For many students, whether they’re young or old, maths is a nightmare. In fact, it’s the subject that causes them the most problems.

Whether they’re mathematical cognitive or word problems, or related to reasoning or representation...

Maths is one of those subjects on the national curriculum that can cause absolute headaches for students.

I’m sure you’re also aware and that’s why you’ve dedicated yourself to helping them.

That’s a great decision! However, now you need to also deal with the business side of things. Finding the students that you’ll give tutorials to is crucial for all teaching jobs in Manchester, Belfast, or online.

How do you find students so that you can teach maths?

Here are a few steps you can follow to ensure you get more customers...

Find Maths Students Through Word of Mouth

A maths tutor just starting out will feel lost in today’s big world of private tutorials, maths tutorials, and academic support. With all the competition, how do you find students needing maths tutorials?

How do I find the best private maths tutors?
Word of mouth can be your greatest ally when it comes to finding new students... (Source: The Curious Piano Teachers)

Who do you approach? What’s the best way to fill up your diary?

There are plenty of ways, but, in our humble opinion, the most simple is to promote yourself via word of mouth.

If you build up a good reputation, those being tutored will start spreading the good news about you through word of mouth. Effectively solving your student problem.

Is helping students struggling in maths why you wanted to become a tutor?

There's a high probability that your reputation will mainly be built on the quality of your tutorials. That and the results your students get in geometry, algebra, trigonometry, fractions, physics, biology, etc.

The best tutors have very little work to do when it comes to finding new students thanks to word of mouth.

However, when you start, you need to first get these clients. Tell your friends and family that you’re doing private tutorials.

Both your family and friends will spread the news.

Don’t forget to use social media too!

I’m sure you have plenty of friends on Facebook that you’ve built up over the years. The same probably goes for Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Tell them about your maths tutorials and telling them about your new job as a maths tutor. You’ll always find students that might be interested in booster classes online. A knowledge of knowledge, why not?

By doing so, you’ll find your first maths tutorials students. The following will just “snowball” if your in-home private tutorials are done well. Since your first online teaching jobs can be hard to come by, a lot of tutors offer free tutoring for the first hour of classes.

Your students’ parents will quickly see your skills as a maths tutor. Whatever your qualifications might be for maths tutor jobs, the question of whether or not to hire a quality tutor is an easy equation to solve.

If you help their child progress in maths or calculus, or get into a good university, pass their GCSEs or A Levels, or gain valuable study skills, they will tell the other parents about you.

The same goes for other students. They are eyewitness to the difficulties their classmates are having in maths classes.

And once these difficulties rear their ugly heads (exams such as SATs, GCSEs, A Levels, or even those at university), your students will talk amongst themselves about the benefits of your maths tutorials.

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Let Your Neighbours Know You’re A Maths Tutor!

The same goes for your neighbours.

You’ve just started your life as a maths tutor: those closest to you need to be kept up to date. Tutor jobs are impossible to find if nobody knows you're looking for them.

They can make the most of your classes themselves or even tell their friends about you.

Whether you're a chemistry tutor, physics tutor, algebra tutor, or even an English tutor, you should still drop in and tell your neighbours that you're a tutoring expert and that you can offer academic success in subjects like maths and sciences such as physics, chemistry, and biology.

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What's the best way to find new students for private maths tutorials?
"Hey, guys! Did I mention I now teach private maths tutorials?" (Source: De Telegraaf)

Of course, if you live in a busy area of a big city, your potential audience is even bigger.

But what approach should you use with them?

If you’re a confident maths tutor, why not knock on their doors and introduce yourself? Of course, this advice applies to science tutors, biology tutors, or anyone offering tutoring programs, one to one in home tutoring, or thinking about scheduling some hourly private classes.

Some people will really appreciate your candour, others not so much.

Do you have the confidence as a teacher or home tutor to talk to new potential students?

If you don’t feel like taking this approach, why not get a small flyer printed and post copies into the letterboxes of your neighbours.

