From kayaking and cycling to long hikes amidst spectacular scenery, Hobart is the place to be for outdoor activities.

Founded in 1804, the same year as convicts were first transported to Tasmania, Hobart became home to sealers and whalers and was eventually named the capital city of Tasmania in 1812 after a period of slow growth.

These days, Hobart carries a population of nearly 250,000 people and remains the largest city in Tasmania. Not too hot and not too cold, Hobart is ideal for year-round outdoor pursuits and exercise — although, we wouldn't recommend swimming in winter.

If you're already a keen fitness freak, you probably don't need too much motivation to pull on the track pants and joggers and get yourself moving — whether outside or at the gym. However, if you're more of a couch potato or an 'I-will-if-I-have-to' exerciser, you probably need more encouragement than that long ago expired and unused gym membership gave you.

What is the best form of exercise?
With lots of open spaces and beautiful stretches of coastline, Hobart is the perfect place to get out and exercise - so where are you? | Source: Pixabay - Image by Game Lame

We all know the benefits of exercise — reduced stress, brain boost, stronger heart, yada-yada-yada ... But knowing does not always translate into doing, and some of us need that little bit (or a lot) of extra motivation to do what we know we should be doing.

Enter — the personal trainer!

Benefits of Working with Personal Trainers

Do you really need a personal trainer? Isn't that for the elite and rich in their tight lycra and perfect hair?

Speaking from my own experience, from the perspective of someone with two expired, barely used gym memberships under her belt — yes! Knowing that you've paid for something is one thing, but knowing that you've paid and that person is waiting for you at your agreed location and will definitely ring you if you don't turn up on time is something different entirely. And, well, you also know you'll feel better afterwards.

Don't take my word for it though. The Australian Institute of Fitness provides a whole host of reasons why you should work out with a personal trainer at your side. Here are a few.

A personal trainer:

  • keeps you accountable and on track
  • challenges you to be your best
  • helps you set realistic goals
  • devises an individualised program to help you meet your targets, from weight loss to strength training
  • advises on injury management, health and nutrition
  • offers flexibility and variety which keeps you engaged and motivated.

Above all, personal trainers must be fully qualified with a Certificate IV in Fitness and a current first aid certificate. They are also required to keep up-to-date with advancements in fitness and injury management in order to retain their certificate accreditation.

Can a personal trainer help with nutrition?
A personal trainer will motivate you to take that first step, and the next, and the next | Source: Pixabay - Image by Wokandapix

Are you ready to start looking for personal trainers in Hobart? Or do you need to learn a little more first?

What Services do Personal Trainers Offer?

Most people think of personal trainers as working from a gym or fitness centre, only training in one-on-one sessions with a client, lifting weight or working on their cardio fitness. However, this is only a single aspect of the various roles they can perform.

Injury rehabilitation

Many personal trainers will work alongside or in conjunction with physiotherapists and develop a tailored program to help people manage their injuries and return to full fitness and strength. The role of the personal trainer (PT) is not to diagnose the injury but to work in tandem with a medical professional to manage it. These sorts of sessions may take place in a gym, at a swimming pool, in a sports facility or at the client's home.

Group classes

Sessions and classes with a small group of people is certainly a cost-effective way to experience many of the benefits of an individual PT session.  Group PT classes can also be great for people who don't care for having the focus on them the whole time but still like knowing that their goals are being catered for. The biggest advantage of group classes being run by a qualified PT, as compared to a fitness instructor, is the attention to the finer details of body posture and injury prevention.

Specialised sports coaching

While a PT and a coach are not quite the same things, many personal trainers are also specialists, with coaching qualifications, in one or more sports. As an example, my own personal trainer is a professional boxer who divides his time between coaching amateur boxers, managing his own training and then bringing the elements of boxing into his personal training sessions.

A PT can be a specialist in any sport and may offer specialised coaching as part of their services — or this coaching might constitute their entire service, both one-on-one with amateur or professional sportspeople, or in a small group or team situation.

One-on-one training

Whether you are an elite athlete or a regular person who wants to improve your fitness and health, you can engage a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals. Your PT will assess your fitness, learn about your goals and health history and devise a program to meet your needs. During each session, your PT will be at your side, advising you on good body posture and form and encouraging you to challenge yourself further.

Do personal trainers offer sports coaching?
Your PT may be a specialist in a particular sport and able to incorporate this into their personal training sessions | Source: Pixabay - Image by janeb13

In all cases, training sessions tend to run for at least 45 minutes, with the location often determined by the type of training you are doing, the time of day, the number of people and your goals.

Where Can I Find a Personal Trainer in Hobart?

Personal training is a fast-growing industry and there are many people working in these jobs, certainly in a fitness centre, but also as part of a sports organisation or as a private freelance instructor. We have listed a few of the best personal training options near you to help you find a personal trainer in Hobart who will best meet your health and fitness needs.

JoCC Holistic PT

Jo Cordell-Cooper is a personal trainer who is also a trained Kaizen Health Practitioner. Jo has over 10 years of experience as a PT, and many more as a teacher and health and wellbeing specialist. Her services include a nutrition and healthy eating program, post-pregnancy exercise, pool and gym workouts, small group PT and hiking treks.

Hobart Fitness Training

This small centre is a boutique group and personal training service. Their PT program will work on your strength, fitness, stress management and wellness. Sessions are usually run on a one-on-one basis, either in person or virtually, but they will also offer small group classes to a maximum of 4 people on request. In addition to their PT program, they also offer team training and bootcamp sessions.

Tazfit PT and Bootcamps

Dan Lemoto, owner of Tazfit, is a weight loss specialist who offers services around nutrition, strength and conditioning, and sports specific training. PT sessions are held in person at the Tazfit Studio and his Bootcamp sessions are live-streamed and adapted using readily accessible equipment.

Dan Toohey Personal Training

Dan has over 10 years of experience in coaching and training and is a certified karate instructor. He started working as a PT around 5 years ago and hasn't looked back. His personal values are reflected in his sessions — integrity, determination, compassion and humour. Your first session will be free and includes a comprehensive assessment of your health and fitness.

Get Mobile Fitness

Leah is a personal trainer who works primarily with women to help them build confidence, strength and resilience in both mind and body. Leah offers both one-on-one and small group training (with a maximum of 4 people) in a supportive environment that focuses on movement correction and strength training.

Where are personal training sessions run?
Don't worry if you don't like the gym environment, a good PT can provide an equally challenging session on the beach or in a park | Source: Pixabay - Image by Michiel Ton

If none of the suggestions above resonate with you —or they are fully booked or don't offer sessions at a time that suits you — but you're still keen to find a personal trainer in Hobart, have a look at the Superprof platform. Superprof tutors have a wide range of experience and are pleased to offer tailored sessions in a one-on-one situation, small groups or even online.

In fact, online PT has become hugely popular, with the best things being that it doesn't matter if you and your trainer are not in the same city, state or country, and also that you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. There are disadvantages as well, but you and your trainer will easily find a way to work around those.

Here's to improved health and fitness in your future.

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