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Renzo Carlo Imperial

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Recent graduate Education student teaches maths and geography to high school students

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Completed postgraduate degree education and bachelor degree in mathematics. Focus lesson on providing techniques/approaches to improve learning habits particularly comprehension and mental skills. I believed that learning mathematics should be progressively done both by theory and problem-solving questions with diligence, practice and logic. Lesson is structured as What You Know, What Can You Improve, What You Learned.


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About Renzo Carlo Imperial

I have taught 3 classes of 25 students and personally tutored 12 students so far. Taken care of student's results, personal goals and maximum achievements. Eccentric yet effective educator that customise learning and assessment development catered to each student needs. For example, I simply created a set of various questions on topic that expose student to utilise and extend their knowledge and understanding with real-life applications or contexts.



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