Don’t forget to include the following on your CV:

  • Maths tutorials,
  • That you can teach other sciences,
  • Private classes, homework help, academic support,
  • Maths lessons for students in primary school, secondary school, sixth form, or university,
  • Your experience as an educator, especially if you're a certified teacher,
  • Your pedagogy,
  • Useful tools,
  • Positions held, etc.

Announce Your Math Tutor Jobs In Local Businesses

Now you’ve taken your first steps by telling your friends and family (in person or via social media) and your neighbours, it’s time to expand your network.

This is another way to quickly find potential students for your maths tutorials.

You’ll have certainly seen all the flyers for private tutorials and other services on noticeboards in local businesses.

How can I advertise my private tutoring business?
Make sure people can spot your advert for maths tutorials in your local businesses! (Source: Mirror Sydney)

You should do the same!

Start with small announcements in local businesses where everybody goes. Bakers and chemists, for example. Most of them will be happy to help the local community by putting up flyers and posters.

Don’t hesitate to advertise your maths tutorials in convenience stores, butchers, and greengrocers around the neighbourhood.

These places are often frequented by those who live in your neighbourhood, town, or city and are looking to succeed in maths.

It is also recommended that you advertise your maths tutoring services in nearby supermarkets. These places are often brimming with potential students: those in primary or secondary school, at sixth form or university, and, most importantly, their parents.

Once again, the success of your private tutorials can rest on these important announcements, make sure that the key information is clear and highlighted.

Become a Maths Tutor in a School, Sixth Form, or University!

Universities and colleges are full of students who need help with maths tutorials...

Where are the best places to find students for private maths tutorials?
Universities have plenty of students in needs of private maths tuition. (Source: IDS)

The next step is to look for a potential learner somewhere they spend 5 days a week: the very heart of their educational establishments:

  • Primary School,
  • Secondary School,
  • Sixth Form,
  • College,
  • University...

Universities tend to have places allocated to posting advertisements and posters, etc. You’ll find dozens of them across campus. Some offering language classes such as English, French, or German tutorials, others Geography or Accounting, and some even offer academic support, or life coaching, etc.

Make sure that you have a beautiful advert for your tutoring business, clearly stating that that you offer private tuition and test preparation, are passionate about your subject, and a few quality testimonials!

Find Students Online For Teaching Maths

We've considered all the different ways of how to find students.

By doing them, a maths professor can completely fill their timetable with maths tutorials every week. And, as we said before, word of mouth will do the rest.

Can I teach maths privately online?
Most maths tutors are online these days. Are you? (Source: Daily Emerald)

You have to consider online tutoring! Every private tutor should at least entertain the possibility of finding students for online maths tutor jobs. Private tutoring is becoming more and more popular and there are plenty of tutoring companies where the tutors can post adverts for one on one tutoring.

Of course, we recommend using, where thousands of searches are made every day. This is the place to find a student for home tutoring and the place for students to find an online tutor.

Sites like Superprof also offer maths tutors an indexed listing of the educators on the site. This helps students to find the perfect professional who meets their needs. Whether you're after supplemental instruction, academic tutoring, homework help, test prep, or just some advice on how to finish an assignment, here's where you need to be.

Maths tutor prices are variable since private tutoring rates depend on a number of factors (experience, age, level, etc.)

The site’s search is very simple and everyone can find the exact maths tutorial they want. The student just has to type “maths” in the search bar on the homepage and they’ll find tonnes of results for maths tutors in the UK.

Since they’ll also need to be able to find a maths tutor near them, the student can also refine their search by indicating where they live and by using their postcode.

This is one of the ways Superprof is great for teachers.

Don't forget about the “uberisation of private tutorials”: now you can almost always find a tutor just a few miles from your house. Students struggling in maths or other scientific subjects don’t want to search for a tutor by hour.

They simply want to know which tutors live near them so they can have tutorials in their own homes.

Discover the History of Mathematics tutoring with this guide to maths background.

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