuition, there are many benefits that come with having a personal instructor:

  • Direct support and undivided attention
  • Improved perspective on difficult subjects
  • Greater confidence levels or feelings of self-worth
  • A positive and comfortable environment to learn in
  • Being able to talk freely and motivated to raise questions
  • Individualised test preparation

In one way or another, a student's academic performance will very likely improve with the help of a home tutor or even online tutoring services.

If the education system is failing to do enough for its students, getting that extra help is something that must be looked at even though it may be costly. Not everyone can enjoy private schooling, some students will need further assistance if they are to succeed.

Sure there is an expense involved, however, with a personal tutor students can take advantage of a private education without it being as costly.

Students learn in very unique ways. In a crowded classroom of 30 pupils, it is almost impossible for each child to receive the one-on-one attention and tailored support that is essential for their progress.

Bearing the cost of private tutoring will allow a student to learn exactly what they need to in the way which is suitable to them. It will lay down the groundwork for self-confidence and a strong knowledge base that will carry on evolving as they progress through school.

Lessons through tutoring companies or even an online tutor are extremely valuable. They allow the space for those who are shyer to unwind and become assured in their studies. Academic tutoring allows these students to express themselves and move ahead if they've fallen behind or have been overshadowed by other classmates.

Primary education is currently seeing quite a growth with tutoring. More and more parents are tuning in to what their children are experiencing difficulty with and are putting towards education in these areas right from the beginning.

The best tutors will contribute over time towards a student's confidence and self-esteem levels. A reading tutor or your algebra tutor is a great investment, and the earlier they are engaged, the better! Tutors will help those feeling anxious or nervous about particular subjects to address their situation in a positive and healthy way.

Even if a student is managing fairly well in class, a private tutor can help them with their test prep and in perfecting their skills in order to boost their grades from where they are to the upper level.

One-on-one time with an instructor can also assist when preparing for an entrance exam or with university applications. The effort made for a student's education will certainly be worth their while in the future.

Younger students will greatly benefit from private tutoring. The earlier children start, the better it is for their education!
Younger students can get a head start on their education with tutoring  Source: Visualhunt

A tutor is also a fantastic investment for those wanting to advance their foreign language skills. The attention and support received in a private lesson from a native speaker is highly valuable and beyond what can be offered in a group environment.

If you're contemplating becoming tutored, be sure to think it through! Hurridly trying to squeeze in a lesson the day before a test is perhaps not the best use of a personal instructor and will unlikely make much of a difference to your long-term study goals.

We recommend private tutoring as often as possible, use it to your full advantage! Rather than having a session once a month, try fortnightly or even better, weekly. Regular lessons, whether they are through a tutoring business, a tutor online just a local tutor,  are a worthwhile method of achieving academic success.

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